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Re: In the Silence of Evening
« Reply #15 on: January 04, 2009, 08:31:50 AM »
"A club of the night, filled with pumping music and orgasmic bodies, cheap drinks for me but not for you," he informed Kelon with a wink.  Risk was a nightclub he often went to, and his comment aluded that he was well known and got a discount, but it was really because what he ordered to drink was a lot cheaper than what Kelon was likely to drink.  "Coffee\'s cheap," he mused, "though it ain\'t a coffee shop," he added with a grin.

He was talking too much, he thought.  He looked at Ender now, over his shoulder, between Kelon and Ender and a little forward, as he was.  His gaze was humble and a little apologetic.  Had he butted in?  Was he intruding?  He thought not, for he\'d been uninvited.

"Rissssssk," he whispered, so low that Kelon wouldn\'t hear anything beyond maybe a mild hiss, likely not even that, and knowing Ender would hear him clearly.  He was seeking affirmation that this was a good idea.
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Re: In the Silence of Evening
« Reply #16 on: January 07, 2009, 06:43:51 AM »
Cheap drinks for me but not for you. Kelon repeated in his head unwillingly. Several meanings for that phrase also ran through his head, and none of them was pleasant for him. Though, he also remembered Ender\'s first response to Kelon. Vampires? Honestly, don\'t tell me you\'re starting to buy into this shit? He asked himself scornfully, but it was more of trying to keep his sanity than actually questioning himself. He knew bloody well that he was starting to buy into it.
When Digital looked at Ender apologetically, Kelon once again, got the thought of the teen being in charge here. Though, he was beginning to stop thinking of the "youngest" of the group as a teenager anymore. He was certainly the most terrifying person Kelon had ever met, even if he did seem younger than him. Kelon was extremely not used to being afraid of anyone or anything, ever. But he knew that he was afraid of these two.
Kelon blinked once hearing something low, a hiss maybe, and wondered briefly what it was. But he mentally shook his head. You\'re being superstitious! He accused himself. Next thing you know, you\'ll be seeing monsters in the shadows! He glanced briefly at Digital than Ender. Am I not already?
Then, feeling the need to end the silence, Delsen turned once more to Digital. "You didn\'t mention a name." He noted casually, though he doubted he\'d have ever heard of it... And probably didn\'t want to. But, it was too late for that line of thought. Might as well know the name of the place, if Digital would tell. Knowledge won\'t make the danger any lesser of greater. He added silently, though didn\'t really believe the words. At this point, anything and everything changed the level of danger, mostly towards the latter option.