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Lycoris Moon NPCs
« on: February 28, 2020, 05:47:21 PM »
Lycoris Moon NPCs

Looks to be in her 20s, dark golden blonde hair that goes down a little past her shoulders, and light blue eyes. Usually wears a long flowing skirt and a matching blouse.

Comes off as cheerful, helpful, and likes to make sure the clients feel comfortable while they wait. Even on the phone, she’ll wave to someone as they enter or exit the shop.

Her hobbies are making homemade crafts, particularly useful things such as Soap, Candles, Ceramics, and sometimes even wooden furniture. She does sell perfume and reed diffuser sets in the shop as well as some of her ceramic creations, but thats all. She does have a website where she does sell all of those things, including soap. If asked why she doesn't sell her soap in the shop, she'll mention something about Morgan not wanting his clientele to feel unclean by going to the shop or asking for his services.

Her candles are not for sale and she really doesn't mention anything about it unless someone asks her where Morgan gets his candles from. She will admit to it, but says they are not for sale and she works exclusively with him to come up with the proper scents. The other scented items she sells do not have the same scent as the candles, some of them are close but not exact, and thats on purpose.

She's been known to tidy up the shop in her downtime.