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Business and Pleasure
« on: January 14, 2020, 11:35:05 AM »
It was a chilly and gusty day thought the sky was bright with sunshine and so he was dressed in black jeans and a cream coloured cashmere sweater. The sweater was nice but he had a feeling he might regret its choice as he stood amidst the jasmine covered pillars before the café’s front doors. He could feel the wards before he even touched the doors and smiled with pleasure. It was a good sign, proof that the witch who owned the place knew what she was about, the strength of the wards warning anyone that here dwelled a being of considerable power. Maybe this witch would be worth pursuing after all.

He pushed the door open and stepped inside, his flesh rushing with goose bumps as the protection spells washed over him. It felt similar to the spells around the Luminary building and Penbrooke Estate, maybe it wasn't the owner who did the spell but the vampires pet witch Sabrina he thought as he gazed about the room looking for an appropriate seat, the magic was similar but different enough to keep him guessing.

The place was nicely decorated and the fireplace with its crackling fire added to the natural warmth and welcome of the place. The delectable aroma of exceptional coffee filled his lungs as he drew in a deep breath, savoring the scent before he exhaled. The room was airy and filled with light, both natural and magical, a place of ease, relaxation and pure safety; a true sanctuary. He snorted with amusement as he made his way to a table with two chairs by one of the windows, it would be nice change to sit where the sun could shine on them.

It was only half past ten, he had arrived early on purpose so that he might check the place out, check the witch out and he was disappointed when a fae something came over to take his order. He picked up the menu to quickly peruse it and was amused when he noticed the number thirteen engraved into the center of the table next to the small pot of mint, perfect.

He ordered coffee, black and a croissant. Once the wait staff had left he sat back and relaxed as he watched the front door and the people coming and going, fascinated by how they all reacted to the magic of the place, how the norms just accepted it as normal and how the supes smiled at the haven offered them. Yes, this had been a good choice for a meeting with the head of the word, a place of ease and relaxation.

His coffee and food arrived and so he sat and enjoyed the rare experience of idleness as he sipped his exceptional coffee and delicately light croissant.