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Title: ALTERNATE: Ley Lines
Post by: Saccharin on June 16, 2011, 10:57:12 AM
The closer she\'d gotten to the city, the more she felt that similarly to  the forests she typically retreated to when morning threatened, it was  alive. Not in the same way her forests were, of course, but it was  remarkably similar. Where life flowed in a forest through extensive root  systems, the city too had an underground system that directed the tide  of energy throughout it. That\'s where their similarities ended. The  energy in the city flowed in lines as straight as the tall buildings  that suffocated its horizon from a centralized point. She could pick any  one line that she felt and follow it directly to its source. And she  had.

Her outfit, made freshly clean in a creek near the cabin she\'d taken  over, was the same she\'d worn the last time she\'d been in the city; a  faded black tank top, dark blue jeans with holes starting at the corners  of her rear pockets and socks that covered her feet before she tucked  them into hiking boots. She smelled strongly of soap, but it wouldn\'t be  long before she again smelled of the wilderness. Especially considering  what she was doing, now that she\'d found the origin of the lines.

She took off her socks and boots, leaving her feet bare, and climbed a  tree that dwarfed all those around it. She realized it was the oak in  her dream as she pulled herself onto one of its lower branches, and then  scooted along, her powerfully muscular legs on either side of the limb  and her hands helping propel her forward. When she came to the point  where the tree bent under her weight, she leaned forward and put her ear  to bark, causing her long braid to fall from her shoulder and dangle  down like a black rope.

Anna could hear sap slowly moving its way upward from the roots,  filtering into individual branches, then stems and finally the dark  green leaves of the oak. The tree itself wasn\'t the source. It was just a  tree, magnificent and large as it was. It was beneath the roots where  the energy began, and where it split off into lines that went on and on,  as far as the reservation, many miles away, and then even beyond that.

She closed her eyes and began humming, but the humming quickly developed  into singing. In her native tongue, she sang of her wish that the  spirits continue to protect the trees remaining in the heart of the  city. Even though the spirits had stopped listening to her long ago, she  thought she could hear them stirring in response and opened her eyes.  Then she realized how wrong she\'d been.

Another had been attracted by her song.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on June 16, 2011, 06:25:04 PM
A tall, redheaded vampire was watching her with a look on his face that settled somewhere between disgusted and amazed.  His head was tilted to the right as he stared up at her; she was not too far from the top of his head and... humping a branch (?) while she sang to it, of all things.

His thumbs were hooked into the pockets at the front of his faded blue jeans, his weight resting on his long left leg while his right was thrust outward, brown boots mostly hidden by the slight flare in his jeans.  His upper body was swathed in a tightly-fitted (open at the neck), tucked-in white dress shirt and a black leather jacket, unzipped and with the sides flaring outward slightly, due to the positioning of his hands.  He might have been on his way to meet his date at the movies, for he was dressed nicely enough.

When she opened her eyes and looked at him, he spoke to her.  His words came out slowly, in a staccato fashion, advertising that he was honestly baffled (and possibly talking to someone so touched in the head that if he didn\'t speak slowly, she wouldn\'t understand a fucking thing he said) by the girl - whose scent had not yet carried to him, so he still thought her mortal and therefore interesting.  In a left-of-centre kind of way.

"What... the... fuck... are you... doing?" he queried, his voice raised to account for her human hearing.  And probable retardation.
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Post by: Saccharin on June 16, 2011, 07:59:13 PM
The wind was blowing in her favor, so she could discern the ever-present scent of stolen blood that clung to him just as it clung to her, beneath anything they\'d used to wash themselves. Vampire. Anna sat up, though remained partially hunched due to the low clearance of the branch just above her.

"What am I doing?" she repeated, her dark eyes roving over the man\'s body, taking note of the clothing he wore but lingering on his boots. They were nice boots, good quality. Broken in. It was too bad his feet were as large as they were, or she might insist he let her... borrow them.

"I was singing, now I am speaking to you," she said in a tone that suggested he\'d just requested an answer to a question he shouldn\'t have had to ask.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on June 16, 2011, 08:03:32 PM
The vampire raised en eyebrow, his gaze travelling the length of her, admiring what he could see now she\'d sat up.  Maybe she was drunk, not retarded, but he couldn\'t really tell.  She certainly had an odd way of talking.

"You and that tree going steady, or what?" he mocked, nodding at the trunk not too far from where he stood, his gaze never leaving her.  Mostly, he was looking at where her crotch met the branch now, though, curious to see if she was humping a knot or something... some floral action, would that really make a chick sing?
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"Going... steady?" Her eyebrows lowered and she cocked her head at him, looking much the confused owl on her perch. "The tree is going nowhere," she said, patting the branch she straddled. "It has roots, yes? Not feet." Her bare toes curled as she thought of how it might look if the giant oak uprooted itself and marched itself through the forest, summoning its brethren as it went. Maybe they would go from the city, find a place not so near all the concrete and people. She wouldn\'t blame them.

"You ask stupid questions," she pointed out, her shapely mouth turning downward in a frown.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on June 16, 2011, 08:40:02 PM
"You have got to be motherfuckin\' loony, bitch," the vampire muttered beneath his breath, staring up at the chick in the tree.  This city had thrown him some curveballs, but this bitch about took the cake - and he\'d only had about a minute\'s worth of conversation!  Now he couldn\'t figure out if she was nuts, retarded or some sort of non-English speaker, the way she so literally took his comments.

She spoke English, but it was pretty stilted, so he was seriously entertaining the latter.  Her skin tone and exotic looks weren\'t your typical Caucasian fare, either but... there was plenty of mixing done in this country\'s pot, who the fuck knew what was likely to come out of it?  He decided he\'d explain himself to see which way she fell on the smartness/foreigner scale of things.

"Nooo," he drawled, somewhat mimicking her tone unintentionally.  "I don\'t ask stupid questions, I was being sar-cas-tic.  I meant are you up there rubbing your sweet little snatch on that tree and getting all hot and bothered?" he corrected, pointing at where her crotch was connected to the branch with one hand and doing a little hip thrusting to make his meaning clearer.

Either way, he\'d pretty much decided she wasn\'t worth amusing himself with for much longer, because she didn\'t get his jokes, or rile up the way he intended.  He\'d tried pretty hard this time, and his smirk when he went still again would tell her that he amused himself quite grandly; it was her fault if she wasn\'t arriving at the ball with her tank full and ready to party.
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Post by: Saccharin on June 16, 2011, 09:05:16 PM
She looked down to where he was pointing and then back at him, her face twisted in disgust. Why would anyone ever do that with a tree? If he\'d suggested she go fuck a sheep she might\'ve been a little less repulsed, seeing as how the wooly creatures were at least capable of independent motion. They could run away if they weren\'t interested.

"You call me loony," she said, and then snorted. "And you call me a bitch." She spun herself so both legs were facing the same direction and then slid from the branch to land gracefully in front of the man. "I have a name. I am Ahinawake. Not those things you say," she said, making fists of her hands and resting them on her hips.

The owl had become Wonder Woman.
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Post by: Existentially Odd on June 16, 2011, 09:31:24 PM
If the fact that she was repeating things he\'d said in a voice no mortal would have been able to hear was not enough, the way she moved was certainly an indicator.  By the time she stood before him, the smirk was gone from his face, his head was no longer tilted and his tall body was held far more rigidly.  Nostrils flared to confirm what his gut already told him to be true and he was not motherfucking happy about this.

Female vampires were notoriously bitches, no matter what she said.  The whole lot of... the two or so he\'d actually met.  But both of the ones he could remember in that moment had been basically pre-menstrual the whole time; one bitch had even threatened to end him if he didn\'t step off and get out of her way.  Whore.  And now he\'d managed to stumble on another one while he was making his way quietly around the city, disturbing no-one and keeping himself to himself.  Fucking, his luck!

"Right," he muttered, no longer caring about why she spoke the way she did - she was a fucking vampire, who knew where she\'d come from or how old she was?  He was no good at telling that sort of stuff without getting physical and he wasn\'t about to mess with her just to find out.  Not when he could as easily walk on by and leave her to her tree-humping-singing and guarantee he\'d exist just a little bit longer, with all his body parts intact.

"Well, I\'m... leaving you to it Ahinawake.  Have yourself a good evening!" he told her with false cheer, giving her a little wave and a wide berth as he took a few steps to move past her.  He didn\'t want it to look like he was tucking his tail between his legs and running, but... he didn\'t trust vampires at the best of times and female vampires were unstable.  Especially hip-fisted, singing, tree-humping ones he was willing to bet.
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Post by: Saccharin on June 16, 2011, 09:51:38 PM
Her hands fell to her sides as she turned to follow his progression around her. "A good- Wait. You are leaving? Why?" Given the way he was skirting around her, though, he seemed to be afraid she\'d be in range to do only the spirits knew what. She could tell they were only a decade or two apart in age. Theirs wouldn\'t be an unfair fight.

He must be craven, then.
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Her question gave him pause (and he was worried enough about her jumping him) so he halted, facing her warily.  He didn\'t say anything immediately as he looked at her, his lips a thin slash in his otherwise handsome face.  He certainly looked worried, even if he thought he was looking mysteriously aloof right about then.

"I didn\'t know you were dead.  I thought you were mortal.  I didn\'t mean to offend you."  It was mostly a lie, because he had meant to offend, of course - when he thought she was prey.
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So he asked stupid questions and hadn\'t realized she was a vampire. She did not feel bad for laughing at him, not even a little bit. He was like a fledgling, despite all his years; deaf, blind and dumb.

"Go then. Maybe you will find a mortal in the next tree," she said dismissively, then turned and climbed back to the branch she\'d been on when he first had approached the tree. Instead of stopping there, though, she continued her assent, quickly disappearing from sight.
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He opened his mouth, scowling as he went to argue with her but then he thought better of it once he saw the spritely way she went up that tree.  She moved like liquid and he doubted she was younger than him, to do that.

Counting himself lucky, he moved on.

The next time he encountered the woman he wasn\'t in nearly such a good mood.  It was about two weeks on and he was completely outside the city this time, not expecting to meet anyone but needing it rather badly.  He\'d been searching through the woods for a particular rock wall he\'d climbed when he\'d first arrived, planning on bringing his friend out to watch him scale it expertly (even though he wasn\'t into climbing, his buddy would always obediently watch him do it and tell him what a good job he\'d done).

Thing was, he\'d been searching for two fucking hours and not only had he managed to avoid finding the fucking cliff, but he\'d managed to lose his bike in the process.  Fucking swiss cheese memory.  To top it all off, his phone battery had gone flat and so he couldn\'t even get access to GPS and locate the road he\'d ridden in on.  It was not his most shining hour.

After stumbling around mindlessly in the bushes in his jeans - with a bag of pitons, a hammer and a small high-tensile rope connected to his brown leather belt, banging on his ass with every step - a tight navy blue T-shirt and his usual boots, he was tired, pissed off and trying not to panic that he\'d get caught outdoors in the sunlight.  Dawn was hours away yet, he had time, he just... didn\'t know which way to go.

It was with immense relief that he stumbled upon the little hut, rushing up to the door even as he looked around for a vehicle or a garage nearby.  At the very least, there\'d be a driveway leading to a road that should get him somewhere near his damn bike, so he could get the fuck home and count this is a crisis luckily averted.  Too pleased to have found a sign of potential life and already rehearsing in his head how he could ask anyone in residence for directions, he didn\'t notice the covered-up windows, or the smell of old death lingering in the air as he knocked gratefully.
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She\'d been sitting cross-legged on the small bed in the corner of the one room cabin she\'d acquired some weeks earlier, unraveling the thick braid that she normally kept her hair in. Mid-reach for the plastic brush on the nightstand nearby, she heard the creaking of the old wooden porch  well before the sound of knocking. Her eyes - so dark that it was hard to distinguish pupil from iris - flitted to the door even as she completed the motion to grasp the brush in her hand. She was silent as she unraveled her legs and approached the door.

"Who is it?" she called, at the same time reaching out with a tendril of her mental self to try and establish that for herself. She frowned when she encountered the mind of another vampire (making it too difficult for her to go digging for information like she would in a human\'s mind), and shifted the brush in her hand so she was holding it like a makeshift club. "I have a... weapon," she added menacingly.
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As his mind was touched, he took a physical step back from the door and pushed at the mental fingers, knowing that he was dealing with another vampire.  A female one.  Fuck.  He sniffed tentatively, trying to pick up a scent, noticing belatedly the smell of old blood and earth, leaning down towards the doorknob to sniff again, and see if it was who he thought it was.

Straightening up with a speculative look on his face, he decided that he couldn\'t be sure, unless she opened the door.  Or her \'weapon\' did.  "Congratulations.  I have a problem I\'m hoping you can help me with?" he asked, his voice raising pointedly to hint that he didn\'t give a fuck if she had an army troop and a bazooka in there, he was still more important than she was.
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The door swung open, and she wished it swung outward rather than in, so it would\'ve smacked the man in the face with its metal bits. "You," she said, having confirmed the suspicion she\'d formed while listening to him speak. It was the stupid man from the park. How had he ended up all the way out here?

"What problem?" she demanded, accentuating the words by prodding him twice in his stomach with the head of her brush.
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His jaw clenched and he glared down at the object she was poking him with, resisting the urge to snatch it and snap it.  She didn\'t seem nearly as loony tonight, but maybe it was just the lack of wood between her legs.

"I\'m lost," he said abruptly, settling for holding his hand before his stomach like a shield, preferring she prod that, if she felt she was going to accomplish something with the action.  His gaze ran the length of her, finding her quite tall but twice as annoying as she was high, and he noticed she was wearing the same clothes she\'d gone tree-humping in.  Did she not have any other clothes?

He refrained from mentioning it on the grounds that he needed information from her and couldn\'t afford to antagonise her holy proddingness.  "I was hoping you could point me towards the road?  I can\'t find where I parked my bike."  Butter wouldn\'t have melted in his mouth, he asked so sweetly, even adding a smile that flashed his dimples for the charm effect.
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She watched him intently, looking for any signs of deception. Finding none (though the sugary smile almost made her reconsider), she lowered the brush and thought for a moment.

Anna typically traveled through the forest, using old deer trails and dried up creek beds, along with the usual array of boulders, gnarled trees and other landmarks to judge where she was in relation to the cabin. By road, he probably meant the one cars traveled on, but that was several miles out, and it might not even be the part of the road he was looking for. Then, if he was going to follow the road to wherever he needed to go - rather than cutting straight to it - he would have the sun to contend with.

"You are far from the road," she said, waving in its general direction with her free hand. "Do you live in the city? Maybe you should run home instead."
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He frowned as he watched her arm flick one way, seeing nothing but trees in that direction - not the driveway he\'d hoped for.  Come to think of it, there hadn\'t been a garage or another building, either.  Her mentioning him running home had it echoing in his blood again just how close the sunrise was getting, but once again he squashed it down.

If he was panicking, he wouldn\'t be able to act, and if he couldn\'t act he\'d fucking die and there was no way he was going out like that after all this time.  His tongue snaked out to wet his lips as he turned his frown back to her, inadvertently showing that he was concerned but doing his best to keep it together.

"I live in the suburbs.  Northeast of the city.  How far away is it?  Have you run it?  How long\'d it take?" he queried, his jutting out as he referenced her, thinking that his speed would likely match her own because she didn\'t smell too much older or younger, as far as he could tell.  She could give him a rough guide.
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She shook her head. "I\'ve only been to the place you saw me," she admitted, taking a step to the side so she could lean her shoulder into the door frame, her bare foot kicked back to keep the door from swinging shut on her. "Even if I could tell you how long it takes, how will I tell you how to get there when I have never been? You will get lost again." Anna didn\'t have the graciousness to phrase it as a possibility. She knew he would get lost. It\'s why he was there, wasn\'t it?

Her lips twisted as she tried to think of other options, and she sighed as she realized that perhaps the most distasteful of them all was the only real solution. "You could stay," she said, crossing her arms over her chest. "I can help you find your bike after the sun has gone down."
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He opened his mouth to argue, to tell her that he wasn\'t useless, he could find what he was looking for, damnit... but his lips fell closed and pressed together instead.  He had no argument in this case, she was right.  He was here because he\'d got his ass lost and she didn\'t go into the city enough to tell him where to go.

There was no fucking point arguing, if he wanted to live, he\'d have to spend the day in this cabin with her.

"Thank you," he told her begrudgingly, noting the crossed arms and figuring she was no happier about the situation than he was.  That offended him, really; what the fuck had he done to her?  She was the one who\'d poked him with a brush and stayed up a tree so he couldn\'t know she was kindred and therefore able to hear the insults he was muttering to himself.  It wasn\'t his fault she was a deceptive bitch!

"What was your name again?"  He spoke like a child subdued by an irate parent, reluctantly being civil because the situation forced it upon him, not because he was genuinely feeling it.
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"Ahinawake, but you can call me Anna if it is easier." She pushed herself off the door and took several steps into the cabin so the man could get by her.

He ducked through the door and suddenly the already small room seemed even smaller. He was a very large man, and she wasn\'t exactly a petite waif herself, so she retreated to her bed to sit cross-legged upon it once again.

Still watching him, she pulled her hair over her shoulder and started running the brush through the strands made wavy by the braid she\'d had it in.

Across from the bed on the farthest side of the cabin was a fireplace. The space in between had only a few pieces of furniture: two chairs and a table, a wash basin (with a bar of soap on its edge), and the nightstand next to her bed. The wooden walls were bare save for one framed picture of a mountainous landscape. Her boots were tucked under her bed, socks stuffed inside, and on the table was a freshly woven basket, pieces of what looked like dried reed scattered around it. Hung on one of the chairs was a leather satchel, worn buttery soft with age.

Other than those few things, the cabin was empty. She had no other belongings.

"What\'s your name?" she asked, pausing in the rhythmic motions of brushing her hair to rest her forearms lightly on her thighs, her hands dangling in the space above her crossed ankles.
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"Anna," he repeated quietly, looking around the cabin and likening it to a coffin.  He liked coffins, but ones where he could stand up were preferable and the ceiling of this place was a little too low for his liking - not that he couldn\'t stand upright, it was just that when he did, his waxed-up hair brushed the ceiling and made a very aggravating soft, sweeping noise.

He strode over to the table as her question registered and he smirked, beginning to remove his equipment from his belt and place it on the table, waiting til the jingles had stopped before he answered.  "You can call me Indie... Anna," he grinned cockily, finding the combination of their names into basically what his name was, amusing.  "Weren\'t we just meant to come together?"
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She wrinkled her nose, her upper lip snarling up slightly. The only other Indiana she knew of was yet another state that\'d been carved out of "Indian Territory". It\'d probably been named by some half-witted white man who thought it hugely amusing to make a joke at the expense of the people they\'d pushed off their own lands. She would call him Indie, because that was the portion of his name that did not have hers in it, nor would it remind her of yet another group of people that had met the same fate as hers.

"You lost your bike and lost your way because you do not know the forest," she pointed out, not thinking it had anything to do with destiny and everything to do with a babe being set free to wander about in lands he wasn\'t familiar with. "Why were you here, anyway?"
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"Actually, it\'s just a name made up by a guy I knew once.  I don\'t give a shit what you call me," he announced conversationally, seeing that she was getting a little stroppy about the name he\'d been granted.  He toed his boots off and then strode over to the bed she was sitting on, presumptuously laying himself down with one hand behind his head and the other on his stomach.

"I was looking for this cliff I climbed once... couldn\'t seem to find it again tonight, though."  he frowned thoughtfully at the ceiling, trying to figure out where he\'d gone wrong in that.
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She scooted away from him so her legs weren\'t pressed into him, but he took up most the space the bed had to offer, leaving her scrunched up in the corner with the wall biting uncomfortably into her back. Then she remembered it was her bed he\'d just invaded and she smacked at his shoulder with her brush.

"I didn\'t say you could come up here," she reminded him, and then pointed to the table and chairs just across the way. "You can sit there." She pointed to the floor. "And you will sleep there."
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He raised his eyebrows at her.  Very deliberately, he then lifted his head and peered beyond his feet - which were now comfortably crossed at the ankle - at the table and chairs she indicated, before his head dropped back down and he stared up at her.

"No.  I will not," he laughed.  "I\'m your guest, not your dog, and we can share the bed.  I\'ll keep my hands to myself, if you like," he suggested, his gaze travelling down her body to contemplate her breasts as a serious proposition that he was foregoing.
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"You are my guest," she agreed. "But you do not make the rules." Anna punctuated her declaration by pushing his side with her hands, her brush falling to the wayside. When she couldn\'t budge him, she pressed her back into the wall and then shoved at him with her feet, hoping to dislodge him from the bed and send him tumbling to the place he would be sleeping if he wished to remain in her cabin.
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"Why can\'t I sleep here?  I won\'t bite you," he argued, making a swift grab for her feet and attempting to yank them downward, so that she slid along the covers and ended up on her back.  If his manoeuvre was successful, she would also find herself staring up at him looming over her, hands either side of her head.
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Before she could give her feet a good shaking to dislodge his hands, she was being dragged down onto the mattress. She tried to grab hold of something, anything to keep herself upright, but all she managed to do was to make a mess of the comforter and sheets beneath it. She stared up at him, her eyes wide and her mouth ajar. For a moment she remained still, shocked by her sudden predicament, but it didn\'t take her long to set into motion again.

"It\'s my bed!" she exclaimed, and with no small amount of effort, she got her arms up and pressed her flattened hands into his chest, trying to lever him up and off her. "Why would you bite me anyway? That\'s stupid."
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"It\'s a saying, where have you been for the last century?" he told her scornfully, doing his best to pin her legs down with his (he was afraid of what sort of damage she\'d be able to do with her knees if he left her free), managing to resist her pushing... just.  He was getting a feel for how strong she actually was, and realising that they were pretty evenly matched.
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"Reservation," she grunted, rocking her bottom half to the side so she could work on wiggling at least one of her legs free. If he spread his stance to try and pin both her legs down, he\'d find a knee in the space he\'d exposed. One of the hands that\'d been on his chest fell back at the same time, and then came flying back at him swiftly, the heel of her palm aiming right for his chin. If she\'d been at a better angle, she would\'ve made it a fist, but she did what she could.

  Anna knew somewhere in the back of her head that if she stopped fighting, he\'d likely let her go, but it wouldn\'t do to let the buffoon get it into his head that he\'d bested her fairly instead of letting him win.
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He was distracted by thinking about the fact she was fresh off a reservation and how that explained her general ignorance towards everyday slang - not to mention her freaky way of talking and nature-loving bit, he supposed - focussing mainly on what their legs were doing because the last thing he wanted was a kick in the balls, when she landed one on his jaw.

"Ah, motherfucker!" he yelled, his head rocking to the side and a white flare of pain he was unused to seeing temporarily blinding him.  When the stab of her thump echoing down his jaw stopped, he tested it gingerly, pleased to find it wasn\'t broken when he cautiously jagged it from side to side.

Of course, in his sudden preoccupation with the pain in his head, he\'d failed to notice that his stillness had afforded Anna a slight advantage.
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Now he was accusing her of fucking her mother? She snarled and scissored her legs, simultaneously throwing her weight upward - not caring if her forehead smashed into his face. He recoiled from her and the next thing she knew, they were falling and it was only good fortune that had his back on the floor and her atop him.

She righted herself and threw a leg over him to straddle his abdomen, then tried to pin his hands above his head by the wrists. Her long hair, which she\'d so meticulously brushed out only moments earlier, was in hopeless disarray and her cheeks puffed out as she tried to blow it out of her face. When she could see again, she frowned at him. "You will sleep here," she stubbornly insisted.
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He\'d bumped and scraped his body on the edge of the bed and on her a few times on the way down; he\'d landed heavily on the floor and smacked the back of his head too... but he laughed at her when she told him he would sleep on the floor.  Her position atop him put an all-new perspective on things and though he could probably have hoisted his legs up and kneed her in the back or used them to lever him into a better position, for the time being he was happy to have his stockinged feet on the floor and just lay beneath her.

She was grappling at his wrists, trying to pin them down above his head and at first he was pushing against her, attempting to get them to her waist - he was winning, too, slow inch by slower inch, proving he had a slight strength advantage over her - but when he realised what she wanted, he gave up and just went with it.  In one swift move, reversing his grip a little so that he almost pulled her hands down with his, wanting to lower her down and bring her face closer to his in the process.

"Well, alright then, darlin\', but only if you stay right here with me.  Maybe move... a little... lower," he grunted, attempting to buck and slide her down so that she would be sitting more squarely on his crotch.  "We... haven\'t got long... \'til dawn... but I can work miracles," he assured her through a cocky grin and attempted to kiss her.
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As quick as a cat shown a bathtub, she released his wrists and scrambled off him. His lips had brushed hers, and she wiped at them with the back of her hand, her eyes narrowed.

In her anger, she couldn\'t think of the proper English words to express how she truly felt about the actions he\'d just taken, so in her native tongue, she told him how his mother should\'ve left him in the river to drown, or at the very least, exposed on a rock so the buzzards could carry him off and eat his tiny, stupid face off.

She stamped her bare foot and pointed to the floor again, then at the door. If he didn\'t stay there and behave, then she was going to throw him out and leave him there for the sun to do what his mother should\'ve.
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"You know, I had one of them once," he told her insolently, when her tirade in her language continued unabated.  "The wheels fell off."  He looked at the floor when she stamped on it, then at the door when she pointed at it.

"Alright, alright.  On the floor.  I got it," he muttered, conceding her point.  Then, with casual aplomb, he leaned back and reached over his head and behind himself, grabbed hold of the mattress and dragged it off the bed and half on top of himself, mostly onto the floor.  He then commando rolled onto it and lay on his back with his hands behind his head once more.
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She set her jaw as she watched him do exactly as she\'d asked him. He was still on the floor. Defeated, she threw her hands in the air and shook her head.

"Fine," she said, and moved toward what remained of the bed, deliberately stepping on Indie (she made sure her heel landed first) before throwing herself onto the box springs. It creaked its complaint as she rolled onto her side, and then back over to jerk at a blanket that\'d ended up underneath the mattress Indie had commandeered.
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He made a sound quite similar to the noise a dying bird would make as she stepped on him - for effect, mostly, she wasn\'t heavy despite trying to hurt him - and watched to see what she would do next.  He chuckled when she snatched at the blanket, letting it go and seeing that he now had the chance to pull the mattress down onto the floor and arrange it properly, rather than just getting it down as haphazardly and quickly as he was able.

"You\'re a stubborn woman," he told her conversationally as he stood up to get his bed sorted.  Once it was done, he pulled his singlet over his head and dropped it negligently on the minimal amount of floor space that was left, before his hand fell to his belt and pants, unbuckling both and preparing to leave him just wearing his block boxer briefs.  "There\'s no reason we can\'t share this bed civilly.  I even promised I\'d keep my hands to myself," he pointed out, managing to sound affronted and indignant.
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She watched him closely as he started removing his clothing and couldn\'t help but to admire what he revealed, despite her distaste for the man. How was it someone like him wasn\'t covered in warts, disfiguring his body so it reflected the spirit inside? The broad expanse of his chest that rippled so fascinatingly as he shifted to take off his pants was entirely free of blemishes as far as she could tell. It made no sense. He should be a little lump of a man, not this tall, beautifully sculpted-

Her eyes lifted to his as he spoke, and she snorted dismissively. "Like you kept your hands to yourself before," she retorted, tugging the blanket up around herself. No, she would stay where she was.
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He noticed her looking and although he didn\'t say anything about it, he found it necessary to twist and flex his torso in order to inspect the bumps and scrapes the unforgiving bed frame might have inflicted upon his person as she\'d dragged him down off it just then, his biceps hardening and his abdominals tensing as he tried in vain to inspect the back of him.

With a slight shrug, he then appeared to give it up as a pointless task and looked at her disdainfully, his large hands curled around his slim hips.  "You started it, my little choking vine, you!" he told her sternly.  "If you hadn\'t got all proddy with your feet, I wouldn\'t have had to defend myself!  And I\'ll tell you something else for nothing - if you were forced to take shelter in my house, I would never demand you sleep on the floor, I\'d look after you, make sure you were comfortable!  You\'re obviously not used to being with people and I, for one, think you could do with some lessons!," he announced pompously, giving her solo position on the uncomfortable bed a pointed look.
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While Indie savored the sound of his own voice, Anna reached down to nab a pillow that\'d fallen to the floor with the rest of her covers. She rolled onto her stomach and stuffed it under her chest, resting her cheek onto the bit that peeked out from underneath her.

"I would not get lost before the sun came out," she corrected. "So I would not need shelter in the first place." He was right, though... she wasn\'t used to people anymore. The lifestyle she\'d maintained after finding her clan again hadn\'t exactly been one that allowed her much social interaction. Maybe that was why she didn\'t know how to handle an insufferable giant in her home demanding to sleep in her bed.

"And what lessons?" she asked sourly. "You\'re not on the floor anymore."
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"Well... how about this," he glanced down at the mattress at his feet.  "Why don\'t we try to get along?  I\'ll put the mattress back on the bed and we can share?"  He raised his eyebrows at her encouragingly.
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She glanced at the mattress, her lips pursed. If she wasn\'t sleeping on what amounted to a box filled with metal springs that pressed painfully into her bony bits every time she shifted around, then she might actually get a good day\'s worth of rest.

"Fine," she relented, "but you stay on your side and keep your hands to yourself." Wrapping her patchwork quilt around her shoulders, she stood and then took a couple steps away, giving Indie room to return the mattress to its proper place.
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"Same goes for you," he quipped, looking pointedly at her hands upon the blanket.  It wasn\'t clear whether he was implying she\'d think he was irresistible and start molesting him when he got close to her or she\'d continue punching into him, and he preferred it that way.  Let her keep guessing.

He picked the mattress up and positioned it back on the bed, smoothing and re-tucking the sheets that had been sent awry by their wrestle and his mattress-snatch, sweeping a hand across the smooth material surface before straightening up and looking at it with a proud smile, fists on his hips.  It didn\'t bother him that she\'d simply stood there and watched; it was his job to reassemble everything.

After he\'d sought the pillows and positioned them at the head of the bed, he lay down on his back once more, legs crossed at the ankles and hands behind his head in a manner that appeared confident, but he was watching her closely this time.  If she so much as flinched in his direction he\'d be sitting up and protecting his vulnerable parts - in fact, he somewhat regretted stripping down to his underwear, for not only could she read just about every vein in his cock through the soft black material, it afforded him no protection from her fists and knees whatsoever.  At least the denim would\'ve absorbed a little pain for him.

"There we go!" he announced with satisfaction, pretending not to mind that his feet were dangling over the end of the modestly-made two person bed.  He anticipated that he might have to curl up and get a little closer to her side in order to be comfortable once it was actually time to sleep, but he wasn\'t about to venture there until entirely necessary.  He turned his head and looked innocently across his bicep at her, smiling so his dimples showed and he looked friendly.

"So.  Tell me about this reservation and why it\'s stopped you acting like a rational person," he invited brightly.
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The quilt she held fell to the floor when she released it so she could unbutton her jeans. As she pushed them down, she revealed she had much the same taste in underwear as Indie, as she wore the female equivalent of boxer briefs (they were even the same color, though hers revealed far more skin than his). After kicking her pants off, she retrieved her blanket and  crawled into the space on the bed that remained. She flipped onto her side and stuffed a pillow under her head, facing Indie so she could look at him as they talked.

"What do you mean, rational?" she asked, pulling at the bottom of her tank top because it\'d inched up past her stomach as she\'d situated herself.
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Needless to say, his gaze hadn\'t made it back to her eyes by the time she asked her question.  He was surprised - fuck, he was impressed - that she took her pants off, considering she seemed so worried about him not keeping his hands to himself; exposing long, smooth, coffee-coloured legs, a flat, muscled tummy he could drag his tongue across for hours and a tight, round ass he wanted to bite was not the best way to encourage him to do it, either.

He was sad when she attempted to cover herself up but it did remind him that she\'d spoken.  Something about rational.  Fucked if he could remember what, though.  He looked up into her dark eyes.  "I\'ve never wanted to be a tree so much in my whole life as I do right now," he told her with deep, intense passion.
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She hadn\'t thought anything of taking off her pants, except that they were made of too rough of a material to sleep comfortably in. If he couldn\'t handle seeing a bit of exposed skin, then that was on him. She didn\'t feel it was her responsibility to remain covered up and hidden from sight, it was up to him to control his urges - to keep his hands off (unless, of course, she said otherwise). So far, though, all he was doing was looking, and that didn\'t bother her in the slightest. After all, she\'d done a fair share of admiring when he\'d first stripped down to his boxers.

"You want to be a tree?" she asked, confusion clouding her eyes until she recalled what he\'d accused her of when he\'d spied her straddling a branch. "Wouldn\'t it be better to be a man and have my legs around you?"

She was smirking.
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He didn\'t trust that she was making an offer and although he felt it was very cruel to tease someone in the emotional state he was in (getting lost and facing death had rattled him. Badly), he couldn\'t help but play along, just a little.  His gaze slid lazily down her reclining form to admire said legs and he imagined them wrapped around him.

It occurred to him that he hadn\'t fucked a vampire in a very long time and considering this one just about matched him in strength, it was a proposition that he would delight in.  He wouldn\'t have to be gentle and she could fight him as hard as she wanted... by the time he looked back into her eyes, his own were glittering with burgeoning lust.  He rolled onto his side, drawing his knees up a little so his feet weren\'t hanging off the end, and rested his face on the hand he had tucked up beneath him.

"You\'re right.  Could we start with them wrapped around my head?  I think I\'d like to bury my face inside your slit for a while, put my tongue to some use.  I haven\'t tasted... anyone like you," he considered, not recalling recently encountering a) a female vampire, b) a native American female vampire or c) a native American female vampire fresh off the reservation and having no decent knowledge of the world.  "And I don\'t need to come up for air," he grinned encouragingly, dimples flashing cutely.