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Galvin Academy
« on: January 17, 2019, 01:33:15 PM »
formerly 'Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals'

Surrounding the property are the Meadowcrest Woods, as though someone with a lot of money purchased a chunk from the city council. Likely they would've had to bribe a few folks in power in order to carve into a protected resource. The woods will protect the academy from curious eyes. Just like a few select buildings around the city, the Academy is protected with 'no harm' runes.

On an elevated hill, a long driveway arcs upwards ending at an open carpark at the top, enough for a hundred and eighty cars. A large and beautifully finished wood and chrome sign is positioned in the centre of a circular garden,  words emblazoning 'Kerr Galvin Academy', though the owner - Ben Samson - has advertised it in the supernatural papers as the 'Kerr Galvin Academy for Supernaturals' and kept off the rest of the name in public for discretion.

Currently, when walking up the wide concrete stairs to the double-door entrance, the main foyer is dressed in redwood flooring and pale blue plaster walls with white trims. From the foyer, the visitor has five options with regards to directions. A wide stone set of stairs three metres in front of the main doors leads to an expansive underground level. A wide, redwood curved set of stairs leads up to the first floor balcony which then leads to the classrooms on the upper floors. Giant doorways to the left, right and ahead (past the underground level stairs) lead to the practical rooms, theory rooms and courtyard and gardens respectively.

Tunnels and rooms underground provide a safe place for vampires to learn, even if it is daylight. White wall panels are fixed with motion detection lighting so that they light up as someone walks the corridors or enters a room. The security control room is down here as well as a number of dorm rooms available to a select few - mostly reserved for newly fledged vampires without sires. Behind some very secure iron doors are holding cells for any werewolves who live in the East District who need to report in during the full moon. At the other end are four small classrooms for more intimate lessons - best suited for student groups up to six people. One of these is a feeding room classroom for young vampires who wish to learn the art of the low-pain bite. The others are not yet in use.

Above the east level are offices for the lecturers - very few of them are in use; every lecturer has their own offce. Above the west level are dormitory rooms that sleep two to a room. All of these rooms or offices have been finished beautifully with redwood parquet floors and inlaid rugs. The furniture is golden oak with silver handles and highlights. The windows are large and open outward from the inside, which means if a winged creature wishes to head out for some flying, they can easily do so from the convenience of their room or office - but if someone shuts and locks the window on them, they have to come in through the front door.

The courtyard is a pretty picture of sculpted gardens and benches positioned around every leafy tree. There is an area to the side with four picnic tables that can seat eight and a few cafe tables scattered in a few nooks near flowering shrubs. Elegant drinking fountains are positioned around the area. Beyond the main courtyard and to the west is a circular lawn enclosed by tall shrubbery that hides an iron fence and gate. The gate can be unlocked, and the lawn area is reserved for classes in witchcraft that require an outside area.

A number of classrooms in various sizes. Most have desks but a few of them are set up like a miniature lecture hall. Every room has a corkboard with a lecturer's syllabus and timetable pinned to it.

Common rooms, recreational areas, a large dining area, a library and reading rooms, a few meeting rooms behind floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and a couple of very large empty rooms that serve as a dojo, function hall or can convert into else is necessary.
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