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Job Postings Sheriff and Harpy
« on: January 19, 2019, 08:57:14 AM »
Hello Supernaturals,

Jake is still looking to hire two high level positions in the central district. These positions are being adapted from the White Wolf source material Vampire the Masquerade to fit in with our game universe. I will attach links to general lore pages on what the roles are in a normal Camarilla society to give applicants a flavor for the gig. They will be tweaked to fit with the Infusco world so don't worry if your character is not exactly what is listed in the descriptions. The main goal of this is to make our districts feel bigger than just our DL's and to provide some fun political intrigue kind of RP's. If you like either one or both of these positions send me a PM! The two positions might be combined for the right character. BTW, since the central district has more than just vampires ALL supernatural races can apply.

The first position is for Sheriff. Sheriffs enforce the rules, and protect the state. If you're the sheriff it's your job to be first on the scene when supernatural lawbreaking occurs. You investigate, arrest and then bring before the district leader for judgement. You are also second in command of the district, and are tasked with protecting the district leader from harm. Harm includes social, physical or political harm. Good Sheriff type characters are characters who are both physical and mentally inclined. Sheriff Archetypes: Jessica Jones, Dr. House, Sherlock Holmes, John Wayne, 007, or even a comical one like Monk. Here is the white wolf wiki page on sheriffs.

The second position is for Harpy. Harpies are the masters of secrets, spies, diplomats, celebrities and are the "voice of the people" within the district. If you're playing a good Harpy even the District Leader should fear you a little as you should be able to sway public opinion. Your other main job within the district is to settle civil disputes. Jake is very busy running a district so the Harpy would take up cases of, "he bit my ghoul," or "that's my haven," etc. As the Central District Harpy, Jake would respect your decision in these civil matters, and unless you are grossly abusing your power is not likely to reverse a decision. Good Harpy archetypes include Black Widow, Lilith church leader, Lestat types, drag queens, and noisy neighbors. I would be very interested in a dark angel applying for Harpy. Good Harpy's are masters of social situations so a character who feels awkward talking to people would not be a good fit. Here is the page for Harpies to get a better idea of what they are like.

Let me know if you have any questions and hope to fill both jobs soon!
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