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Hierarchy of Blood
« on: February 04, 2020, 06:17:51 AM »
Hierarchy of Blood

To reflect the results of the recent election, and to answer Jake's promises for a new and better government, an updated Hierarchy of Blood has been released to the press, and would be disseminated through those outlets to citizens. The purposes of this document are to better inform citizens about their government, and to help them understand who is responsible for what, and how to contact them. Assume each major figure has support staff, or deputies to help them. ALL positions are subject to election, but not all at the same time. PM BIlliam if you would like to take over a roll, or challenge an incumbent. Assume you are entering a crowded field, and asking for the job is not a guarantee your character will get it. 

District Leader - Jacob McCloud

Jake is controlled by Billiam. The District Leader is in charge of the entire operation and all other employees report to him. Jake is responsible for setting laws, deciding punishment in extreme cases, ensuring all the other parts of the government are running smoothly, protecting the district's borders, creating and managing funding for district affairs, and otherwise improving the lives of those who live within the district. His status within the district is supreme and his title buys him a decent amount of status in other districts too. Jake recently abandoned the title of Black Prince, seeking a more modern image.

Sheriff - VACANT

There is currently no sheriff, their duties being filled by Jake, and Lisa-Joe. The last sheriff succeeded at providing the security teams will military training, but has vanished! The Sheriff is second in command of the district. In the event that the District Leader is incapacitated the sheriff would assume leadership. The Sheriff is in charge of the Districts response teams, including clean up of supernatural events, policing of supernaturals within the district, protecting the district's borders from outside invaders and training and hiring security forces and response teams. The sheriff can also work with minor offenders and help them avoid breaking laws. Only violent crimes must reported to the Justicar. It's a job with many day to day functions, and the Sheriff would have a deputy to fill in for their nights off. When not otherwise occupied, the Sheriff guards the District Leader from harm.

The Harpy - Lisa-Joe Hampton

Lisa-Joe  is controlled by Billiam. The Harpy represents "the peoples's" branch of governance. The Harpy shall represent the district when dealing with outside powers including other districts, acting as first diplomat. It is also the duty of the Harpy to prosecute cases for the district, when courts are involved. The Harpy represents the vision for the district, and is the most visible of Jake's lieutenants as a result. The Harpy is known as having Jake's ear better than anyone, so it would be wise to seek her out and win her over if you want Jake to like your plan. Lastly, the Harpy shall throw parties, events, and other functions to showcase the culture of Jake's new society.

The Keeper of Elysium - Maria Adsia 

Maria is controlled by Idrial. The duties of the Keeper are similar to the sheriff in that the Keeper deals with the day to day functions of running the district. While the sheriff deals with security aspects the Keeper runs the various levels of bureaucracy. The Keeper oversees requests to take pets, granting other supernaturals status within the district, keeping the location and address of residents, counting census, and anything else needed to keep the district's government open and moving. The Keeper is considered "Master of Elysium," meaning that within District Headquarters, and the White Rabbit above, the Keeper has the final say, save for the District Leader of course.

The Justicar AKA Chief Justice - VACANT 

The Justicar is a new position, promised in Jake's election. The Justicar will take over the Harpy's civil duties, solving disputes between citizens and awarding boons to the winner of the argument. The Justicar will hold court twice weekly to hear civil complaints between citizens. More importantly, for those who commit violent crimes within the district, it is the Justicar who oversees the trials, and passes a verdict of guilty or innocent. The Justicar will then choose a punishment that fits the crime based on district law. Jake retains the right to overrule the punishment and assign one of his own if he feels the Justicar was either too forgiving or strict.

The City Council

An assortment of concerned citizens who meet with the Harpy and District Leader once a month to express the concerns of the locals, as well as lobby the district for changes. Their power is mostly prestige and the right to speak and be heard. They can vote on some small level changes, but Jake can overrule them in the name of security whenever he wishes. On the other hand, Jake tends to listen and tries to address the issues brought to him by council members, as he believes keeping them happy will keep their citizens happy. There are seven city council positions open. 

Jacob McCloud - DL
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