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Job Posting: Sheriff of the Central District
« on: October 26, 2013, 01:29:12 PM »
The Following would appear in supernatural publications all around the city, as well as be sent via supernatural email lists. There are also postings in The White Rabbit and at other supernatural hotspots. If nobody objects, and feel free to, I'd also say they are posted in the City Ward.

Attention qualified supernaturals, the central district is hiring for the position of Sheriff. Up until this point District Leader Jacob McCloud and other high ranking members of the Central district's government have been preforming the duties of this position. However, with a recent influx of vampires from both within and outside the city to the Central district it has been decided that the position should be assigned to one individual separate from the District Leader.

Responsibilities Include:
1. The Sheriff is to enforce all District Laws, and punish those who break those laws as outlined by the District's guidelines.
2.  The Sheriff is responsible for investigating all supernatural disturbances and crimes within the Central District.
3.  You must be willing to Protect and support the District Leader.
4. In the absence of the District Leader, you must be willing to take command of the Central District's government until the District Leader returns.
5. In the event that the District Leader is killed or removed from power, the Sheriff will rule until such time as the district's citizens have selected a new leader. The Sheriff may throw his/her name into consideration.
6. The Sheriff is responsible for maintaining any militia or military presence within the Central District. If an outside party threatens the District the Sheriff should be in the first line of defence.
7. The Sheriff is encouraged to provide the District Leader and it's other leader's with counsel and advice on all relevant matters.
8. The Sheriff may make judgements on the law when the District Leader is unable to do so and an express decision is required.
9. The Sheriff must be comfortable being a public figure of both authority and kindness. The Sheriff must be an outstanding citizen, not flirting at all with unlawfulness or deceit. If the Sheriff is found to corrupt or abuse his/her power he will be removed by the District Leader. The Sheriff requires a strong moral character.
10. The Sheriff must be comfortable with preforming all sorts of different tasks as his/hers full job may not be present at inception.

1. The Sheriff must be either (a). a swashbuckling fighter type who finishes his/hers own battles or (b) a tactical mind who uses the tools of the district to accomplish their mission. A perfect candidate is someone who balances these principles.
2. The Sheriff must have outstanding moral character.
3. A background in the military, law enforcement, criminal investigation, or military strategy preferred.
4. The Sheriff must have skills/disciplines/powers that allow them to enforce the laws of the District with ease, and act as a deterrent for potential law breakers. One example would be a Brujah's fighting ability, while another might be a Nosferatu's stealth, and still another would be a vampire well versed in psychic warfare. 
The Sheriff does not need to be a vampire, but a vampire is preferred as it is primarily a vampire district.
5. The Sheriff must be a least one hundred years old regardless of race.

1. It is a paying job, although the exact details of the salary would need to be worked out on a candidate by candidate basis. It does pay well no matter who you are.
2. A moderately priced one bedroom apartment in the Central District rent free, approved by the district.
3. Use of all district facilities at any time of day or night.
4. A month's paid vacation.
5. Tuition reimbursement for any out of pocket school expenses.
6. One to two nights off a week mostly of your choosing. The District Leader has the final say of when you work.
7. VIP service at the White Rabbit including VIP access to blood donors.

Please send your resumes to district employee Lisa-Joe Hampton via the email link below. We hope to hear from you soon.
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Re: Job Posting: Sheriff of the Central District
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2013, 02:53:14 AM »
Brianna will be sending in a resume for this :smile: