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Re: The Departure
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Ben noticed the mention of Kerr's actions were absent, that he was focussing on Cain and that the mortal would like attention from Ben. Such a thing was a given but he didn't make a joke or sarcastic remark over it. He knew what Kerr was really saying; don't push. He'd apologised for pushing, after all.

"So we're leaving. You and me and Cain. For an indeterminate time." Ben thought saying such a thing would make him feel pressure to stay but it was a relief. He could easily imagine missing his home because this city was always going to be his home, but it could bustle and shift and cope without him. It might become something he couldn't recognise, in the end. He'd always wanted to be well-travelled. Why not start now?

"I feel absurdly out of my depth yet excited to get started." He pulled back to smile his eagerness at Kerr, looking young and innocent again for the first time since the very beginning. It didn't hurt that he still looked nineteen.
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