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I Wonder As I Wander
« on: December 16, 2019, 02:54:46 PM »
Open for anyone and at night

When Sam had received her invitation to the carnival a month ago she hesitated, the campaign, in general, had caused Sam to walk on eggshells around everyone. She wanted to reach out to a few people, but each time Sam tried, she encountered this overwhelming feeling of sorrow. This campaign had created some doubt in her mind when it came to her friendships. She had not heard from Ben, Saraekiel, or Shae in a long time, and she feared the worst, pushed aside due to guilty by association. Forcing her attention on the White Rabbit, her Academy lessons and of course, the relationships that fell close to home. She almost didn't want to go, she didn't want to be right. In the end. Sam needed to prove herself wrong, that is was their busy schedules and nothing more.

Sam was taking a gamble on Saraekiel and Shae, but knowing Shae, and the fact bumper cars being involved, the shifter would drag his ass along. His wings getting wet made her almost giggle in the line, she had a bag slung over her shoulder, inside an extra set of clothes. Sam had to be the casualty of the dunk tank at least once, it reminded of her hometown, a small festival held once a year at the end of harvest. Only on a much smaller scale. It was a chilly night standing in line to the gates, her hand tuckets neatly in the pockets of her bright blue double-breasted jacket, a simple box cut shirt underneath in bright red, crisp white pants illuminated, and white shoes that had a slight heel. Sam chose to wear her hair down, settling on her shoulders in a lovely wave. The Ward checked her bag and let her on through with ease, she gave the guard a smile before stepping into the carnival.

Sam couldn't help but people watch strolling through the heavy crowds, there were whole families of supernaturals here! It brought a smile to her face to see humans and supernaturals mingling, disappearing from sight, only to reappear in the crowd. It was not Obfuscate, Sam was laying low, out of sight, and lingering in the shadows; secretly receiving lessons from a few of security staff in the Central. This was a start, but it still felt restricted. Recognizing several people in "the know" as she danced and weaved throughout the crowd, getting a good look at the situation. There were good and bad comments, that was to be expected, but the overall vibe was cheerful and jolly.

A small part of her wished mortals outside of this elite circle was invited, the humans that could handle the truth. Like Sam in her mortal years, a fantasy brought to existence. The ones who would not incite mass hysteria to have a fable brought into reality. The community in a way needed those humans more than ever, especially with Project Twilight and the Second Inquisition running around. She had kept her views tucked away in her head, not everyone would agree.

Now, where hell was the bumper cars located? Sam would check that out first, hang out there for a bit, and maybe Saraekiel and Shae would show up. If not she would head over to the tents, hopefully, Ben would be done with his question period. If not she would head over to the main event she was here for, the dunk tank!