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Ward Specialists
« on: April 11, 2020, 08:15:55 AM »
Ward Specialists

A broad range of specialist teams are available for Wardens (patrolling Ward officers) to apply for promotion into. Each Specialist team has a Sergeant leading them.

Interrogators come as a pair with one able to mind-read. Usually an older vampire paired with another supernatural who asks questions about the crime they are trying to solve. Interrogators not only ask questions of suspects but also witnesses, and their questioning practices are usually not hostile unless they need the suspect to be emotional.

Formerly Jake McCloud's people, a lot of these folk are Brujah vampires or those aligned with them. It is difficult to enter this group, which is run very much like a gang. They say there is no leader among them but the same few people are looked to for ideas and direction. Rounders are who the Ward call in to resolve supernatural punch ups or low-key battles, to perform raids on suspect homes and to look for supernaturals on the Dangerous Suspects list. They ride around on motorbikes as per patrol and do not wear the Ward uniform.

First Responders Unit (F.R.U.)
Assigned with the human emergency police, these supernaturals can pass for human. Using old District Leader records, mortal emergency callouts (911) to domiciles or places of business marked as supernatural dwellings would attract the F.R.U. instead of mortal police who would be susceptible to hostile supernatural creatures. So far, the F.R.U. division has been working very smoothly and they have been trained up with all kinds of mortal specializations (SWAT, Riot Policing, Sniping and Weaponry) as well as possessing their own species-specific advantages.

Those who can cast protective shields onto things, people or places (as per Venture, etc). Mostly fae, these Specialists don't see much action. They also conjure emprisoning spells to capture hostile suspects.

Those who fly and spy. Anybody with wings and are entrusted not to be filmed/seen flying around can be a Ward Aviator. A lot of the time they're just sitting up somewhere high keeping an eye on things below. They work independently (ie, not as a pair or team)

Environmental Disaster Squad
Elementals who can quench fires, floods or anything threatening a supernatural community. Predominantly fae, they are sent out on demand.
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