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Cuff of Anti-Magic
« on: January 27, 2020, 01:27:10 PM »
NAME: Cuff of Anti-Magic

CREATOR: Witch Hunters (Catholic Church), Spanish Inquisition, revised during Salem

OWNER: Saraekiel

BINDING: Thesdea Thane

CREATION: Spanish priests hunting witches during the First Inquisition made the cuff from leather, and laced it with string thrice blessed by witch hunters. It was used to capture and kill many Spanish witches, as well as contain many people who were not witches. The cuff was not the only one made, although most were destroyed by the Catholic church once the Inquisition was over.

This cuff was found in use during the Salem Witch trials, although how it made it over from Spain is lost to history. Once the Salem witch trials ended, the cuff was included in the local Salem museum, until it was stolen recently.


POWERS: The cuff weakens about 90% of a witch's power. All active magic is disabled, and most attempts at spell work fail. Witch's can astral project, or dream walk if they know these powers, however, at a horrible cost to the witch's health. The cuff can only be removed by the person who placed it on. The wrist of the person wearing the cuff can be cut off as well.

COMPETING MAGIC: This cuff only works on canceling out witch's magic, and would be destroyed by either mortal means (fire) or from external magic (another witch, dragon fire). The cuff has no resistances or special weakness beyond what is listed here.

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