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Re: Jetsetters
« Reply #15 on: July 28, 2020, 03:34:21 AM »
Harm rolled his eyes, having watched Trick's progression through photographing the front half of the plane with great interest. He'd snuck behind him to peer into the cockpit, not wanting to miss out on that, but had otherwise chomped his way merrily through his food, content to watch Trick work as he did. He found his boyfriend's process fascinating - which he thought was a good thing, since he'd signed up to be exposed to it for many upcoming months.

Still, that didn't mean he had to put up with being teased so crassly. Squinting reproachfully at Trick, Harm waved a hand over the mostly-empty plates he'd stacked neatly on the table before himself in lieu of addressing the eating part of his question. "Remind me again why I used to think you were so charming when you use descriptions like 'face hole'?" he demanded drolly, folding his arms across his chest as he gave Trick an imperious expression. "And let me guess," he continued, not allowing Trick too much time to address the charming query, "now you want to photograph the back of the plane and you want me to sprawl across the bed like one of your French boys?!"

He gasped and pointed a finger for effect, as if Trick had said the controversial words himself, but also because he realised that, very soon, Trick really would be able to photograph as many French boys as he liked. The thought was as exciting as it was intimidating because Harm imagined they were all very sexy, with their sexy, sexy French accent and hot French bodies (not that he had one in particular in mind, since he was really still picturing Kate Winslet in Titanic in the first place, but he could work on it!). They would no doubt try to eat Trick up. Good grief what had they done coming to Europe, where everyone was sexy and had an amazing accent?!