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Tad Rystock
« on: January 13, 2020, 03:36:40 PM »
Name: Tad Rystock
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Tiny generic village, called Brinsley
House: Eruditio
Title: Student
Level: 2


Hair: Medium brown, cut shaggy and erratically. He cuts it himself using mirrors because he will let nobody near him with a blade of any kind.
Eyes: Dark brown, rich with flecks of green and gold. Intelligent, watchful eyes.
Frame: Slender but muscular and deceptively strong.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A salmon tattooed on his upper right shoulder on his back.
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Personality: Keeps to himself, often isolates himself from others, doesn't speak up much and when he does it's in a softly spoken voice, presents as weak, mind always turning, opportunistic, ruthless.
Family: The youngest of four boys, his family couldn't afford to keep/feed all of them, so the two youngest were sold off to different masters. He doesn't really remember his family because he was only three years old at the time. He was taken to the closest citadel, Rystock.

History: He grew up first as a replacement child for the wife of a rich merchant who'd lost their son to illness. At first she adored him but when he was eight she could no longer look at him and her mental health derailed. The merchant apprenticed him but Tad's ability with numbers far surpassed the merchant's own. Horrified and embarrassed about being shown up in front of his customers, Tad began to experience a life of verbal abuse. His apprenticeship was renounced in favour of making him a delivery boy and one day, when given a donkey to make an extra large delivery with, Tad took what was given him and left the citadel of Rystock. Living hard initially, he used his wits to survive. He eventually learnt of the academy and thought it would be a useful skill. Upon his application, he had a good head for numbers and letters and demonstrated a knack for chemistry. He was accepted into Eruditio house.

Likes: Being overlooked and underestimated by peers, being recognised for his smarts by mentors,
Dislikes: Being the centre of attention, open and public rejection, being put on the spot
Character Strength: Patient, studious
Character Weakness/Flaw: Unforgiving, carries a grudge

Sexuality: Gay
Relationship Status: Single
Carried Weapons: Vials of poisons, a small knife in his sleeve cuff.
Known Magick: Tad prefers to cast acid and poison spells onto things like following a recipe, making items carry out the magic for him. It suits his style best. He's not so good with spells because he overthinks them.
Appraise - He has a basic knowledge of appraising daggers, but other weaponry and items are a mystery.
Balance - Tad has the ability to run across skinny ledges, nimbly stay upright on moving objects and perform other feats according to balance.
Bluff - Tad can lie very well.
Climb Buildings - Tad can see and use footholds and handholds to climb buildings.
Concentration - he has a very strong focus and is persistent in his tasks.
Disable Device - Tad has an engineer’s mind so can spy traps and disarm them.
Gather Information - he has a knack for research, and can find out almost anything about anything.
Hide - Tad is excellent at slipping into the shadows and being undetected.
Move Silently - he can be stealthy.
Open Lock - he can pick novice to intermediate locks but not advanced or magical locks.
Ride Donkey - he can ride a donkey.
Search - he uses logic to find what or who they are looking for (only works when he knows a person).
Sleight of Hand - he is working on this and he's okay at it.
Spellcraft - Tad can wield magic.
Survival - he has street smarts and can survive in urban areas.
Swim - he can swim.
Tumble - he can fall without hurting himself (ground level only).
Use Magic Device - he understands the concept of magic when it is passed on to a material thing.