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William de Warrene
« on: December 20, 2019, 05:44:51 PM »
William de Warrene


Name: William de Warrene, known to some as "The Collector"

Species: Vampire (Infusco), Ancient

Gender: Male

Appears to be: In his early to mid-fifties

Actual Age: He’s survived a little over a millennium


Frame: 6'1", 185 lbs

Hair & Beard: Salt & Pepper

Eyes: Ocean blue, hooded to the point that it appears he's squinting.

Facial Structure: Aquiline nose centered on a long, angular face.

Clothing Style: Formal - Bespoke suits only. Casual - Jeans and blazers. Solid colors.

Common Body Language
Standing: Superman pose. Not arms punched into the air, but hands on hips, feet slightly apart. Hands clasped in front of or behind him.
Sitting: Perfect posture. Shoulders back, feet firmly on ground, arms relaxed and hands still.

Visual Habits: Sometimes "checks out" if not engaged. Will become completely still -- no blinking, no fidgeting, no movement. Takes effort to rouse him.

Voice: A resonat barritone.


Responds Positively To: Getting his way, being given his due respect, streamlined processes, loyalty, objectivity and clear heads 

Responds Negatively To: Stupidity and failings in others, emotional blackmail, being expected to apologize, speeches when a few words would suffice

Affiliations: The Consort

Residence: 18 Surrey Road

Powers/Abilities/Learned Skills

Telepathy - Practiced extensively, can access, plant, rearrange, and wipe memories with ease.
Domination - Practiced extensively, his desire is your command.
Telekinesis & Levitation - Practiced, but prefers to use energy elsewhere.

Permissions Given in a Reasonable Roleplay:

(Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)
Feeding: Yes
Wounding/Cursing Yes
Killing: Yes