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FAQ: City Ward & Wardens
« on: March 19, 2020, 09:05:38 PM »
Who is the City Ward?
The City Ward is a policing organisation dedicated to keeping the peace between supernatural citizens. When supernatural beings require assistance, the City Ward is who they call.

How do I contact the City Ward?
In the event of an emergency, dial WARD (9273). You will be connected with our switchboard where your name, location and important details are taken. Our Wardens will immediately be despatched to secure your safety in the most efficient way possible.
Alternatively, if you dial the human emergency number and ask for the First Responders Unit when prompted for the type of emergency you wish to report. The First Responders Unit (FRU) is a supernatural police force within the 'normal' police force, but they deal solely with supernatural concerns.
If you are NOT having an emergency, please call or email administration at the following contacts (xxxxx) or visit our location at the Ward Headquarters.

Can anyone sign up to be a Warden?
Absolutely, but be aware that if you have limited ability (such as a human, a werewolf or young vampire), you will not be assigned to patrol.

What happened to the District Leaders?
Due to their failure to work together as a District Council and agree on a singular set of laws, District Leader laws are no longer recognised. While some District Leaders remain in the city, the City Ward no longer answer to them. We have unified as one city and they must uphold Ward Law like everyone else.

So the Ward is abandoning their support of the District Leaders?
Yes. While some citizens might consider this harsh, please remember that District Leadership has been in place for two years and multiple District Leaders have currently retired into their own projects or abandoned the city. Two District Leaders whereabouts is unknown, two District Leaders have not been seen for the past few months and  one of the District Leaders has created an illegal Stronghold as per the terms of the District Council. If they cannot follow their own laws, they cannot be trusted to make or enforce them.

What happens when people break Ward Law?
Depending on the severity of the broken law, they could pay a fine, be incarcerated or face a maximum penalty of death. Ideally this would occur after an investigation but Wardens have agency to keep the peace as they see fit at the time of arrest.

Can Wardens kill on the spot?
If it is necessary to keep the peace, yes.

Who watches the Wardens?
All fatalities are investigated, including the ones caused by the Wardens themselves.

What are the Ward rankings?
Ward Recruit (in training)
Ward Specialist
Ward Detective
Ward Sergeant
Ward Lieutenant
Captain of the Ward

How does the City Ward work as an organisation?
Recruits are in training and are responsible for their learning alone. When in the field, they will be tagging along with a pair of Wardens.

Wardens have a partner, and are responsible for each other. One of them will be the lead and closest to promotion. The other will be promoted to lead when they are ready or partnered with another lead when they are not.

Ward Specialists
A broad range of specialist teams fit here, such as Interrogators, Defenders, Rounders, First Responders Unit (F.R.U.), Aviators, and more. Each Specialist team will have a ranked officer of Sergeant leading them.

Ward Sergeants will lead a unit of Wardens (a dozen Wardens, six pairs in all), or a specialist team.

Ward Detectives lead a team of six; they can handpick any combination of Wardens or Specialists as they see fit.

Ward Lieutenants will have six teams that will answer to them. At least one Detective team, at least one Specialist team, and whatever else makes up the six. They provide a brief report to the Captain on a daily basis.

The Captain of the Ward manages Lieutenants, the Mayor's Office, Budgeting and Resources.

more coming...