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Extremely rare.
(No more than TWO angels on the boards at any one time).

Note:  There are no half breeds or part angels.  Angels who parent a child with a different species will receive a full-blooded child of that species unless they pair with a mortal, in which case they will produce a Guardian Angel
NOTE:  THIS SPECIES DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PLAYED TRADITIONALLY OR RELIGIOUSLY.  All of these heavenly rules are simply be the laws for existence on the Heavenly plane.  The breaking or banishment of these 'heavenly rules' are simply the laws for existence on the Heavenly plane.  Breaking the rules means that an angelic citizen is banished, or cast out - therefore become Fallen.  Because the planes are all interconnected (Heavenly, Earthly and Hell (for a very specific type of demon)), Angels fall to the Earthly plane and become Fallen Angels. From there they can choose to inhabit the Earthly plane.  When a Fallen Angel chooses to become a Dark Angel, they can return to the Heavenly plane because they are the same species (though the opposite alignment). However, they will be struck down on sight, so usually Dark Angels will remain on the Earthly plane as powerful beings.

For the sake of continuity among all members playing Angels, the title of 'God' belongs to the leader of the Heavenly plane but is not necessarily the God referenced in the mortal Bible.

When members play Angels, the title of God belongs to the leader of the Heavenly plane.
They could be the God referenced in the mortal Bible but they would have been misrepresented.
The Heavenly Plane is attached to the Earthly plane.
The Heavenly Plane can host spirits living on it but Angels are the ones who take them. Spirits must have a soul.
The Heavenly Plane is merely another dimension - it has nothing to do with death.
If you wish your angel to be a Biblical Angel, then they must be an appropriate age.
Full Angels live on their plane, or are created on their plane. A full angel cannot be made on Earth.

A strong sense of righteousness comes with these beings. They always have a choice, however, and temptation is always there – but even though they’re tempted, they shun it. Strong guilt, strong shame and a strong desire to leave it all behind will make them a Fallen Angel. Fallen Angels can never go back.

Angels BELIEVE they are upstanding creatures who rigidly follow their ethics and morals and force their beliefs onto others. Their way is the best and only way.
They can be overly over-bearing.  Personalities do vary across the board, some have a tougher time following the angelic rule while some find their paths easy and satisfying.  Others may relish bloodshed and justify their martial ways, actively killed 'wrongdoers' and 'evil people'.  They can kill and maim as they please, as long as they don't harm an innocent.
Angels are militant and have no problem fighting bloody battles with demons or dark angels.  An Angel is ALWAYS at war with a Dark Angel or demon - so no, your Angel can't fall in love with a Dark Angel or demon.  If they do, they will be cast out from their plane (fallen).
Immortal. They stop aging when they mature to the appearance of a 25 year old.  They can be killed, however, the same way any human can (shooting, stabbing, loss of blood, blunt force trauma etc).

They cannot be transformed or become any other kind of species.
They all have wings. Their wings are either WHITE or GOLD.  They can glamour their wings out of sight.  (See 'Material Plane', below)
They have a natural glow or radiance. They refer to this as a halo, but it's not a ring around their heads, it's all over their bodies.  They can glamour this out of sight.
Their hair colouring is either WHITE or GOLD, and any shade in between these two.
Extremely attractive, a lot of the time because their beauty is so flawless, they can look rather androgynous.
Magical Talents
Glamour: An illusion where they can ‘hide’ their wings and radiance to appear more human.  Note that angels, fallen angels and dark angels can ALWAYS see the wings of others, despite the glamour.

Aura: They can read human and angel auras (like a vampire can read a mind) to find out emotions.  They CANNOT read any species other than humans or angels, dark angels or fallen angels.

Bless: They can create enhanced strength and good/happy feelings for a mortal being with a single touch.  They can't do this for full blooded demons (half-blood and further dilution is okay) or any immortal species. They can only bless once per day and the bless only lasts a couple of hours for most, or a little longer if the soul is purer.

Heal: They can heal ANY being with a single touch, including dark angels or demons, but they MUST have good motivation to. They can self-heal. They can heal en masse and without restriction. They can heal themselves. However! They do need time to focus their magics so they cannot heal in the middle of a hack/slash battle for fear of losing limbs or head while they are concentrating.

Physically Strong: Very strong, whether they look it or not
Chosen Weapon: Whatever the first weapon they used was, they have a natural affinity and mastery of skill with it (without training).  (Note that their mastery is very specific, and that their chosen weapon is usually named and goes with them everywhere).

Musical Hypnosis: Whatever the first instrument they used was, they have a natural affinity and mastery of skill with it (without training) and can use their music to lull or hynotise ANY BEING into a placid state.  (Note that their mastery is very specific, if they mastered a flute, then they are unable to get the same effects with a piccolo).  Note that this hynotic music can't be accidently tapped into, as it requires a magical effect from the Angel.

Weapon Mastery: Whatever the first weapon they selected was, they have a natural affinity and mastery of skill with it (without training) and can glamour it away so it is always with them.  (Note that their mastery is very specific, if they mastered a broadsword, then they are unable to get the same effects with a rapier). If they become corrupt, their weapon will become corrupt. (Sometimes they have a pair like 2 x daggers or a bow + arrows).

Material Plane
When an angel is on the material plane, the illusion of glamour is increasingly easy, because they do not completely make the transgression from their spiritual plane.  This means that clothing (such as shirts and jackets) will slip on as though the wings aren't really there - because the wings both are there and are not.  Their bodies are there, so they can be physically harmed.  If they were in great danger of dying, they would flee to their plane (disappear), but would still have to be healed/helped/recover while there.

They have a natural ability to produce beautiful music, especially singing (hence the term: s/he sings like an angel)

Allies and Enemies
Dark Angels are automatically their enemy, and are to be killed on sight.  Kill or be killed.  There is an ongoing battle/war between them.
Hellplane Demons are automatically their enemy, but there are so many mixtures and varieties that they tend to be observed before being attacked.  All shadow demons are considered enemies and are to be killed on sight.  There is an ongoing battle/war between them.
Vampires are tolerated at best and destroyed as abominations at worst.
Werewolves are to be pitied at best and destroyed if they are in danger of harming innocents.
Fae are generally left alone, but are frowned upon for being on the Earthly plane.
Angels can be banished back to their plane if the right spell/curse is spoken (very specific)
Angels can be killed through blood-loss or meaningful wounds such as head-lopping or being crushed.

Vampire Interaction
Vampires are able to drink and gain sustenance from Angels. The texture is similar to that of humans but Angel blood is golden with silver streaks swirling within it. It burns down the throat (much like alcohol for mortals) and afterwards the vampiric drinker will feel happy, boosted and jazzed, as if they have excess energy. Much like an adrenalin boost for a mortal.

Artwork: Parker Fitzgerald, Gabriel - Hero Portrait