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Fort Muna
« on: April 11, 2020, 09:20:16 AM »
Fort Muna

History and Current Use
Once a state-run correctional facility, the prison was closed down and fell into disrepair over the twenty years that it has lain vacant. Recently the Mayor assigned it to the Ward and gave permission for them to redevelop it into a holding facility for supernatural criminals.

Blocks A, B, C and D
There are four clear prison blocks in the prison. Blocks A, B and C have been refurbished and brought to full strength, including magical holding runes and defense spells on the prison outer walls and overhead so nobody can escape.

Block A is for the maximum security criminals - the toughest, most volatile and also most dangerous of criminals. Each cell holds one prisoner. The Wardens on duty here must be powerful.

Block B is for regular supernatural prisoners who refuse to comply with Ward Law. There are four to a cell. The Wardens on duty here are careful with how they handle the prisoners.

Block C is for minimum security prisoners - these are the ones who have committed crimes such as revealing their true nature and then refusing to acknowledge their mistake, or vampires who sire others without permission, or these kinds of crimes. They are given light sentences and education programs to learn how and why keeping supernaturals a secret, and keeping vampire numbers contained, etc, is important.

Block D is still being fixed up.

There are only a handful of prisoners at Fort Muna, transferred over from the human prisons because they were identified as supernatural by those in the know.

Prisoner Clothing and Warded Jewellery
All prisoners are given a thin gold necklace to wear during their incarceration. The necklace absorbs all the supernatural powers that the prisoner has, reverting them to human-like frailty.

If a prisoner is able to transition their form, they are locked into the shifted position they take on when the necklace is placed around their necks. This means demons who have wings cannot shift into their demonic form and take flight, all shifters cannot transition into their more powerful or different forms, fae who have the ability to turn into smoke or other ethereal forms cannot do so. The only shift that the necklace cannot contain is for werewolves, because they shift because of a curse and it is not an ability.

Prisoners are told to look after their necklaces and make sure they don't break (they are strong but if someone tried hard, they could break it), because if the necklace is forced off a prisoner's neck, it will keep the powers that it absorbed and the prisoner would lose all of their abilities permanently.

For example, a vampire who breaks the necklace will remain a vampire and need blood to survive, but they will no longer be able to access any mental abilities (telepathy, telekinesis, mental blocks, etc) or physical enhancements (speed, strength, enhanced vision, hearing, etc). They will be much like a human with vampire weaknesses. They remain immortal, however.

The necklace must be placed voluntarily to work. The arrestee has to agree to have this necklace placed around their necks. However, if they do not give their consent, the Ward's only option is to destroy them. When choosing between death or temporary incarceration, the arrestees have always chosen the latter.

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