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House - 18 Warrick Avenue
« on: November 18, 2019, 09:04:16 PM »
18 Warrick Avenue is a very tidy and beautifully organized property. It has a minimalist front yard, the fences either side of the house mostly hidden by medium-sized trees and carefully-maintained gardens. There is a paved driveway (with genuine, expensive pale terracotta tiles) on the left side of the property as one stands facing it, with a matching path leading away from the mail box to the house. The driveway leads to a double garage that has an automated double door on it, made from horizontal wood panels that match those on the house. Small solar lights are secreted within the bushes lining the footpath, casting a beautiful, warm glow on the gardens at night.

The mailbox looks exactly like a miniature version of the house in shape, though the tiles that cover the house's roof are only modeled in clay and not truly little tiles. The house is a sprawling single story with a generous backyard. It is made of brick but has been rendered in cream with some modern wooden slat paneling on the right side of the front of the house that continues a meter high around the rest of the house. The roof itself has numerous different angles upon it due to the rooms within having some variance in height, but there is a small (two meter square) feature porch with a starkly angled roof upon it that provides a very stoic entrance to the modern wooden-with-slim-horizontal-glass-panels-set-in-it front door. Two large windows face the road like the eyes of the house watching the world keep away - they are heavily curtained, declaring that the residents within value their privacy.

Walking into the house, there is a small tiled area that passes as a foyer (about the same size as the porch on the front of the house) with a sunken lounge immediately to the right. The carpet is lush and cream-colored with dark, sleek lounge furniture and a coffee table arranged upon a rug on it, modern and appealing artwork on the walls and opulent curtains on all the windows.

To the left of the entryway is a wall that bears a very large and extraordinarily heavy mirror with four coat hooks set into its border - it vies for attention against the open space of the lounge area opposite and detracts attention from the door set into a small, angled portion of wall a meter or so beyond it. The door is the internal connection from the garage.

There are storage cupboards and another door that conceals the entrance to the basement set into the walls just beyond the entryway, which funnel a visitor down a short hall leading to the kitchen. A formal dining area is set behind the lounge (you must step up to it, of course) and it is connected to the kitchen at the back of the house. An entertaining deck and swimming pool are found through sliding glass doors set between the dining and kitchen area, with a garden beyond the pool. It has an enormous (lit at night) water feature, sandy Zen garden, raised deck (with a roof for weather protection that has a large sunlight in it) with an enormous day bed and barbecue area and numerous paths that lead between hedges that end in quaint benches designed for simply sitting and getting lost in nature.

The hallway leading from the front door jags left in the kitchen, passing the fridge and plate cupboard and leading to the bedroom area. The first rooms encountered are a bedroom on the left and the guest bathroom on the right. The laundry sits beside the generously-sized bathroom, with the second bedroom opposite. The hallway terminates at the door of the master bedroom, easily the largest room in the house.

The basement office is a Feng Shui marvel (as is the entire house), with beautiful, golden wood shelves going from floor to ceiling on most of the walls, two large desks slotted into their own nooks on opposing sides and a small kitchenette and bathroom at the back. There is a lounge setting of a two-seater and two armchairs around a coffee table behind the desk and a few plants and a modest water feature in the large room as well.

Written by Existentially Odd and Ehcorn