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Lan Bao
« on: January 14, 2020, 02:38:37 PM »
Lan Bao

Fata viam invenient
Fate will find a way

Permissions Given in reasonable Roleplay:
(Yes = you don't have to ask before acting in RP, No = you ask first)

Feeding: YES
Wounding/Cursing: YES
Killing: YES

Name Meaning: Orchid Treasure

Age [appearance]: Mid to Late 20s
Age [actual]: 316
Gender: Female
Species: Kuei-Jin
Hair: Long and glossy black, falls to her waist when loose.  Often it is done up in a fancy and time-consuming traditional hairstyle, complete with traditional Chinese hair jewellery.
Eyes: Almond shaped and brown in colour.  Her eyes are the picture of serenity.
Frame: 5'5" and slender in figure.
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: She has a tattoo of a yellow feathered crane that fills the right side of her torso.
Personality: Regal and just, she is a very spiritually minded woman.  She's quite cool and collected, but is also elitist and imperious.  She tries hard to remain neutral, but her manipulative nature often gets in the way.  She is intolerant of rebellion and however she interprets the rules is the correct way.  Her way is always the correct way.  She's tenacious when wronged, and revenge is always sweet.  She calls it 'facing the consequences'.
History: She has lived in this city for many years, making a name for herself in Chinatown.  When the Oligarchy fell, she declared herself Leader of Chinatown.  None dared oppose her, though none of the District Leaders have officially recognised her rule.  She has five families who travelled with her and took up residence within Chinatown which make up over a hundred Kuei-Jin (specifically 105), so her hold on those four blocks is strong. A shroud of mystery envelops her.  Nothing is known about her existence before she came to the city some thirty years ago, and she wishes to share none of it with anyone.

The Five Families:
Yuan - Eighteen people and the oldest family, with three founders at its head and a number of children, grandchildren and cousins.
Fengmian - Thirty three people and the largest family, all women, with one matriarch and seven daughters who have four or five daughters of their own.
Liu - Eight people and the most powerfully connected to their P'o. They are led by two founders, a soldiering couple. This family are assigned as Lan Bao's personal guard.
Xin - Twenty four people and also follow the way of the Resplendant Crane. This family is connected more loosely than the others, but they still share blood in some way.
Wang - A tight family unit of ten. One founder who has connections back in China, and six children, the three elder having one child of their own.

The Liu and Xin families live in the same building Lan Bao does - in an apartment that overlooks the Temple of Shang-Ti. The other families have positioned themselves in different buildings, but they are all living in their familial units, some sharing apartments while others live in smaller spaces on their own - but always in the same complex as each other.

Wang Qui Min is Bao's primary personal assistant at the Temple.
Awareness of Supernaturals: She has knowledge of many supernaturals.  Only the very rare escape her vast knowledge.
Occupation/Job: Leader of the Kuei-Jin
Domicile: To come.
Interesting Facts / Quirks: She follows the Way of the Resplendent Crane.  She often wears traditional Chinese dress, either red, yellow, green or blue.  She adores fountains, and any water-based artwork - either paintings or sculptures.  She believes her lucky number is one, and that she will always succeed in the north.  She meditates and feeds frequently to enhance her Chi. She is a master of Baguazhang (ancient Chinese martial art).


 [1] Permeate: Swell or shrivel own body.
 [2] Blood Atemi: Move blood in victim's body, and Spit Blood: Spits chi-infused blood on a target
 [3] Flow Like Blood: Become as fluid as blood.
 [4] Bloodlash: Create a lethal tendril of blood.
 [5] Blood Awakening: Awake or freeze Yang Spirit or Wraiths.
 [6] Blood Blade: Create a weapon made of blood causing aggravated damage.
 [7] Blood of the Scorpion: Poison target with Yin blood toxin.

 [1] Stand Upon the Dragon's Back: The Kuei-jin first learns to channel Chi from the Earth’s natural flows into his body, and vice versa, rooting himself to the Earth.
 [2] Tread the Thrashing Dragon's Tail: By polarizing her Chi in line with that of her surroundings, the Kuei-jin makes herself preternaturally deft and light. She may walk safely and steadily along the narrowest of ledges, the most unstable ground, and even the surface of lakes or oceans. She may also jump long distances.
 [3] Placate the Earth Dragon: By gently singing to the spirits of earth, stone, and wood, the Kuei-jin may cast himself into their embrace. He may sink into the protective earth, or he may walk through a wall or other impediment.
 [4] Harnessing the Dragon's Breath: The Kuei-jin, by attuning his body to local streams of Chi, may actually fly along “updrafts” of energy. While in flight, the Kuei-jin may hold objects or even wield weapons, but performing complicated maneuvers is difficult.

 [1] Smoke Without Fire: Control the general density and volume of smoke.
 [2] Words of Smoke: Enhance the users reliability, allowing him to lie without being caught
 [3] The Hampering Smoke Of Chao Zheng: Direct smoke into a victims face to blind him.
 [4] Wisp Maya: Create mirages out of smoke
 [5] Volcano's Fist: Concentrate heat in one's hand to set set flammable objects on fire or deal grievous wounds

 [1] Cower Before the Beast: Inspire dread in an animal by making eye contact.
 [2] Animal Spy: Possess the mind of an animal to use it as a spy.
 [3] Conjuring the Animal Kami: Summon a specific group of animals.
 [4] Sway The Beast: Enslave any animal to your will for a short period of time
 [5] Unleash the Beast Spirit: Assume a bestial form that is not dissimilar from the Crinos form of various Fera.

 [1] Swirling Winds Style: The Kuei-jin amplifies his combat maneuvers with Yang chi.
 [2] Meditations of Metal: By drawing upon his inherent Yin energies, the Kuei-jin can harden his skin
 [3] Kata of Mountain Fury: The Kuei-jin enters a battle trance through various rhythmic postures and katas
 [4] Fighting Cloud Style: The Kuei-jin finds the point within his soul where yin and yang become one, removing physical limitations of his body
 [5] Illusion-Shattering Strike: The Kuei-jin can shatter the physical form of a demon, spirit or wraith with a series of blows, eventually sending it back into its native realm.

 [1] Wind-Water Eye: The Kuei-jin can discern the type of ambient chi around him.
 [2] Broom of Heaven: The Kuei-jin can dispel minor disruptions in the chi flow
 [3] Hand of Darkness: The Kuei-jin curses a target by manipulating the chi flow around it
 [4] Inharmonius Aligment: The Kuei-jin can alter the chi around him in a way that it cannot by drawn by Mandarins or Bodhisattvas via Osmosis
 [5] Chi Ward: The Kuei-jin constructs a barrier of chi that prevents shen from crossing it
 [6] Beneficent Celestial Mirror: The Kuei-jin can shape the chi of the Mirror Lands to create a safe haven for himself within them that can be used as a beachhead for further umbral exploration.
 [7] Dancing Spirits: The Kuei-jin manipulate the spirits around him to do his biding by binding them to locations and objects
 [8] Veil of Defilement: The Kuei-jin can veil an area with good Feng Shui to make it appear barren to outsiders

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