Author Topic: ALTERNATE: All The King\'s Boys  (Read 19840 times)

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Re: PARALLEL: All The King\'s Boys
« Reply #120 on: February 06, 2010, 05:37:33 PM »
A slow smile spread across Kerr\'s face and the feeling of disappointment disappeared entirely as he gazed at Ben.

"Well then," he said softly, "if you\'re prepared to come with us, I\'d love to have you along when we move to Paris in just over a month\'s time.  Sawyl can be dangerous and an arrogant brat, but if we work on him slowly, I\'m sure he\'ll come around and leave you alone by the time we arrive in a new city.  Ooh, I can\'t wait to have someone sane to spend my nights with!" Kerr told Ben excitedly, reaching forward to grab the mortal\'s arm and give it a squeeze.

Images and thoughts of what his life would be like with Ben around burst into his head like stars coming out at night, each new one revealing another... and another.  He\'d never had a companion he found so interesting by his side before and could imagine himself teaching Ben to read just so they could stroll through the Parisian library and museum, looking at ancient artifacts and marvelling at the wonderful things that man found or invented.  Even if he was only fifteen now, Kerr sensed he would easily become his academic and intellectual equal (if not superior!) very quickly, and would make being trapped living with Sawyl and the twins so much easier to bear.

In time, he thought he might even sire Ben, though he would keep that card close to his chest so as not to frighten him.  Unable to control his excitement at the possibilities blooming within him, he leaned forward to kiss Ben soundly.