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Re: Raising Hell
« Reply #30 on: July 24, 2019, 01:24:22 PM »
Chtahus'aak had suspected Caoimhe was attempting to wring something from him.  All the time he assumed that he'd gotten the best of her, extracting what he wanted before she had the chance get hers.  But he'd somehow not anticipated that what she wanted from him could be a conception.  He noted the bitterness in Sabrina's voice, and a sympathetic frown showed plainly on his face.  His expression neutralized after she met his eye, and he nodded acknowledgment of her thanks.

A smile touched his features when she changed the subject, and he turned his face away to look about the vault.  It was an interesting offer.  He knew that she could have more valuable insight than the trio of goons he had in his service.  Or perhaps he was giving her too much credit, and not shown his three enough patience.

No matter.

"Perhaps," his eyes slid back to hers, expression touching on being pleased before settling back into a more serious one.  He was struck with the temptation to invite her to have a look around before they went back up to the first floor.  Peculiar.  Something to be unpacked later.  He cleared his throat and glanced away for a second, then back to her face.

"There is another issue I must bring to your attention."  He explained that Brael had been summoned and briefly held by a witch, what words were exchanged, and that Sabrina's name specifically had set her off.  "Brael may wish to give you more detail in his own words once we are upstairs."
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Re: Raising Hell
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The word was like a slammed door. Or perhaps it just felt that way. The vaguely pleased look the passed across his features softened the thought. 

That was fine. Sabrina could be patient, though her fingers itched to paw through every drawer in this damn room.

"Tess," she sighed, tucking the knife into the band of her hat, where it looked like an exceptionally dangerous feather, "Yes. I'd like to hear what he has to say. The more I know about her, the faster I can get her out of this town."

Their trip back upstairs was similarly quiet to the trip down, but, Sabrina noticed, significantly less strained.