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Angels - Dark
« on: March 07, 2020, 12:02:36 PM »
Rare, but more common than Angels

Note:  There are no half breeds.  Dark angels who parent a child with a different species receives a full-blooded child of that species.  Mortals included.
Dark Angels are obliged to follow the path that offered them immortality.  A fire ritual is performed with a blood sacrifice (of an innocent being) to turn a Fallen Angel into a Dark Angel.  To not lose their power and immortality, they continue along this dark path for fear of being shunned again.  Being Fallen to them is worse than Good or Evil.
They have a tendency to indulge, and once their magic is returned to them, the ritual has a hold over them so that they ALWAYS WANT MORE POWER.  If they didn't care about power beforehand, the ritual makes them power-hungry after they become dark.
There’s no such thing as a kind-hearted/good-natured Dark Angel, so please don't play it.  They can love, they can express warmth, but they have gone dark and therefore are tainted/twisted.

NOTE:  THIS SPECIES DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PLAYED TRADITIONALLY OR RELIGIOUSLY.  The breaking or banishment of these 'heavenly rules' are simply the laws for existence on the Heavenly plane.  Breaking the rules means that an angelic citizen is banished, or cast out - therefore become Fallen.  Because the planes are all interconnected (Heavenly, Earthly and Hell (where a very specific demon comes from)), Angels fall to the Earthly plane and become Fallen Angels. From there they can choose to inhabit the Earthly plane.  When a Fallen Angel chooses to become a Dark Angel, they can return to the Heavenly plane because they are the same species (though the opposite alignment). However, they will be struck down on sight, so usually Dark Angels will remain on the Earthly plane as powerful beings.

For the sake of continuity among all members playing Dark Angels, the title of 'God' belongs to the leader of the Heavenly plane but is not necessarily the God referenced in the mortal Bible.
Immortal. They regain their immortality and keep the appearance of a 25 year old.  A Fallen Angel that is 80 years old (and looks it) who turns because they fear death, will find once again they are young and beautiful – although darkly so.  They can be killed, however, the same way any human can (shooting, stabbing, loss of blood, blunt force trauma etc).

They cannot be transformed or become any other kind of species.  Their bodies wouldn't allow it, due to the rituals and magics that made them dark.  Once they become dark angels, they can never return to being pure Angels, but they CAN return to being Fallen (just another mortal), where they will have no powers and a regular human lifespan starting from 25. This would only happen if they made a massive sacrifice on behalf of another, undoing their corruption. The more corruption they have, the more sacrifices they have to make to become Fallen again.
They all have wings unless they lost them when they were Fallen Angels.  Their wings are either BLACK or RED.
Their hair colouring is the same as it was when they were Fallen. (When they are Fallen Angels, their angelic hair colouring is no longer the ethereal white or gold, it becomes a different ‘ordinary’ colour. Perhaps they’re still blonde, but the blonde would not be like spun gold, but rather an imperfect colour – a more mortal colour).
Dark Angels have a dark aura. Not a halo, just a dark or black radiance, as though they are living in a stormcloud.  They are able to glamour this away, though all other Angels, Fallen or otherwise, can see it.
Extremely attractive, though the males tend to be more powerfully built and the females more curvaceous, as the magics that created them to darkness also offer them strength through physical mastery and outward appearance, to enhance vanity.
Magical Talents

Glamour: An illusion where they can ‘hide’ their wings and aura to appear more human.  Note that angels, fallen angels and dark angels can ALWAYS see the wings of others, despite the glamour.
Aura: They can read human and angelic auras (like a vampire can read a mind) to find out emotions.  They CANNOT read any species other than humans or angels, dark angels or fallen angels.

Curse: They can harm any being with a single touch.  Their ability can cause harm to all species. This would be a scalding touch or a touch of pestilence. They cannot immediately kill with their touch, only harm (but even vampires are susceptible to this touch and cannot quickly heal - it would be similar to sunrays scalding them).

Malediction: Instead of blessing their allies with a buff, dark angels have a second curse available to them, only en masse instead of singular with their touch. They can 'blast' a radius and cause everyone around them to be blind/deaf temporarily. The older and more powerful they are as a dark angel, the bigger the radius and the longer the victims will be blind and deaf. A 25yo dark angel would affect 2 metres around them, for 5 minutes.

Physically Strong: Very strong, whether they look it or not
Chosen Weapon: Whatever the first weapon they used was, they have a natural affinity and mastery of skill with it (without training).  (Note that their mastery is very specific, and that their chosen weapon is usually named and goes with them everywhere).

Musical Hypnosis: Whatever the first instrument they used was, they have a natural affinity and mastery of skill with it (without training) and can use their music to lull or hynotise ANY BEING into a placid state.  (Note that their mastery is very specific, if they mastered a flute, then they are unable to get the same effects with a piccolo).  Note that this hynotic music can't be accidently tapped into, as it requires a magical effect from the Dark Angel.

Weapon Mastery: Whatever the first weapon they selected was, they have a natural affinity and mastery of skill with it (without training) and can glamour it away so it is always with them.  (Note that their mastery is very specific, if they mastered a broadsword, then they are unable to get the same effects with a rapier). If they become corrupt, their weapon will become corrupt. (Sometimes they have a pair like 2 x daggers or a bow + arrows).

Material Plane
When a Dark Angel is on the material plane, the illusion of glamour is increasingly easy, because they do not completely make the transgression from their spiritual plane.  This means that clothing (such as shirts and jackets) will slip on as though the wings aren\'t really there - because the wings both are there and are not.

Allies and Enemies
Angels are automatically their enemy, and are to be killed on sight.  Kill or be killed, in fact.  Demons are apathetic to Dark Angels.

Vampire Interaction
Vampires are able to drink and gain sustenance from Dark Angels. The texture is similar to that of humans but Dark Angel blood is golden with streaks of corruption (black lines) swirling within it. It tastes smoky and afterwards the vampiric drinker will feel calm, passive and easygoing, rendering them helpless to the will of the Dark Angel they drank from. Consider it an effect similar to Rohypnol (Roofied).

Artwork: Alath'Erna, Angel of Destruction