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Hang Drum of Sorrow
« on: May 14, 2020, 11:57:22 PM »

Name: Hang Drum of Sorrow

Secondary Names:
Celestial Hang Drum, Hang Drum

In Possession Of:

Created by:
The Seraphim of the Heavenly Plane (Transformed into their current state by the dark ritual that turns fallen angels into dark ones)

Every angel has an affinity for, and bonds with, one type of musical instrument. Once chosen, this instrument is recreated using pure celestial material then gifted to its owner. Once bonded that bond is for eternity, and the instrument becomes infused with power to match the nature of the one they are bound to. These soul bound Celestial Instruments are unbreakable and respond to only those they are bound to, harming anyone else that dares to touch them.

The Celestial Hang Drum is a rare instrument, even on the Heavenly plane and there are few indeed who have been called to it.. Saraekiel fist heard and saw one when it was being played by Uriel. He was instantly captivated and drawn to its unusual, meditative yet eerie sound.

When Saraekiel performed the Dark Ritual to become a Dark Angel, his chosen instrument also transformed into a dark version of itself, it’s tone now portrays an subtle yet unrelenting sorrow for it remembers what it once was, who its owner once was and grieves. If played without purpose by Saraekiel all who hear it (and aren’t protected) are filled and left with a deep and unabating sense of loss and despair for days after.

The Celestial hang Drum is far superior to anything humans have recently created and omits a more rich and complicated sound then anything they could hope to produce. They can also shrink to the size of a grapefruit, allowing Saraekiel to walk through a large crowd affecting a small group or a single individual, playing the instrument with mere brushes of his fingertips as he cups it in his hand, or it can expand to something that would fit Saraekiels lap or onto a large stand, affecting large crowds.

Chaotic neutral

Corrupting Magic: Hypnotises any who hears it, allowing Saraekiel to send people to sleep or leaving them susceptible for him to plant ideas, messages or even programmed orders into their minds,

Competing Magic: Angelic. Blessings
Enhancing Magic: Dark Angel abilities (Saraekiels)
Neutral Magic: Curses, Dark magic