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OOC Chat / Oh wow! It's so pretty!
« on: July 06, 2013, 05:05:44 AM »
The site, that is! It's been forever since I've come around, and goodness! It's beautiful and you guys have been doing great things with this place.

And I severely miss this place. I need to reacquaint myself with everything.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 06, 2013, 04:59:17 AM »
Perhaps leaving in a huff had not been one of his most tactically sound decisions, but he needed the air, needed the distance, to cool the heat of his nerves, further jangled by his deep seated anger and Lam pushing it away, dismissing it.  Kysis took a deep breath outside of the door, trying to center himself, gain his balance. He had stood too quickly. His stitches were well enough they had not been further pulled, but if he continued storming out of places, that would not likely remain true.

Now that he was out of there, and in such a hasty fashion, he could not just stand there, or for that matter, just go back inside.  He had never been the type to apologize, less so when he believed himself to be right-- which he was.  Kysis turned his gaze on the stairs.  As he suspected, they seemed to go on for an eternity, a dark, dangerous menace just waiting for him to attempt it alone.

He had survived worse to escape his captors.  This was trivial.

Kysis leaned carefully against his wall, making sure his weight was firmly between his shoulder and that solid surface.  Slowly, he started down the steps, only stretching down his left food, opposite from his injury.  It was an excruciating process, but one he was glad he was making now rather than in the middle of the night when there were no lights and no one awake to hear if he took a tumble.  Yes, the circumstance of his sudden descent were less than savory, but he was determined to go.

Once safely down the stairs, he was again at a severe loss for what he should do.  Part of him said that he should just go back up the stairs, back into the room, and give some form of apology for being stubborn.  The indignant part told him to find something to occupy him down here.  There was that full bandaging kit Lam had brought down, and he had yet to put the soft linens over his stitches.  The salve was up the stairs...

Kysis went immediately into the kitchen, not a thought passing through his mind about the bareness of his chest or the profusion of scarring. "Αλεξανδρή, όπου οι επίδεσμοι?"  Immediately, Alex jumped to, hurrying to get the bag of supplies.  Kysis thanked him, taking the bag.  He was heading back into the main room when he heard the door up the stairs open, and he let a shaky breath out. His temper had receded, leaving him feeling cold, trembling, though he attempted to cover it to the best of his ability.  Today had been entirely too much, his senses and mind assaulted from all sides.  Kysis leaned against the closest wall, taking a moment to rest, knowing that soon, he would likely have to explain himself, or at least divert the topic until later, both of which sounded more mentally exhausting than he was certain he could deal with.

((I doubt you want to continue this, but I really felt like writing as Kysis again, so if you ignore this, cool, if you don't, cool. Don't feel obligated))

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: August 22, 2011, 12:42:56 AM »
Kysis stood, unflinching, as Lam laid out her accusations, as she distributed the blame.  His lips were pressed into a firm, hard line.  He watched her with narrowed eyes, though only one was seeing.  Either way, it was still a harsh gaze.

He was not wearing his signet ring and he could feel it right now.  He had allowed his homeland to be conquered.  He had failed as the Lord Liari.  If he had not gone at all, he deserved no better than a coward and deserter\'s death in the barren wastes to the east of his pillaged homeland.

What did Matthew do?

Kysis was not willing to discuss anymore.  He had just wanted to be welcomed into a warm and ready home.  Rather than staying, Kysis pivoted on his heel, walking sharply for the door.  He went out, slamming it behind him.

He\'d sleep downstairs.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: August 21, 2011, 12:49:39 AM »
He opened his mouth to argue, but it snapped shut again when she suggested that nothing was Matthew\'s fault.  His jaw tightened, strung tight like a harp string on the verge of snapping.  His eyes were narrowed, watching the corner of the bed rather than Lam and his baby.

What would he say?  Would she even understand?  Or want to?

Kysis took a long, seething breath, nostrils flaring.  He closed his eyes for a moment, counting each and every one as it slipped away.

The return home should not have been like this.

"If he hadn\'t left, Rico might still be alive.  If he hadn\'t left, you wouldn\'t have..." His voice cracked.  He could not say it.   He could barely even think it.  He wanted to take Pandora away from her, hold her, keep her safe.

But she was better now, right?  Whatever had finally brought her out of that black hole was a blessing.  He did not know what he would have done if he came home to find his daughter dead.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 25, 2011, 01:18:20 AM »
Kysis froze.  For a moment, it felt as though his heart stopped.  He stared blankly out into the room, gaze focusing on nothing, not willing to focus.  The thought of Pandora dying-- not just dying, but having her light extinguished by her own mother-- made him go still, made him feel empty and pitted, left as a husk to dry in the sun and wither away.

He could not look at Lam, not right now.  He sat there, like a statue, brain racing from one feverish thought to the next.  The information was not soaking in, staying like rain atop a wax sealed cloak.  He tried to understand.  What kind of emotions would drive someone to murder their own flesh and blood?  The only thing they have left of someone they hold beloved and have lost?

There was a place that desperate in everyone.  When the Ottomans had kept him shackled in his cell, before he was so weak they did not even bother to chain him, he had considered desperate acts which his mind would never entertain otherwise.

All of this thinking came back to a single place, though, a single point of contention.

"Matthew never should have left the camp." Kysis\' voice was a low, seething hiss, barely above a whisper, not allowed to rise higher by his clenched jaw.  His eyes narrowed, though they still held no true focus.  His lips were pulled into a thin-lipped frown, scar running down from his lip taut, uncomfortably so, not that he noticed.

The information, the thought of Lam trying to kill Pandora, was still sitting on the surface, unwilling to go deeper.  He could not wrap his head around it right now.  Anger at the circumstances that led up to such a horrific act were easier to process right now.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 21, 2011, 03:37:12 AM »
Kysis helped as much as he could, rolling up the sleeves of is tunic to make sure they did not get sopping wet, doing what he could with the washcloth.  For so long, he had fought to desensitize himself to everything.  In Kreos, he had to.  This, however, was not something to desensitize himself to.  This was his family.  If he blocked his family out, what would have been the point of racing back at his own peril?

With some help, Kysis made his way up the stairs.  He was nervous about it.  What happened if he needed the outhouse in the middle of the night?  The thought of staring down that long stretch of staircase was nearly dizzying, but he did not speak it.

It seemed Lam was determined to have a normal family again, and for that, he was thankful.

Kysis moved to his tall dresser of clothing, taking slow care with unlacing his tunic and removing it, trying not to move his torso.  The stitches were much drier now, and every little thing seemed to tug at his skin.  He moved to sit on the edge of the bed to get out of his pants and socks, putting on a pair of sleeping pants now, to make sure he could don them on his own, in case he did have to wander out into the dark manor on his own.

That done, he folded the clothing he had been wearing, putting it down by the door, to be dealt with later.  He just dropped the stack, really, as he did not want to bend at this point.

What could he say?  Kysis circled to his side of the bed, not sitting quiet yet. "She has grown up so much..." He knew she had a long, long way to go, and yet, she was already so different than he remembered her.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 20, 2011, 08:09:47 AM »
Kysis paid attention to the conversation, the way everyone put forth effort to keep Pandora entertained throughout the meal.  It seemed orchestrated, practiced, performed countless times.  Kysis had no idea what to contribute, so he remained silent, concentrating on his food through it all.

Though Kysis tried at first, he could not finish his meal, pushing away about half of the bowl.  He was still not used to eating a great amount of food, and had lost some weight, as was evident from his bath, though it was not too much, his body proving resilient, despite it all.  Kysis had been trying to increase his meals in measures, though he had only been partially successful.

He saw the look Lily gave him, but did nothing to correct her thought.  The food was edible, yes, but at the same time, he was slightly disappointed.  He wanted a taste of home, and the thing he feared was that he would never get it again.

Soon enough, everyone was up and moving again, Alex and Lily and Lam all moving like a well synchronized routine.  Kysis watched, remaining seated.  A small spark of fear touched him, Kysis moving just enough to know he would need help getting up.

Lam caught his attention, Kysis listening, taking it all in.  Then there were the snickers.  What was going on.  Kysis grabbed the arms of the chair he was in, bracing himself, counting to three under his breath.

Before he could do any damage, Alex was there, helping him up.  It was humiliating, to say the least.  Kysis blinked away the water suddenly forming in his eyes, turning his attention back to Pandora, laying there, looking sweet as she did.

Kysis had no idea where to start.  After a moment of looking helplessly at Pandora, Alex stepped in, showing him what to do one step at a time, Kysis following in suit and actually doing the task.

And then the "napkin" was revealed, the smell was revealed, and Kysis was forced to turn his head, holding his breath.  It was shocking that such an angelic little girl could produce something that putrid.

Alex, still feeling guilty about what he said about his lord a moment ago, whisked away the laden napkin, hurrying out of the room with it, thankfully.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 19, 2011, 01:22:18 AM »
Kysis gave the little spoon over to Lam, if a bit reluctantly.  He had not been a part of his own daughter\'s life until now, and suddenly, control was taken from him again.  Kysis sat quietly, watching them, lips pressed into a thin line.  Lam would not let him hold the girl as it was likely to tear his stitches, but this did not get in the way of his healing process.

Food was placed above him, the smell calling to his stomach, despite everything.  And then Alex offered him a glass of wine, which Kysis agreed to, if quietly.  This was the first meal he had shared with his wife and daughter, the first meal with his wife in a long time.  Something so mundane seemed so strange now.

Kysis took to eating, slowly, feeling the slightest pang.  He could tell that lamb was used, and it was supposed to be flavor-filled, he was certain, and yet... Kysis closed his eyes, taking a shaky breath.  He could not think about how Rico would have made it better, how Matthew had...

Kysis let out that breath, taking another bite, chewing slowly.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:55:20 AM »
Alex looked back to the door, towards the kitchen, concentrating hard that direction as though he would be able to see his lord through the barriers there, and see exactly what he was trying to say.  And yet, he couldn\'t.  As much as he tried, he couldn\'t.

Maybe he was wrong, and with all his heart he really hoped so, yet, it seemed like there was something missing from his lord which had been there before and he wanted to show that to Lam, to warn her, but he could not put his finger on it.  After a moment, he shook his head. "Maybe I am wrong." He shrugged, deciding that there was nothing he could say now.

Either way, they needed to get into the kitchen.  Alex was vaguely worried about his lord being left alone with Dora; he walked quickly, relieved to see nothing bad had happened, though he had no idea what bad could happen.

Kysis glanced at them when they entered, spoon held up in the air, just in front of Pandora\'s face.  She looked a touch frustrated that the spoon was right there, right by her mouth, but not giving her food.  He did not say anything, turning back towards his daughter, giving her another spoonful.

General Announcements / Re: I\'ve returned from the grave
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:24:10 AM »
Skeggs!  Hi!  I just came back too, so you aren\'t the only one catching up.  Everyone here is just as awesome and friendly as before. <3  And I\'m sure you\'ll have a boatload of fun.


Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:19:13 AM »
Alex nodded to affirm that if he saw Matthew first, he would warn the man, so he would not have to deal with Kysis\' quiet fury or worse, an outburst of actual hatred aimed at him.  Alex felt for the man, considering how he was only trying to do what duty dictates: tell his lady that her husband had perished.  Alex was certain Matthew would have stayed if he knew it could have changed the outcome of Rico\'s survival, but still, duty called.

Was there anything else?  Yes, there was, but... Alex took a deep breath, holding it for a moment as though it would help gather courage.  And finally, he could say it. "Lord Liari is not the same man you remember.  He is not shy and awkward and innocent any more." Normally, when just talking with Lam, he could call his lord Kysis.  They were not very far separated in age, they had served as guards together, they had been fast friends.  Now, the Kysis he knew was gone.

Kysis gave Pandora another spoonful, scooping again, ever mindful that Lily had said something about having to wear a raincoat.  So far, he\'d yet to see that, though he was slightly worried.  He was wearing a black tunic, and whatever she decided to spew at him would no doubt do some serious harm... though right now, he could not help but concentrate on the task at hand.  He could not imagine such a little angel doing anything like that.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 18, 2011, 11:35:12 PM »
Kysis took notes of what Lily showed him, trying to soak in every detail so he could get it right. He had always been a perfectionist.  That, at least, had not changed.

Taking back the spoon, Kysis tried again, emulating the motion of catching the dribble to be used for that next spoonful.  Again, he was struck by just how helpless children were, how much they had be cared for, and he tried harder, making sure he got the feeding right.

Alex knew, perhaps, that he had made to grave of a statement, and yet, he knew that sort of weight was absolutely necessary.  He glanced at the door, then back at Lam.  He could hear how distracted Kysis was, and knew it was now or never.

"I do not believe it would be a good idea to bring Matthew back into the household." Alex looked down again, shuffling.  He felt strange, warning Lam of something.  She was his lord\'s wife, and yet, he felt this had to be said. "We were speaking of Kreos and..." Alex frowned, trying to find a way to phrase it. "He has much anger at Matthew."

The words did not sound quiet right, but it would have to do.  He could try to explain more, if that was what Lam wanted, though he hoped he had sent the message effectively.  Alex was extremely worried, and figured Lam would be a much better judge of the situation and more likely to know what to do in regards to his lord.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 18, 2011, 12:08:04 PM »
Kysis kept looking between Lam and Lily, the conversation flying through one of his ears and back out the other, its going by so quickly.  It almost sounded rehearsed.  Coming into the kitchen rather than into the dining room for their meal was strange, though it looked as though that was where they had been taking their meals. It almost seemed cozy.

And then suddenly Lam was talking to him again, and it took a moment for his mind to catch up. He took the cloth and stared at it, replaying the words in his head.  Oh yes.  Kysis tied the little cloth around Pandora\'s neck, then sat so she was on his left, though he turned to face her completely anyway.  Soon enough, Lily placed the bowl in front of Pandora and he had a spoon in his hand, for his first attempt at feeding his own daughter.

Alex was staring at the floor when Lam entered the room.  He did not look up immediately, then finally, after letting out a shaky sigh of a breath, lifted his gaze.  With Kysis in the kitchen, they were finally alone, and he could speak to her without worry of his lord overhearing them, and yet it felt as though his tongue had swollen to the size of a million bricks, standing strong like the walls of Troy.

Looking at his feet again, he shifted his weight back and forth, knowing he probably only had a breath of a moment. "M\'Lady, I need to warn you of something." His English was easier now, Alex making a concerted effort at learning the language, as he knew that was what Alia would have wanted for him.  That was enough to keep him learning, and learn he did, though his accent was still extremely thick.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 17, 2011, 09:03:23 AM »
Kysis felt a sort of soft warmth well up inside of him when he heard Pandora speak, even if it was in small little bits, just part of the word Lam was trying to goad her into saying.  When Pandora finally looked at him and said Da, Kysis had to close his eyes and take a deep breath, all of it washing over him so quickly.

The transition between the embattled Kreos to here was so startling that his nerves and wits were still a bit frayed.  He would have to take this in steps, even if it meant there was still some distance between him and his family.  Too much at once and...

Kysis opened his eyes again, swallowing at the hard lump which had formed in his throat to no avail.

Perhaps it was best if he would have to wait to handle her for a while.  If not for his mending physically, for his mending emotionally.  Kysis nodded mutely, trying to take in all of the information he was suddenly rushed with.  He knew nothing about the care babies needed, nor of the routine Lam might have established, so it was all frightfully new.  Kysis knew he would not remember it all, but for now, he nodded again, realizing that he would need to supply some sort of answer.

"Yes, I would like to feed her." Kysis looked from Lam to Pandora again.  She was such a small, innocent, helpless creature.  She needed taking care of at every moment, careful attention.  Kysis felt a pang for a moment.  Should he have stayed in Oberon, despite his people\'s call?  Already he had fallen short of his duty as lord to Kreos, having let the place fall to Ottoman control.  Yes, they had managed to save so many people, but...

No matter what, he would not be leaving Oberon any time soon, for Pandora\'s sake.

His mind trailed off for a moment, to those who would be moving to the north as well.  Jax, filled with shame at failing as Captain of Kreos\' guard, would be traveling north, along with Calista, his cousin, who had in her care a child almost a whole year older than Pandora.  When Kysis had seen poor Calypso without a father, he knew he had to make haste to Oberon for his own daughter.

"Does Pandora have any playmates?  Calista is relocating here, and her daughter..." Kysis looked away, having to steady his mind for a moment.

Domiciles / Re: The Long Road
« on: July 17, 2011, 01:35:48 AM »
Kysis gave a warm smile as Lam kissed him rather chastely on the cheek, though right now, he had eyes only for the little strawberry blond girl he did not even recognize.  She had hair now, showing some of Lam\'s wonderful red tones, and big blue eyes, and though she was young, she looked about as curious as one would expect of a child with the name Pandora, of all things.  And yet, he\'d been insistent upon the name, something in his gut saying if they had to girl, that was going to be it.

Ah yes, he was supposed to be resting.  Rather than immediately start defending himself, saying at least he had not done anything truly strenuous, he reached out a nervous hand towards Pandora, doing everything he could to stop it from shaking.

This was his child.  His mind had a hard time wrapping around it, considering how quickly he had to leave for Kreos after her birth.  He touched Pandora\'s arm lightly, still smiling.

Finally, he looked up into Lam\'s eyes. "I had Alex help me up the stairs.  I...

wanted to see if you had removed me entirely from your life

needed to see our room." Kysis bit back those other words, rolling his lips together slightly.  They still felt strange with that scar. "You know I cannot sit still for the life of me.  I needed to do something... and I kept it within my bounds."

In all reality, he could have gone to the markets to see how badly the shop was doing, considering the disruption in weapons being sent north with the dire need to the south.  There would be another caravan of weapons coming soon, now that everything had died down to a low simmer, among other things, like olive oil, though that was not for sale.

Alex shifted a little, uncomfortably.  He looked between his master and the lady of the house, whom he had grown somewhat closer to during Kysis\' absence; they both understood grieving.  And though Kysis was returned, Alex knew it was not the same Kysis who had left.  He wanted to speak to Lam alone, but knew it was not his place to separate them, since they had been forcefully separated for so long.

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