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Re: Synthesized Angel
« Reply #15 on: January 14, 2020, 08:00:49 PM »
He turned around and looked back to the reporter.

"So, asking outside of the carnival is not the best way to get info on the carnival. You'd be better off going inside and asking the random goers. Do you need help getting there?" He asked and without giving a chance for the reporter to speak, he looked towards Al, "Do you mind helping him get there?" He asked Al in hopes he'd say yes and whisk the reporter away quickly.

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Re: Synthesized Angel
« Reply #16 on: January 15, 2020, 06:28:32 AM »
"With pleasure," Al groaned, grabbing the young Nos reporter by the scruff of his coat. The young Nos tried to scurry and scamper away, but Al was stronger.

"You can't stop the free press," his voice called out. "People have a right to know about their leaders, especially ones not elected in fair contests," he yelled at the remaining trio. "Do you think this will effect McCloud's chance of being elected? What is Zoheret's shoe size? Do you think Ben is old enough to lead?!"

All of these were shouted as he was drug away. Nocturnal News was out of scoops for the moment.

Tyler was covered in gore. Slashes ran up his midsection, and dark burns covered his arms. He collapsed onto a rock formation to rest, as Manuel tied up the one remaining Sabbat. They'd taken a prisoner to confirm their story to the ward. They'd killed several vampires this night. Piles of ash, flesh, hair, blood, and clothing littered the area around them. They'd won the fight though, and Tyler had figured out that the scheme to frame Zoheret was a Sabbat plan.

"Follow their trail," Tyler said to Manuel, and the Gangrel nodded before shifting and following the trail of gore in search of answers. Tyler grabbed the prisoner, a young female Lasombra and tossed her over his back. Tyler didn't have the blood left to run at a super high speed, but did their best to get back quickly.

He reached the trio as Al carried away Daniel, and plopped the unconscious prisoner down on the ground.

"Could one of you direct me to the director of the ward," he said calmly, despite looking like he needed a drink and some time to heal.
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Re: Synthesized Angel
« Reply #17 on: January 17, 2020, 08:08:42 AM »
It would take hours for the female vampire to die, unable to consume all the poison that would ensure her death within minutes. Interrupted with a tackle by the damn Brujah Tyler. Captured alive, her vitae drained beyond being a threat now, snarling with malice as Tyler threw the Lasombra over their shoulder. The ride back uncomfortable and humiliating. Al stopped abruptly for a mere moment when Tyler returned, his eyes buldged wide at the carnage the Sabbat had inflicted. Saying nothing, only giving Tyler a small nod, as he continued to drag the screaming Nos away from the group.

"You should let Dreki heal you," talking to Tyler in a whisper. The blood that wrapped Tyler like a blanket, but the female Lasombra took Clara off guard. She had never seen one up close. Tyler would see his guitar was safe and sound.

"The director was last seen inside the Carnival dealing with something," Clara said. The unfortunate distraction had called the Ward's attention to it, making the Sabbat's job easier than what it should have been tonight. Clara could have cursed. If the Ward weren't dealing with other matters, their agents could have had the resources to deal with Sams's kidnapping. Clara did not blame the Ward.