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Morgan Callisto
« on: February 25, 2020, 07:16:08 PM »
The Owls let me know a visitor has arrived, The Owls let me know the starts of something new is coming soon. What do you want to see? It depends on you. I'm sorry, but in this place you're an unwelcome guest. You need to have the manners of the forest from here on out.

Assumed Name: Morgan Callisto
Gender: Male
Title: The Augur
Age: Old
Looks: Early 20s
Date of Birth: April 16th
Species: A True Fae
Domicile: In the mortal world, a small apartment above his shop. He stays there when he needs to.

Hair: Jet black with a bit of a wave to it, roughly about 3 inches long on top, to gradually get shorter by his neck. His ears are covered by it.
Eyes: Pale green with a very light blue/gray outer edge
Ears: They do have a point to them, he glamours scars on them and claims they are like that because of a cosmetic surgery. It’s otherwise his Tell. On his left ear, he does wear a black and gold ear cuff that covers the top but goes along with the outline of his ear, as well as a blue howlite gemstone stylized as a small obelisk wear a normal piercing would go.
Skin: Pale, almost looks like he doesn't get much sun
Shape of Face: Teardrop
Nose: The bridge indents where it meets his browbone but otherwise goes straight down his face. If looking straight ahead, his nostrils will face the ground.
Mouth: On the thinner end, does have a slight cupids bow on his top lip, bottom lip a little bigger than the top one
Hands: long thin fingers and palms that are in proportion to his fingers. They are not particularly boney.
Frame: Ectomorph, 5’9”
Marks: A tattoo that takes up his entire back and parts of his upper arms.

Work Garb: Harem pants with leather boots. Wears a Tunic and the sleeves depend on the weather. As well as arm warmers that match the colors of the outfit. If extra cold, he does have a cloak he will put on that is covered in bird feathers as it’s decoration.
Casual Garb: Some kind of black pants that are tighter fitting and have pockets. Sometimes he will attach a bag that sits on the side of his leg. Wears a shirt that matches. While this is the most normal of his type of outfits, he still has an otherworldly look to him.
Date/Out: Depends on the date itself. If casual he’ll dress casually, if formal then he’ll dress formally.
To bed: Sometimes underwear, sometimes nothing.
Special: Usually whats known as a “Butterfly” outfit. Example.
Accessories: He wears a variety of rings, necklaces, and ear cuffs on his right ear with each day being different.

Current Occupation: Fortune teller, he does sell other wares in his shop, mostly restored jewelry (his hobby) and aromatherapy perfume rollers (Kae's hobby) and is known in some circles that are less than legal for his services, which sometimes bleeds into his hobby of restoration.
Salary: He makes enough to get by, able to feed himself, pay Kae, and the other bills that arise
Intelligence Level: Is street and business smart. He knows how to peddle his business while also dealing with some of the less desirable folk in the city without incident on his end.

    Arcadia - The birds tell him things, the truth. How he tells it to you or gives up the information is usually in his favor in some way or another, but not unhelpful.

    Hedge - The birds tell him things, half truths. How does he interpret their words? Can he slant it in his favor? Will he? Is generally helpful, but not always easy to understand.

    Mortal - You tell him things, he feeds from your emotions. From there he explores with you on what may or may not be the truth. How do you interpret his words? He seems to gain something from you, but it’s hard to tell exactly what it is until he asks you to return the favor. There seems to be something that draws others to him.

  • Has a greenthumb, particularly makes his own tea blends
  • Birdwatching
  • Restoring old jewelry and other metal like objects provided they are not made of iron, can sometimes restore magical objects as well. (For magical objects, they have to be Fae based, and have an equal or greater downfall to their use compared to their benefit.)
  • Collects Gemstones and feathers

Health: Overall good.

Bad Habits / Vices: Can overall be disloyal. He is only Loyal to himself, and maybe Kae. Also can come off as vain, tends to see ‘Mortals’ as lesser than Fae.

Observable Behavior:
Speech Patterns: Acts as if his words are direct
Eye Contact: His eyes are focused on whoever he is talking to, or if he is reading something for someone, on what he is reading.
Gait: He generally keeps up with whomever he may be walking with. On his own he seems to never be in a rush, taking time to intake his surroundings.
Posture: When on his own, he is straight and proper, but when others are involved, he leans in towards them a little. Body language to show he is interested in whatever they may have to say.
Gestures, Quirks or Eccentricities: Before dealing with anyone, he demands introductions. He usually asks for their name first before saying “I’m called Morgan.” Is known for his hospitality by his clients, particularly in regards to offering tea and some homemade snack. He doesn’t seem to enjoy being declined both. For vampires he will offer a cup of blood instead, sometimes offering to spike it a bit with his own.
Mannerisms: Tilts his head from time to time when thinking, finds something interesting, confusing, or even boring. Also known to rub his chin while he thinks.

Commonly Seen Holding: A mug filled with a warm drink, or some divination tool.

Common Stance: Sitting poised in a way where he seems like nothing else in the world matters than what the person talking to him is saying.

Likes & Dislikes
Food & Drinks: Tea, Hot Choco, Coffee, Chai, Cookies of all kinds, Scones, Brownies, Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, Mini-Cakes including cheesecake, really any hot plant derived drink and handheld little baked good.
Books & Magazines: Mostly nature related magazines and books. Keeps somewhat up to date with the news of whats happening in the city, mostly looking at big things rather than small.

Pet Peeves: Indecision.
Major Hangups: Anyone threatening him with anything. He will immediately just stop interacting with that person and if they are in his place of work or home, he will kick them out.
Fears/Phobias: Iron, someone finding out his true name, being in debt to someone else
Dislikes: ‘Mortals’ who act like they are better than him or better than others that he determines they are not actually better than.

Philosophy of life: What can you do for me?

Strongest positive personality trait: Charismatic
Strongest negative personality trait: Manipulative

Character Strengths: He’s generally helpful, even when he gets something out of it, it’s mostly out of getting the favor returned as he did something for someone else first.

Flaws: Sometimes gets in over his head in the situations he finds himself in. He tends to push too far to get something out of a deal.

Facts/Quirks: He doesn’t always collect on a debt owed to him right away. In fact he doesn’t always take money as payment either. Makes it easier for the poorer crowds to get their fortune told if they so choose.

Sense of humor: Loves puns.
Temper: Loud and childlike if really mad. Otherwise will quietly seethe and knows how to hold a grudge like no other.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Very aware
History and Relationships:
Relationship status: Single
Current family: Depends on what you mean by family

Best Friend(s): His receptionist Kae

Enemies: None to speak of, at least none that seem to remember being his enemy.

Romantic/Sexual Encounters: He gets around.

Relationship Skills: He’s not one really to remain tied down. He doesn’t do well in a relationship most times it seems, but it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be willing to give someone a try if they strike his fancy.

Basic Rundown of History:

He first came to the mortal world by accident, but found it incredibly fun to interact with the ‘Mortals’ of that world, even if some of them weren’t human. He met Kae in his travels of the Hedge while going between worlds and the two became friends from there it seems, either that or Kae owes Morgan some large debt but neither of them seem to be unhappy with the other. He mostly resides in the mortal world out of his fondness for having fun with the locals. Kae seems to keep him somewhat grounded when he needs to be.

He owns a fortune teller shop named Lycoris Moon in central district near the Brazilian quarters, where it's mostly a residential place where he set up a shop downstairs and lives upstairs. There he uses a multitude of ways to tell others their fortunes, whether it be Tarot, Oracle Cards, Rune Stones, a Scrying Mirror, a Pendulum, Lithomancy, Palmistry, Numerology, using Dice, but his absolute favorite method is Tasseomancy. Kae acts as his receptionist and as such she takes calls, makes appointments, and collects payment whether that be cash, an i.o.u. slip, or the agreed upon payment whatever it may be. She seems to keep the shop clean, making sure the snacks and drinks are stocked, and helping out Morgan in whatever way she can.