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Splendor and Fragrance
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:57:29 AM »
Open, new character concept not yet a sheet. Will make one if played in other threads.

A limousine pulled up to the doors of Echelon's parent skyscraper, leaving the vehicle with the valet. The driver wore a chauffeur's uniform, jacket buttons made of gold and with a dark cap. He opened the side door, and extended his hand to the car's sole occupant of importance. The hand that was taken wore a white lace glove, and was connected to a womanly arm. A dress of violet extended from her shoulders to her feet, the tiniest amount of purple shoe being visible to those who looked that low. She didn't show much skin at all, her own perceptions of modesty never evolving beyond the Victorian era. To say she was prudish was an understatement, but she didn't think sex was shameful or bad, just a waste of valuable time.

Her hair was styled up, long and white and covered with jewels. She wore a tiara, filled with diamonds and other precious stones. Her white gloves held rings, her arms diamond bracelets, and a pair of thin spectacles. The driver handed her a handbag, and a jeweled walking stick. She exuded the wealth, and privilege of a bygone age, and received several curious stares from those who were also in the parking lot. If Cecily noticed, she didn't show it. She simply nodded politely to each of them, and slipped the valet a hundred dollar bill before putting weight on her cane and moving towards the elevator to Echelon.

Lady Cecily Arden had obligations to meet, people to see and vampires to politic with. Her place in London's court had been legendary, and her influence over the West End had been ponderous. She loved the theater, and had been a backer of productions with her vast fortune. That was her art, knowing which shows to back and which to let sink. She wondered as she was escorted into the lift by her driver, if she would end up exerting the same influence in this shitty little backwater. Her ladyship had allies here, old friends who could help her family adjust to their new circumstances, and perhaps wield new power. She'd been told this city was safe for vampires, and that those with clans were doing well here. Her own clan was that of the rose, and just like the flower she was thornier than she appeared.

The doors opened, and she whisked into the establishment, providing her name to some human servant before moving through the double doors. Tonight was a networking event for the rich and famous, and she hoped to become known among these circles. Lady Cecily dismissed her driver, before moving towards the small bar.

"Bartender," her voice boomed, her tone larger and more spacious than her tiny body. "A-, wine glass, 97.2 Fahrenheit, male." She slipped another hundred. The bartender's eyes went wide at the sight of the tip, but looked fearful at the strength of the request.

"Well," she said. "Should I move to the next bar and order it there?"

The bartender moved like lightning and provided the beverage. She sipped it with grace, her features birdlike and delicate. "It's a tad too warm, but otherwise not bad," she complimented, giving him a twenty. She looked for Kindred she might know, or other supernaturals worth knowing. She'd heard some form of Anarch government covered this part of town, so she doubted she see any of those raucous fools. Truly, the real power was here, among the arsitocricy of this city, and she was determined to find them.
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