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A Message
« on: April 04, 2019, 09:22:57 AM »
The meeting with Lan Bao, while undeniably valuable, left the demon in a foul mood.  He raced back through the city's shadows, his accompanying demons scarcely keeping pace.  They knew enough when to leave him well alone.  He was glad to have met with Lan Bao alone--that none of his subordinates were witness to him being ordered by her.  Anger like this was a poor reflection of his ego.  This he reluctantly acknowledged, solely for the sake of it weakening his resolve and distracting him from his main purpose.

When he returned to his base of operations, he was greeted inside the receiving area by the lanky shadow demon typically posted at the front gate.  Something was amiss.  The creature shifted nervously, looking up at the hulking demon figure in front of him.  Zeus' own black orbs glowered.  He was in no mood to be kept waiting.

"What is it?"  He barked, huge wings stretched agitatedly to their full length.  The other demon's flattened against his body.

"This appeared outside the front stone, Sir."  a folded piece of parchment was passed into Zeus' hands.

"It what?"  Zeus unfolded it sharply, almost tearing it in half.

"We didn't see anyone approach.  It was on the ground right near--"

"Didn't see it?"  He roared, "Have you checked the damn cameras?  What do you mean it just appeared?" The poor unread paper was nearly crumpled in his hand.

"We did, we checked.  One minute nothng, the next minute it just--"

Chtahzus'aak stormed off before the demon finished, wings flapping in irritation.

"Return to your post,"  he barked, attention returning to the crumpled parchment in his hand.

Dear Zeus,

Welcome home. Let's chat soon.


The room darkened as shadows drew toward the demon and swirled in a menacing dance at his feet. 
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