Author Topic: A Hidden Seed of Disorder and Chaos  (Read 6231 times)

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A Hidden Seed of Disorder and Chaos
« on: June 21, 2020, 09:39:21 AM »
Samantha had lost her shit at home. She could not handle this arrangement any longer. The constant watching. Everyone trying to be sneaky while watching from afar, which annoyed her much more than someone hovering above Sam. Even the Academy had become a prison, Sam could wander inside where she pleased, talk to whoever she wanted; but not outside. Being alone outside had been forbidden since the middle of the election. Visiting Ben had alleviated the tension swirling inside Sam for a time, but when Maria, or whoever would come back to pick her up. A heavy frustration washed over Sam, similar to a bird locked in a cage. And that precious bird that had started to rot on the inside, she knew it was out of love, but it was destroying Sam. A terrible maniac had taken her, and all who loved Sam did not want to see harm befall on her ever again. Yet, they did not realize Sam was not the ONLY person in the world who has gotten taken or harmed. She did not speak up when the extra protection had been forced on Sam when she returned. She had thought their grasp on her would have faded, but it did not.

Tonight every came to a head, the little bird had become a rabid dog. Sam had at least been in their private quarters when she eventually exploded with resentment. Love could hurt rather than heal.

After hours of begging and pleading to have one night alone, we all had come to a compromise. Maria would give me a juju charm to protect Sam from harm. She would be allowed one hour before sunrise to do what she pleased. She had packed various items to take with her in a large woven beach satchel. Along with a folding chair, and a blanket. Sam had chosen the beach. The look on their faces could not hide they hated the idea of Sam wandering on the beach in her district. But the waterfront stretched through various beaches, cliffs and caves. Sam could have wandered for a long time before hitting a dead end, and that's what she needed, just to drift endlessly.

Sam had asked Maria to drop her off at Herring Points Cliff close to the lighthouse. Jake and Lisa-Joe did not dare speak when Sam walked out the door bundled up in a royal blue jacket with a high collar meant for the weather near the ocean. It could almost be mistaken for leather to the untrained eye, but it would keep her dry. Sam rather be cold than wet. Plain dark jeans and a pair of black boots, mesmerized as the moonlight danced across the waves. She shoved her hands deep in her pockets and became to walk along the shoreline. Sam did not pay attention, it was like she had shut down to everything else but the moon on the waves.

Sam did not know how far she had roamed on the beach, or for how long, just one foot in front of the other was the goal. Sam did not think or speak. She watched the ocean and just walked along the shoreline. For the first time in months, she had a feeling of calm, no one associated with the White Rabbit watching Sam. She could finally deal with things without them watching, she wanted privacy to act with judgement. The big one being the death of Benny, the first Nosferatu Sam had the pleasure meeting, and the calm that once gripped her during this entire walk became a flurry of chaotic thoughts.

Did I mean that much to you? Or were you following orders? I was his little plaything Benny, and he had too much fun with me to kill me. Why didn't you run?

Sam came to a dead stop. Fists balled up in anger. He was a good vampire, an asshole, but a good vampire overall. She did not bother looking around, emotion and impulse driving her actions. She decided to walk towards the cliffs and find a nice spot to unwrap the blanket. Once she had found a spot Sam snapped the blanket outwards, and it fell into a neat little square on the sand. Next she unfolded the chair but did not sit in it. Sam had this weird idea that Benny would have wanted to sit with her tonight, and having the empty chair there brought an odd comfort to Sam

She sat down beside the beach chair, rummaging through her satchel for her phone before placing the satchel on top of her knees. Choosing a song called Suffocate by Nathan Wagner and promptly let the music run on a volume only a vampire could hear and started to sing in a low adorable voice. Karaoke was something Sam had missed doing.

If I were to gain all of this world
Don't let them take away my soul
Don't want the arrogance, the ignorance, this selfishness I hold
Instant access is a flame that I don’t think I can control
Don't let this ember enter in if I’m not worthy of its load
Don't wanna hurt the ones I love
Don’t wanna let everyone down
I try so hard but I slip up
Lose my grip fall on the ground
The problem ain’t they’re never good
The problems power taints the mind
Don't let this heart turn into stone
Don't let these lights burn me alive...

Samantha held the phone in her right hand, and pulled her knees to her chest, resting her arms and head on the bag; using both as a pillow. Gazing out to the sea, lost and unaware of anything but her own voice and the slapping of the waves against the shore.