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Re: ALTERNATE: The Serving Boy
« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2019, 01:22:54 PM »
With his soft skins pulled taut and his ridges pronounced warmly against her palm and fingers, he left her hand with the beginnings of his seed to worship her with that silver tongue of his. She brought her hand up to drag his flavor across her tongue, savoring his briny offering. Her skin was on fire and his hands on her thighs, spreading her legs and lips apart for his tasting pleasure drove her wild before they connected. Zoheret moaned his name and wove her hands in those handsome locks she loved so much, gripping at his roots as the electric current of his movement on her center made her tense and quiver. Her hips, alive with her arousal, lifted to coax his sultry tongue deeper inside of her, the softness unmatched in pleasurable build.

His adoration was a distraction and she loved every moment of it - every time she meant to respond to him, he would flick over her sensitive nub, replacing the words in her throat with a wanton moan instead. Zoheret smiled, looking down past her exposed breasts and hoisted skirts to see the top of her lover's face buried deep in her. It sent a pulse of want through her again accompanied with a sensual giggle and a roll of her hips.

"If you keep doing that... mmnnha ... I'm going to have to... send him away and keep you all for myself." She put her hand under his chin and pulled his face away from her lips with some internal difficulty, looking down into those stormy eyes as she squeezed his head between her thighs. "What will the poor boy think if you're buried in my skirts when he walks in, I wonder?" She bit her lower lip gently, tender after his former passion upon them. Zoheret sat up, pulling her sex farther away from his mouth with some reluctance. She leaned forward and caught his mouth with hers, enjoying her flavor tanging his lips and tongue and she kissed him deeply. With a darkening gaze she parted from him and gave him a devious look. "I want you standing tall when he walks in so he can see who he belongs to." She dipped her eyes suggestively down on Saraekiel as he knelt, before returning her seductive gaze back to those dark eyes.

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Re: ALTERNATE: The Serving Boy
« Reply #16 on: August 22, 2019, 07:47:20 PM »
Saraekiel watched her as she pulled herself away from him and moved back further onto the bed, his eyes smoldering with unquenched desire as her legs closed on the prize he still hungered for.

He arched up to claim her kiss, his wet questing lips meeting hers hungrily, darting his tongue between her lips so she could taste her own heat on his tongue. His hands rose to her cheek and neck as his mouth explored hers, pulling her so deep into the kiss that they could almost slid into each other’s skin. He pulled her so hard against him that he could feel the buds of her chest against his as his hands slowly wondered over her shoulders and back, before snaking back around and catching and cupping her breasts, his mouth trailing kisses down her throat then to his hands so that he could recapture her nipples once more. He pulled them into his mouth and sucked them hard, wanting to pull her to the edge of pleasure and pain. He released her nipple for a minute so that he could snare her areola with his fingers, squeezing and pulling her pink taut peaks then licked them gently so as to give her a hint of his mercy before releasing them again.

He raised his eyes and looked at her as she spoke, his mouth curving into an amused smile at her words.

“I would think that if he found me buried beneath your skirts” he replied silkily as he dropped small kisses over her shoulders and neck between his words, his hands slowly trailing, circling whirls over her skin as they made their way down to her hips. “That his first thought would be that he wished it were him instead of me. However, I see your point and I would prefer the new toy learnt his place from the beginning." he raised his face and looked at her with an eyebrow raised questioningly. "Still, what’s the hurry? He’s the serving boy, he can wait”. His voice deepened and his eyes smoldered with mischief and desire as he slid his hands along her legs and grabbed her from behind her knees, suddenly pulling her down the bed and spreading her legs wide as he did so. “I’m not finished with you yet”

His head dived between her thighs again, letting go of her knees as he slid his hands up along the soft skin of her inner thighs and used his fingers to spread her womanhood. With a huff of pleasure, his lips tingled as they encountered her soft flesh again. He sealed his mouth over her sex and licked along the entire length of her, pushing the soft lips apart with a broad hard lick, his mouth moving up to ensnare her clitoris. He could feel the hard-little bead against his tongue, and he was not going to be satisfied until he took her to the very peak of ecstasy. He gentled his tongue and rubbed the taught hard pea with well placed regular strokes, keeping up the pressure and rhythm perfectly as he felt the heat building up within himself again, he gave a low deep moan against her lips, his hand massaging his hard, aching, length as he pleasured her; only stopping when he felt himself reach the point of orgasm. Unsteadily he pulled away from her, pushing her knees closed as he did so and sat back on his haunches a moment as he used a slightly shaking hand to push his long-tangled locks from his face.

After taking a moment to compose himself and steady his breathing, his eyes racked along the long naked length of her as she lay reclining along the bed. She really was exquisitely beautiful. He then raised his smoky grey eyes to her face and locked his gaze onto hers, and smiled with wicked satisfaction as he wiped his thumb along his bottom lip and chin, then sucked her glistening juices of of it.

“Very well then, Let us test our new pet and see if it is worth keeping.”