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Lycoris Moon Description
« on: February 28, 2020, 11:59:21 PM »
Outside in Front

It’s in a two story smaller home near the Brazilian District in an area with generally low property value.The home itself seems well taken care of from both the outside and the inside and seems to be one of the nicer properties in that area, although people with memories from before Morgan’s move in to the neighborhood would claim that it it didn’t used to be that way, but someone seemed to put in a lot of effort into restoring what was there, but they claim that it seems like a one person to very small group job as they don’t remember seeing any construction equipment, but over the course of a few years or so, the home seemed to become nicer and nicer into what it is today. If asked about the home and it’s condition, Kae will say that it was mostly the work of her and Morgan, and it's still a Work in Progress.

Above the door was a hand painted sign attached to the home that said “Lycoris Moon Fortune and Wares.” with a grey crescent moon painted behind the black lettering, and the Y in Lycoris, painted out to be a Lycoris flower. In a bay window on the left side of the home, if the shop is open, two LED signs can be seen lit up. One that says "Psychic" and the other that says "Open". If closed, neither sign is lit and the door will be locked.

Receptionist/Waiting Area

Upon walking in it’s clear it is a smaller home, you can see into the kitchen straight ahead and a door on the opposite of the kitchen wall. There is a wall from the right that goes in about 3/4ths of the width of the entire home that makes up the other wall to the kitchen itself. To the right was a staircase going upstairs, with that entrance up against the wall with the front door. On that same side on the wall that intersects with the kitchen wall is a doorway, labeled “Staff Only” and blocking both that staircase and doorway was a long Desk that went from wall to wall. It has a locking opening panel across from the staff only door to allow people to get from in front or behind the desk. The desk itself either seems custom made, or home made. The floors were either hardwood or a decent laminate of a warm wood color. The walls were painted an off-white cream color, and felt very warm and inviting.

On the desk itself, sits a 15.6” Chromebook, an office style phone, a printer, two business card holders, one with Morgan’s fortune teller business, and one for Kae’s soaps. Then what seems to be the most expensive thing on the desk is a Square Register set up with a receipt printer. No scanner as items are manually chosen. The cash drawer itself seemed to be locked away in a compartment built into the desk itself underneath the Register area. The Drawer itself never seems to hold more than $50 at a time, and usually holds less than that. If extra change is needed, Kae will go into the Staff Only door behind the desk to get what change is needed. The Staff Only door leads to another set of stairs that go down.

On the wall with the front door there was a bay window on the side of the waiting area. Two LED faux Neon signs hung in it. One that said “Psychic” and the other that said “Open” and they were only illuminated during the times they were open. On the window shelf itself sat some succulents and some magazines for others to peruse. A well loved sectional couch that about 5 people could comfortably sit on sat in the corner between the wall to the front of the house and the wall to the left, with the longer side of the couch running under the bay window. A well loved rectangular coffee table was in front of the couch, also with magazines on top of it, and a few coasters to place drinks on.

The rest of the left wall leading to the kitchen had shelving installed with various vials of perfume (including tester vials), small glass containers of reed diffusing oil, Pictures of jewelry with a price sticker on the picture for the piece, and various ceramic dishes of all sorts of colors, some with sets. A sign sat between the shelving and the couch, explaining prices.

Vial of perfume - $5
Reed Diffusing set - $15, Only Reeds - $5, Only Oil - $7, Oil and Reeds only - $10
Jewelry has Price on Image
Dinner Plates - $10, Salad Plates - $7, Bowls - $7, Mugs - $5
Sets of 1 each - $25, Sets of 4 each - $80
Will remake/make more of a Ceramic Design that has been sold here in the past or on sale now, just ask front desk.
We do have a Layaway option. A down payment on an item will hold the item for you until you fully pay it off. Once it is fully paid off, you'll be given the item. If you don't make a payment in 6 months, it is considered abandoned and will go back on sale. No refunds given for Layaway Items if abandoned.


A sign next to the kitchen entrance on the side without the shelves says “Please enter, grab a drink and some snacks. Make yourself at home!”

In the kitchen itself, it is small, but carries over the warm color scheme from the receptionist and waiting area. It was large enough for maybe one person to cook while another passed by if they needed to, and with the counters and cabinets was more hallway-like than room-like. The door that was across from the kitchen entrance into the reading room, and looking down at the end of the hallway like kitchen was another door, one labeled as “Bathroom”.

On the part of the counter closest to the reading room was a Keurig Mini and a reusable water bottle sat to the left of it the most close to the door. On the right hand side of it sat several labeled metal tins. Several were for different blends of tea, one for hot choco, one specifically for chai powder, one for matcha powder, and one for ground coffee. Behind the metal tins, tapped to the wall was a note saying “If you want your tea leaves read, do not use the reusable pods. Just put a scoop of tea in your cup and use the Keurig for hot water only.”

There was a plastic container next to the metal tins labeled sugar with a note attached to the sugar container saying “If you need Milk, it is in the door of the fridge.” In front of the plastic sugar container was about 5 reusable Keurig pods with a box of little pod filters next to them. Then directly next to them was a couple of mug holders filled with various owl shaped ceramic mugs. The rest of the counter space was filled with various baked goods such as cookies, muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, and other nice treats of both sweet and savory. Only the Stovetop was clear of any snacks, and had a microwave that sat on top of it during business hours.

If looking in the cabinets attached to the walls above everything, there were mostly various ingredients to make food with. In the cabinets that held the countertops, were mostly bakeware and appliances such as a toaster and blender. In the fridge was more food making ingredients, and in the door of the fridge for use was milk, half and half, heavy cream, and almond milk. In the back of the bottom shelf in the fridge itself, was a sealed cardboard box, but thats the only thing that stood out to those not in the know. For Vampires, if they pulled it forward, they would find the cardboard box actually had no back, and held a Styrofoam box, that usually had a couple of blood bags in it.

If you do not leave your cup in the sink, and are not getting tea leaves read, Kae will eventually collect the mug from you when you’re done, and wash it. She does periodically get up and clean out the sink after a few customers have come though. She will instantly clean up after a Vampire however.

Public Bathroom

In the bathroom on the end of the kitchen, was a half bath with only a toilet and a counter opposite of it with a sink in it. A large mirror did sit above the sink, with a hand towel hanging from a bar by the light switch and the toilet paper on . The cabinet under this sink is locked with a lock and key, but mostly just holds toilet paper, hand towels, and sealed bars of soap that Kae made. The soap in use sat next to the faucet on a wooden soap holder that allowed the water to drain. On the bottom corner of the mirror was a note covered in tape to protect it from any water that said “If you like the soap, please ask Kae about them or take a business card at the front desk.”

Reading Room

Inside the reading room it is fairly dark. The light is controlled by a dimmer switch, the ceiling is painted black, and the walls are covered in black velvet curtains. Under those curtains was soundproofing foam attached to every square inch of the walls. In the middle sat a square table like desk, with two chairs. One that faced the door you entered, where Morgan sits, and one that faces the opposite wall, where you sit. He has some curtains on a slider, where he can slide them out of the way to open the door for you and then slide them back over. There was another set of sliders that sits on the wall behind Morgan as well.

The desk seemed either custom or hand built, much like the one in the receptionist area. It was square in shape, and large enough for him to do whatever kind of reading he needed to. On it sat a tablecloth of sorts, that seemed hand embroidered with all sorts of symbols and circled inside of a larger circle. It was his reading cloth and it was unlike any other that someone could just buy, it was either very clearly made by him or for him. Also on top of the table off to the side was a small ceramic plate with small bits of leftover wax that hadn't been fully scraped away, but was overall dark grey in color, with a design that seems to be an owl or other bird in a tree as a shadow in black, but was sometimes hard to tell depending on what leftover wax sat on it. The Desk has a fully open middle so both parties and pull right up to the edge, and there are locked drawers on either side that Morgan can access, where all of his tools are usually held.


This area is not really open to the General Public but is open to special meetings and deals. At the top of the stairs there were 3 doors. When looking down the hallway, there were two smaller rooms on the left and what seemed like a large room on the right. The first door on the left is the meeting room where he brings guests. The second door on the left is a private full bathroom, and the Door on the right is Kae's room.

Meeting Room

Where Morgan takes guests if they have things to discuss that isn’t part of his fortune telling business. It has a table and a few chairs surrounding it. On one of the walls is a large rectangle section painted with chalkboard paint, with chalk that sits on the table.

Outside Backyard

It’s fenced in with a tall fence, and has a greenhouse in it. He keeps the greenhouse unlocked in case of break ins, but it’s were he grows his tea leaves, spices, herbs, and other plants that either he or Kae may find use of. There is no drugs in it, so anyone who goes in looking for weed or other such things are usually disappointed.

Private Areas

The room behind the reading room is a small room that most people would use as some form of a storage area, but it’s actually Morgan’s bedroom. It’s just large enough for a bed, nightstand, and dresser and is all he needs. He also likes it for how close he is to the shop area in case of an unexpected important meeting or any possible break ins or anything else unexpected to come up.

Kae's room is the largest private room in the home. She keeps it private even from Morgan.

The Staff Only Door leads to a finished basement, which was the most work that Morgan and Kae put into the home over time and the last thing they've been able to fully update. Going downstairs leads to a second kitchen set up and laundry area, and 3 other separate small rooms. The smallest of the rooms is used for drying tea blends and herbs, the medium room used for restoring jewelry, and the larger of the rooms to mix scent related things for Kae.