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Beachside Apartment
« on: November 18, 2019, 09:00:43 PM »
Upon entering the apartment, the living area is on the immediate right and the kitchen on the immediate left.  The open plan allows the person entering to see the dining area beyond the kitchen counters. A balcony finishes off the apartment beyond the living room, giving a broad view of the golden beach and the rhythmic and relaxing sound of waves beyond it.

A short walk between the kitchen and dining area will take a visitor to three doors. The far left being the bathroom with an open doorway to the laundry just beforehand, the middle door holds a good size bedroom within it with built-in wardrobes and the far right has another bedroom, also with built-in robes. The first bedroom is used as such, but the second has been converted into a writer's den, with bookshelves covering an entire wall and crammed with books, and a solid desk and comfortable chair in front of a PC. Notebooks and pens are scattered on the surface, with a corkboard with a myriad of notes upon it hanging on the wall above the monitor.

The floor throughout the main area of the apartment is covered with a sand-colored large-format tile. The walls are a light blue and give a relatively 'beachy' feel.  The bedrooms are decorated the opposite, where the carpet is a light blue and the walls are painted sand-colored. On the walls are framed photographs, black and whites of unsuspecting beachcombers.

The furniture is all new, cane and glass, and the kitchen has all the modern conveniences, with a luxurious gas-cooker stove-top acting as the centerpiece. It doesn't get a lot of use, and if anyone were to peek inside the refrigerator (it's filled with takeout boxes) or cabinets (they're practically empty, save for mismatched dishes), they'd understand why.

written by satyr