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Todd Wainscott
« on: May 13, 2020, 07:44:10 PM »
Todd Wainscott

Semper ad meliora
Always towards better things

Age [appearance]: Early 20s
Age [actual]: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair: Medium brown
Eyes: A mixture of brown and green
Frame: 5'10"
Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:
Awareness of Supernaturals: (specific)
Domicile and Occupation: Lives at the Luminary as a donor
Interesting Facts / Quirks:
Strength: Obedient to those in authority but also brave enough to speak up at injustice, honest but can use silence to his advantage, his warm smile and temperament is considered charming and that modest charm gets him places
Weakness/Flaw: Talks too much when he's nervous, comes across as a bumbling fool,

Personality and History:

Todd Wainscott was sometimes called 'Teddy' but only by certain family members and always without his consent or approval. He was the kind of young man who would put on a smile, remembering that his protests during his teen years had never amounted to anything because Grammy would still call him 'Teddy' and his shrieking, annoying younger sisters both followed suit.

After leaving high school and attending a training course for I.T., Todd and hundreds of other hopefuls set out into the city with their associate diplomas that meant fuck all to the tech companies that were hiring. Todd realised he'd put effort into something with a lot of competition and he was only average at. He didn't complain and just got on with it, finding himself a job as a bartender pouring drinks for sad old men in a downtrodden bar before answering an ad for an upcoming new club called Venture, looking for bartenders.

And that was how he found out about the supernatural. The guy interviewing him, Hugh, had liked him and told him how trustworthy, loyal and generous he was - as if he could somehow know such things just by looking at him. Todd had barely said a word throughout the entire interview and got the job anyway but he was hardly going to complain. Along with employment, he got a startling introduction to the vampire world. Bitten by Hugh a few times throughout his stint at Venture, Todd started feeling affection for the centuries-old vampire and was let down gently without him even acting on his feelings. Such was the way with mind readers.

Shipped off to the Luminary as a donor once it opened, Todd made a good impression on Kerr and was set up in a posh apartment with a shitload of money and a very cushy job. He realised he was, effectively, a whore for vampires, but nobody treated him like he was scum and he decided to not get hung up on the single negative about his role, focussing on the good instead. Because that's how Todd was... he focussed on the good.
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