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Ward Laws
« on: March 19, 2020, 08:36:52 PM »
Ward Laws


Ward Law is intended to provide a safe and peaceful environment.
Ward Law is the only official law.
Everyone is equal in the eyes of the Ward.
The City Ward enforces Ward Law throughout the city, regardless of agents or corporations that wish to operate independently.


  • Wardens are empowered to take any action they deem necessary in the course of duty to keep peace and enforce basic principles of law and order.

  • You must apply for approval before revealing your supernatural quality to a human. If someone discovers your supernatural quality, report them immediately.

  • Humans who are aware may not pass on the secret of supernaturals at risk of containment or death.

  • Humans in the know must be marked with a Fae symbol for identification. Symbols can be gained from the following locations: Ward HQ, The Luminary, Venture and Tantric. A mortal with knowledge and without a Fae mark (or refusal to get one) will be considered dangerous and will have their memories wiped of all supernatural knowledge.

  • Supernaturals may not destroy buildings or other noticeable structures in a manner that cannot be deemed 'natural'.

  • Supernaturals may not use their abilities in public unless they can be deemed 'natural' (eg.; flying, magical/elemental displays, vanishing)

  • Supernaturals may not openly show appendages that are not deemed 'natural' (i.e.; wings, tails, horns, etc).

  • Any being who does not appear to be a normal human may not appear in public without taking proper precautions to disguise their appearance.

  • All werewolves are to contain themselves responsibly during the full moon. All accidental transformations are illegal and must be reported and investigated.

  • Passing the werewolf curse is prohibited at risk of death.

  • Siring into vampirism without application is prohibited at risk of death of both sire and newly fledged.

  • Vampires may not feed publicly under any circumstances, including vampire clubs. Private feeding spaces must be provided.

  • Gang activity and anarchist movements will not be tolerated.

  • Any reckless activity that the City Ward deems to be a threat to secrecy or general peace will be dealt with as the City Ward deems appropriate.

  • All indentured humans to supernatural beings must be registered with the Ward.

  • Shape shifting is to be done privately and discreetly if possible. Cases of accident or exception are to be reported to the City Ward immediately.

  • No organization or agency is permitted to claim territory.

  • Any public venue that wishes to provide an open environment for supernatural beings without concealment must register itself with the City Ward. These venues will be subject to security requirements appropriate to their clientele and setting.

  • Murder of any individual recognized as a supernatural being or having the rights associated with a supernatural citizen will be brought before the Ward to be investigated and face sentencing with a maximum penalty of death.

  • No supernatural being may engage in wholesale slaughter of any population including, but not limited to, the human population.