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Title: To Wander
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The sun hung directly above her as the hour reached noon, the Green Corn Moon fully under way. To go out and be among the the \'scoundrels\' that Lord William Arquette detested was far more interesting to her than simply staying inside her study all day long, waiting for the lord\'s parents to make their arrival. Lady Isolde decided that there were many other things to be done during the course of the day which her servants were simply too stupid to understand how to do. Without informing her beloved as to where she would be, the Lady left and spent her time wandering the temporary stalls of the market.

Isolde hadn\'t been outside of the home in quite a while, the solitude of spending all day and night alone was simply too appealing while there weren\'t any relatives nearby. But as the tournament picked up speed, so did the wagon which transported the elder Arquettes south from Aberdeen. The knowledge was simply too much for Isolde to bare.

She sighed quietly under her breath as she allowed her glances to bare down into the peasants and merchants peddling their goods with happy faces and excited voices. Apparently it was contagious only among the commoners, as Lady Isolde Cathleen Fiola-Arquette felt her dread for the evening and the morrow deepen instead of lift. The Green Corn Moon meant nothing more to her but watching an elder couple judge and mock her as they have every year of Isolde\'s marriage. So instead of awaiting them, Isolde had taken her personal servant out for the day, a girl with beautiful emerald eyes and blonde hair named Edwina.

"What is it that Lady Arquette would like from the markets on this day?" Edwina asked quietly. To be completely honest, Isolde didn\'t exactly have an idea of what she wanted, an uncommon dilemna for Lady Arquette. Just an escape, she wanted to say, but chose to leave the girl\'s question unanswered. She was dressed to the nines in a beautiful and heavy sand-colored frock, and a matching hat which covered her auburn hair, giving her and extremely sophisticated look. She wasn\'t expecting much from the day, but perhaps she could catch the eye of a merchant and find her escape after all.
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Although Mister Fowler couldn\'t out-rightly say so with his own eyes, this day at the marketplace appeared to be absolutely promising. The trading tables were being flocked around as if gold were being handed out by the bucketful, and the faces of the more higher class people were plentiful. The trip down had certainly been worth it. As he combed through the tight bodied crowds  the tapping of his walking stick stumbled over feet which was quite unpleasant for many villagers who had chosen to wear sandals today; or worse, had show up completely barefoot. Raulin did the best he could to guide his merchant master and prevent him from getting into any sort of negative attention drawing feud, but his efforts were slowly failing him and he finally had to pull Amphelice aside to one of the stalls to prevent further damage.

"Why have we paused our travels? Have you found someone who looks promising, Raul?" The man\'s normally cheerful disposition had long faded him, replaced with the crisp sound of a very bothered Amphelice. They were standing near a fresh produce stall that smelled like it had been fresh weeks ago and despite the obvious toe smashing indications that Amphelice had no idea where he was going, the merchant knew exactly where in the market he was standing. A glimmer of sunlight caught his vision and he followed it, suddenly seeing the vague outline of what looked to be a woman, not too many stalls down the line from where they were standing.

"Who be the lady down yonder?" This time he spoke with much more curiosity than anything else. His perception was was not his best trait, but he had a feeling about this one.

Raul cocked his head to the side, looking the opposite direction from where his master had been pointing. He did an entire scope, and found not a single individual of interest. Except for one.

"Lady Isolde Arquette. You met her father years ago while trading exotic furs; her husband is the nobleman William Arquette."

Even though Raulin was right most of the time and had only made really two major errors in his entire career of servicing as a personal assistant, Amphelice\'s face looked as though he was considering whether or not to trust such facts. But at about that time a light bulb flickered and he did recall his exchanges with Orin Fiola who indeed hadn\'t been much of a friendly man. Yet somehow, being the genius that he so proclaimed himself to be, Amphelice Fowler had convinced a significant figure of gold from that crab. Such memories brought a warm smile to his features.

"Ah, yes, that\'s right. I suppose I should speak to her then, being that we have so many ties between us." At this statement, Raulin didn\'t seem to be paying much attention. Their quest was over; Amphelice had found his challenge. Proceeding through a smaller crowd with more or less the same grace as he had before , Amphelice arrived casually by his subject\'s side, standing hardly an arm\'s length away. He did manage to keep his cane away from the lady\'s feet and instead jabbed Raulin in the side with it which was a gesture that meant Raulin would be carrying it until further use was needed.
"Nice to meet you at long last, Lady Isolde. I have heard so much about you, from more than one sources. Amphelice Fowler," He made eye contact only by intense focus, but the image had been painted.
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She saw the man well before he saw her, thinking little of him until he hobbled towards her only moments later. He invaded her space too easily for Isolde\'s liking, forcing her to take a casual and graceful step back. Edwina, off her shoulder did likewise with the bowing of her head.

Isolde never wondered how these people knew her name, her husband being a man of business. With the air of the gentlewoman that she indeed was, the lady inclined her head and curtsied for the man as all women were expected to do. It almost made her sick to submit to yet another man, but she played her role.

"Sirrah," she said. Her voice was rich and her face held a fake smile which had been pressed into her from the time she was a young child. Women smile to men because no one wants to see a sad woman. She had thanked her mother, curtesied and left Lady Cathleen\'s chambers to go read that day. Now was just another example of good upbringing. "How may I be of service to you, this day, for surely we have never met before?" Her voice edged with a question and her eyes looked as pleasant as possible.

He appeared to be a goodly man, one of some status at the very least. By his garb, she assumed he was a merchant today and a swindler other days. Few merchants looked as good as he did. But of course she refused to look him over more than the initial glance she had offered. For that, Isolde would at least wait for an invitation. Perhaps she would have a better day today than she thought.
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Frustration struck his mind as the woman stepped back, forcing him to lose eye contact and overall become disoriented. Raul was nearby, but he knew there was nothing that could be done now.  He was impressed by her tone, since something about the situation seemed less sunshine and daisies as Isolde was trying to imply by it. She wasn\'t carrying anything in her hands, which meant that she hadn\'t purchased anything. Judging by the lack of conversation between her and the stall owner she was standing in front of before he approached, she hadn\'t been aiming to. The situation licked his fancy.

"You don\'t appear to be shopping," He pointed out in a rather inquisitive matter. He left the comment where it was, stretching out the time before finishing. Amphelice took a step forward, proving that he could indeed be insistent.

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Isolde was stuck now. While Edwina had taken another step backwards, any step that she made now would have been awkward and impolite to the stranger. Her smile cracked a bit before she could put it back up. "Why, sir, I see nothing which fans the fire of my interest as of yet. All these merchants\' wares seem petty to me."

It wasn\'t exactly the truth. Several beautiful pelts of fur had caught her eye and her hand\'s touch as well, and yet she\'d not stopped to purchase them. There was no problem in her mind with spending William\'s money; he certainly did make enough of it to get himself into an unpleasant state of mind each night. In truth, she simply didn\'t know what she was looking for. Most certainly, she was contented with being out of her noble walls for a short while, even if it meant bumping shoulders with the lesser peasants of Oberon\'s protective walls.

But she wanted something she couldn\'t put her finger on. Entertainment, perhaps. Yes... it was entertainment that she wanted. The smile on her lips filled a little bit better.

"If I might be able to find a merchant with wares which are of greater value to a woman as noble as I, than perhaps I would have a purchase or so. Alas, I have none." There was the slightest hint of mischief in her voice which caused her to blush like a maiden.

The man before her was in no way hideous. In fact, he seemed of better nature and appearance than William was on the average day. This, alone, made her wonder about her own infidelities without so much as a blush. And the more time she spent thinking, the less his close proximity began to bother her, even as Edwina begged for her lady\'s attention with a meak voice of reason.  Pace, dear one, she said to herself. \'Tis only noon.
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This was likely one of Amphelice\'s most favored situations; he was heeding the attention of a rich and powerful honey voiced woman who seemed delighted to be conversing. Now he could have been similar to most simple minded merchants who spend their lives droning around day after day in this dung heap so called \'market place\' by pitching his product quite blunty after introductions. It wouldn\'t have looked bad and by the way his potential customer was flexing her voice, it could have been a sure sell. But Amphelice saw a crypted message in her words, which reminded him of some scandalous affairs that were occurring in the Royal Castle.

A detail prodded him that had not crossed his mind before, mostly because his vision hadn\'t registered it and the rest was due to his mind being much too scattered. Why was such an important woman here, all alone save for a single female servant? Any caring husband would likely make sure security was at the least, decent. Even if he wasn\'t concerned from his wife\'s well being, at least he\'d have sent a guard along to assure his reputation was kept solid. A part of him wanted to assume that Lady Isolde had violently murdered her husband and was now on the run and fled to the market which would surely mask her whereabouts, but it was only fanciful thinking. Reality was disinteresting and predictable, and at best the the guards were having something similar to a tea party and had temporarily forgotten to look after her.

"These Merchants are much finer than you credit them. The task he takes on is incredible, searching far and wide to Kingdoms yet to be named, all to bring back goods for the pleasure of the seekers. Alas, most of them are local and I suspect that you are within the company of one of the finer. Like yourself, I find myself only browsing and would be pleased to accompany you as I know most of these men personally and can spot even the dirtiest rat."

It wasn\'t an offer that he\'d allow to be refused. Amphelice had picked his pick, and there would be nothing stopping him from getting what he wanted. If he was lucky, perhaps he would meet her husband. There were no rumors about William that he had ever heard, but the fact that he was a noble compelled him enough.
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"It shall be most welcomed, dear sir." The statement wasn\'t untruthful and a hint of actual pleasure filled her cheeks. Isolde was beginning to enjoy the way this day had finally worked out -- much better than meeting William\'s parents. She bowed out of humbled respect for the man and continued with a faint blush in her cheeks, something that made her seem closer to her actual age than the noble woman she was told to be. "Perhaps then I\'ll not be taken advantage of by these scoundrels of wares. I\'d hate to see my husband\'s good money cheated away by some thieving wares-man."

Isolde turned on her heals, the man at her side. Edwina, who was now facing her lady, had a frightened appearance. It were as if the servant didn\'t trust in Lady Arquette\'s judgment. So Isolde simply ignored her and strolled forward, fully expecting her simple servant to follow without resistance.

What a day! Without drawing too much attention to herself, Lady Arquette smirked at her own thoughts. She was less interested in the wares that were on the tables and counters of the other merchants than she was in the wares of infidelity. Her feet progressed forward and her hands stroked several goods, but her thoughts remained hidden somewhere behind her placid expression. Long ago she had forbidden herself from thinking about sexual intercourse: William hadn\'t touched her in many weeks and she rather preferred it that way. So when the thoughts of another mans hands running over her forbidden skin, it caused her to flush slightly.

If things came to pass as they played themselves out in her mind, there wouldn\'t be much of a problem within the house. She was not inexperienced in this game of love -- many young gentlemen and scoundrel alike had inhabited her bed often, even several times alone. She was more feared in her home than her husband ever was, regardless of her sex. And it was because of this reason that the game she was now stepping into seemed far too simple. She would not be stoned to death, nothing of the sort, as William was too preoccupied with his own civil matters which hardly concerned her. Yes, she found the risk small, but the intercourse refreshing: while William may not have touched her, she did not go untouched.

The company approached a small fruit stand. Isolde glanced down with more interest now, allowing her dainty fingers to run over the luscious peaches before purchasing one for herself with a small flash of silver. Of course the fruit was over-priced, but she wanted to see the merchant\'s reaction to her purchase. Besides this, it wasn\'t important money on which anyone relied. But of course no one would know this. "My, these peaches do look fresh and ready for eating." She turned to the fruit merchant, and with feigned stupidity, she asked "Sirrah, how much for a single dozen?"
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Though the secret language between Amphelice and Raul was well developed, there were some things that couldn\'t be indicated by a simple pinch. The color of Isolde\'s cheeks was among them, and Amphelice would have been blistered to know he had missed such an important piece of information. Through years of interactions and training, the merchant could definitely distinguish between the tone\'s on women. Unlike men who mostly talked in rushed monotones or of long, pointless drawls, women had their own secret codes. Amphelice had been doing this long enough to know when there was more than a casual, friendly ring to a lady\'s words. Even knowing of her obligations and where she had acquired the title of \'Lady\' Isolde, Amphelice\'s attention did not faze. If she was scoundrel enough to act warm with other men, he paused to imagine what other terrible tasks she would be willing to commit. The thought of a wealth greater than his own drove him.

Amphelice hadn\'t noticed that Isolde had moved until his assistant had handed him his cane, and the man followed the woman\'s footsteps as best as he could. Of course there was a slip here and there where he began to wander off in the wrong direction, which was curbed only by the repetitive attempts of Raul to keep his master on course. Despite the struggle, it was hardly noticeable. He\'d learned to walk in such a matter that made it look like he had a fairly bad limp, and any misdirection could be blamed on the blinding pain.

As he arrived at the stall, he hushed Raul from explaining exactly where he was. He\'d counted the footsteps, and he was sure that he knew quite well where he was. As soon as the thick, husky voice of the man behind the desk responded to Isolde\'s question, his guess was affirmed. This was Arthur\'s stall, alright. This was not a pleasant situation at all. His hand wandered around the wooden surface until he found a basket of peaches that he skimmed over gently, picking one up and tossing it back and forth between his left and right hand while in intense thought.

"Excuse me Lady Isolde, but I must intervene. This merchant\'s peaches have been bad for several moons, infested with maggots. If you don\'t mind, Arthur," He said as he cut open the peach with a fingernail, deciding that a demonstration would be best. He located the worm soon thereafter, and a grim look resided on his face. Without saying another word, he whipped out a piece of silver, placing it on the counter without hesitation.

"You have many mouths to feed, Arthur. Best wishes to your wife and daughters,"

Arthur\'s facial expression gave it away. He was a stranger to this sort of generosity- and if anyone was going to be generous, the last who was in his mind was Amphelice. Indeed, this behaviour was all for show. His stingy side had momentarily faded to give the perception that he was of the kinder folk, and if things went according to his desires Isolde would be eating off the palms of his hands.
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Upon sight of the worm deep within the peach\'s center, Edwina had gasped. Isolde, however, was never that vocal about wasted produce. Most certainly the lady was surprised; she had never expected there to actually be something wrong with her hand-selected fruit. Before her eyes could lift in a condescending glare, the merchant put a decent piece of coin down, further astounding the lady.

Coin was nothing that any merchant had to trifle away, and by the look of shock on the poorer merchant\'s oily face, this richer merchant was nothing of a giver. The very notion made her extremely curious about this Amphelice fellow. No one simply gave away money, especially not a merchant whose entire life seemed to be nothing more than a money exchange. But if he were so interested in spending money fruitlessly, something that even Isolde herself had a problem with, than by all means. She would most certainly keep him for the time being, even if he wasn\'t nobility.

It was almost tempting to see exactly how far he would go to please her, a noble. If she had been any less of a person, she would have batted her lashes a bit more and allowed that girlish stupidity to consume her. Alas, she had too much self-respect, as she had often been told by her father and husband, as well as his own parents. Isolde turned to the merchant at her side and spoke with that rich voice that was full of a type of admiration.

"That was a bold touch of generosity made towards thy fellow man, sirrah. My husband, the Lord William Arquette, would appreciate having the friendship of such a selfless fellow, I\'m sure of it. If only you could meet him. Your touch of sincerity has saved me from certain embarrassment, and I only wish there were some way to return the favor." She never meant it to come out the way it had and it made her cheeks flush girlishly again once she attempted to think about what she had just stated. But the merchant would take it his own way, as men often did, so there was no need to protest his reaction. Men were allowed to think how they wanted to.
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William was on his mind still, yes, but Isolde\'s response wasn\'t about her husband at all. Amphelice was less than shocked, though he did hold a certain amount of interest in what power he could wield over the lady. He could, for instance insist a deed that was of an overly friendly nature, which he was sure such a plan would have received positive results. Yet that sort of thing was considered ungentleman like, and though Amphelice himself was exactly the definition of a \'gentleman\' he had a reputation to keep a grip of. If anything were to occur that would make him and the lady\'s relationship a bit more intimate, it would be away from the rotten smelling wooden stands.

His face only crinkled in an ear to ear grin in which a laugh followed; a genuine and whole hearted gesture. "Of what do I look, a fool? To ask of you is beyond what I am worth, and as I said, I am pleased to accompany you." There was no bitterness in his words, only a false humbleness that Raul spotted instantly. The servant rolled his eyes, only because he wasn\'t
paid enough to do this job, yet he could never convince himself to quit. There was an element of charm that Amphelice held which always seemed to convince you to do what he wanted. It appeared to be the same with Lady Isolde.

"The evening is still young, Lady Isolde.  It would be a shame to spend all day in the stalls where the poor linger. Perhaps you would like to take a walk," He now laid out the foundation of his plan, knowing that he would be difficult to refuse.
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A quick glance over at the horizon had informed her that Amphelice was correct: it was only an hour or so past noon and the sun was weighing down upon them something unpleasant. The welcoming east for William\'s parents wouldn\'t be for at least another few hours -- surely this \'gentleman\' could entertain her until she needed to be dressed and prepared to be assaulted by the Arquettes for her lack of children or extreme beauty and wealth.

To them and even to William himself she had never been anything of particular interest, just a wife to marry and a caretaker. The intercourse, both verbal and sexual, was horrid even when they were on good terms with each other. No child bound her to his side and that was the way she preferred it and would keep it for as long as she could. The only thing that the Arquettes, Isolde and William, shared anymore was a surname and a coin pouch. They all wanted her to keep her mouth shut, her eyes down and her legs open for William and William alone. She, on the other hand, had a mind of her own, even if she was discouraged from voicing it alloud.

Where was William now as she wandered the dusty streets with a complete stranger? Still counting the pennies he had spent on ale locked deep in the study of his chambers? Greeting his miserable parents and explaining to them that his darling but useless wife had stepped out for a few hours with nothing but a silly young maiden to protect her. It brought a smirk to her face.

"A marvelous idea, sirrah." But why think on that now when fortunes were willing to change so easily. Here was yet another handsome youth willing to spill his pocket for her own good, even if he was a bit off. "But where, I wonder, would we be going? Sure far enough to escape the throngs of peasants as well as this opressive heat, yet still close enough to allow me to keep my modesty." The smirk was poised and showed a few teeth and a faint tender blush.
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Instinctively he laughed, baring a comfortably intimate gesture, patting the woman on her back. He’d been lucky this time; past events where the same maneuver had been attempted ended up in him missing his target, placing a slap right on the face. Those were the times that were more difficult to wiggle out of. This one, Amphelice was sure, he could handle by himself. He gave one of his many invisible cues to Raul, this one indicating he wanted him to let them be.

But as it seemed, his assistant wasn’t the only person holding him and the fair lady back from having a stroll alone. She had brought an extra hand that didn’t belong to him. The servant girl, Amphelice decided, might be a bit harder to shake away. “Raul, ages have passed since you have interacted with someone of your own status. Thus, catering to master must become grim and tiring. It would seem then, a splendid idea for you and this…young noble servant to look around? Perhaps you could add something to your collection of possessions,”

His hands again reached into the finely sewn fabrics of his pocket to retrieve a coin. He tossed a couple of silver coins at Raul which showed how terrible Amphelice\'s aim was when the coin landed a few feet to the left of the boy\'s feet. While indeed it was out of his spending range for the day and he would scold Raul later for allowing him to spend so much, the sum would keep them entertained for a while, and certainly give Raul motivation to distract the girl well.

Turning back to Isolde, he shrugged with an ease that soon turned to sour concern. “My apologies, Lady Isolde, I didn’t realize that I might be overstepping my authority. She does belong to you; oh, and after all that I said! But you see, my servant Raul, he works very hard and does not have an opportunity like this very often. Alas, it would be charming to allow them to roam around,  while we commence on a bit of a stroll together,yes?"
He knew how to put words together in the same way that a fine baker knew how to throw ingredients together for a lovely cake, aside from the fact that cooking is a learned trait and Amphelice knew these sort of manipulative tricks by birth.

With a pathetic look from the young boy, their act was surely sold. Besides, he’d already set it up in such a way that if she did refuse she’d look impolite and rude…something a lady of her status never wanted to risk. He based his planning on this single assumed fact. This he thought was every rich and royal person\'s weakness; their duty to their family and ranking to keep up a good reputation. At times he wondered if he should feel guilty for behaving in such ways, but before the thought consumed him he was usually distracted by the sight another promising customer. And of course, nothing had ever caught up to him.
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Of course Isolde was in no mood to disagree with the man -- her improper regions were already stirring into action, anticipating the possibility of being used again without William\'s knowing. She wanted to feel like a woman again, not just some drunken noble\'s wife. The friendly and almost-too-forward hand on her back was no form of dissuasion, either, as the gentleman led her into action. Why, it was actually exciting to imagine the odds at having such a promiscuous adventure with someone so... below her!

"Sirrah, I don\'t mind in the slightest. Actually, I think it a wonderful idea." She stopped the pace to turn around and address her handmaiden. The face that greeted her seemed slightly frightened at such company Isolde had chosen to take. And alone no less. "Edwina, dear child, I\'d like for you to go and enjoy yourself today with this nice gentlefellow. You two go well together and are of proper class to court. "

"But madam..." the servant girl began before receiving that stern look from her ladyship. "I would inquire about sending for another servant to accompany you on your courting."

"Nonsense. It would take nearly an hour to summon anyone else from the estate. Your worry, child makes you unattractive to the mancreature. You should learn well to watch that head of yours before it goes off losing itself again in front of a gentleman. No gentleman wants that, after all."

"Yes, madam." Edwina curtsied and retracted herself from the Lady\'s side to join the other servant. With a few last words of goodbyes and stern, ironic warnings, Isolde and the gentleman were alone, walking together in the town market.

"So my good sir, I expect you to lead the way, as the gentlemanly caller. I\'m afraid I know little of the kingdom besides the markets and all their glory or scum.

"Perhaps you may be able to find a better spot where you and I may be able to take a turn about the land, uninterrupted by the peasants and aggrivations of servants and such?" The thoughts the spun just behind the skin on her forehead where wanton enough to make even the oldest of whores blush to her fullest red.
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He was amused at the fact that the fine lady hadn\'t seen much of the kingdom- but it was something that was to be expected. Most considered women to be property, not a valuable asset to a team of merchants that explored the within and beyond the castle walls. He\'d seen so much that it was quite frankly almost endearing that someone was looking to him for guidance when any ordinary peasant would be able to navigate with their eyes closed. For Amphelice, his navigation skills were really quite similar.

"Of course, tis\' my honour," He spoke as he took her hand to guide- though he likely needed more guiding then she ever would. While his eyes scanned for something nearby, he knew that beyond the stalls was a bit of open hilly land that could be traveled, right before you would begin to hit the first of the farm lands. He proceeded towards a direction that led them down the street of the stalls to the very last one, where grass began and the density of the crowd lessened.

 He led Isolde with a careful touch while his other arm still rested with the cane, balancing himself out. His steps were still a bit wobbly and he made a few wrong steps that led to a near-falls, but overall, it was smooth. Of course you couldn\'t say that his problems weren\'t obvious...they were indeed, very clear. But the most one could assume was that he was a cripple with a bad leg.

"Whilst it isn\'t much for looks, once we gain over thy closest hill, not a peasant will dare lay sight on us," He chirped as they approached a hill that appeared to be very large. The stalls began to fade in the distance and the air became rather quite, so to fill in the emptiness Amphelice began to chit chat.

"Quite a husband you have," He remarked slyly. He was trying to determine what the woman would say or wouldn\'t say about William. At best, he retrieved a negative response, perhaps a secret that he could use to blackmail money from the man. At worst, Isolde would say nothing but a nod or a sweet remark like most ladies were expected to do. This one seemed a bit different though- rebellious of sorts. He was sure that she would have plenty to say, if not now, she would later.
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It wasn\'t the farthest distance outside of the marketplace that Isolde had ever travelled unaccompanied, but this distance would most definitely find her or William a spot on their spotless reputations, especially in the company of such a fine young merchant. Still the racing of her heart as she left the marketplace seemed to replace the anxiety of being found. The stench of horse dung, of rotting fruit, of the average unwashed peasant had been wearing her nerves down that she had noticed. Her impatience at leaving the markets behind her, if only temporarily, had allowed the fresh scent of the air, the tall grasses, the distant trees to invade her, to wring about a better sense of being. It was freedom, a freedom to be away from William and his money, his parents\' questions about why her womb was so empty. The freedom to have some other man lay on top of her for pleasure, a man with no expectations or rules. Indeed, Isolde enjoyed the feeling of her sweating skin pressed against another in the false passion of intercourse. Too well, she concluded. This had to be the last time for a while.

The lady had responded naturally, despite her fluttering heart, to any loose words that he had chosen to say, keeping an eye on this stranger. He was young, younger than most men she had chosen to consort with over the years. His looks mattered little to her, though she was realtively pleased at what she had observed thus far. Tall, not terrible to look upon. Though there was that limp of his...

It bothered her more than it should have bothered any one person. He hobbled to and fro and he still maintained a slight black mark on his opinion in her mind. Through her polite front, and straightened eyes, she tried not to notice his stumbling too often, chosing to remain silent as the left the market place.

But her polite, lady-like expression almost broke into her actual feelings as he pressed his question against her. She was no fool; she knew that he was looking for something from her. Isolde\'s politely false smile remained still as she looked at Amphelice. So he wanted to speak about her husband? "As good a husband as any woman could hope for or want." There was nothing to her tone, except, perhaps a touch of boredom. She was hoping to forget William for the time being, but could never be the one to lead the conversation. A bit of idle chatter before her sin was carried out might be worth the expense. "And what, may I ask, have you heard of my Lord William?" Her polite expression cracked to reveal a bit more about her true feelings than she had hoped. Cracked, that is, into a slight smirk.
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It didn’t phase him the least bit to hear such a touch of disinterest from Isolde as she spoke of her husband. He hadn’t been up close to the man to get much of a view, but he’d been told the man wasn’t much of a looker. It all boiled down to what would be convenient to him: and this, by far, seemed quite convenient. If he was able to gain access to the royal estate….

Or perhaps being introduced to Lord Arquette would be promising enough. He didn’t want to push the envelope before it had been asked for, of course, so he just listened to the lady’s confession with a bit of a perky expression as he knew he was going to get exactly what he wanted. This was all becoming a much to easy playing field, and he wondered if there was something she wasn’t telling him.

“A fine nobleman,” His hand traveling the woman’s waist, taking a well calculated risk. They were well out of visible sight by now, and by all measures ‘safe’ .“Yet he bore not enough seed to bring about offspring. Or perhaps it be that his caresses are less than satisfactory..” The suggestion was clear enough, but he wasn’t going to make any moves before he was sure that Isolde was on the same wavelength.

 After all, if she did chose to run off, Amphelice wouldn’t be the one blamed for the incident. It already looked bad enough that she had sent her servant girl off, who was likely informing everyone in walking distance about the lady’s improper conduct. Though, perhaps this hadn’t been the first time Isolde had done such a thing. Amphelice had his suspicions.