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Talon: God of Death
« on: January 27, 2006, 06:26:07 AM »
The Legend
The God of Death is neither good nor bad, but rather is the one to usher all living things into the \'Long Sleep\'. He can be merciful and take someone into death in their sleep, or not before they experience much pain.

The Symbol
Talon, who ushers the living into death, has his namesake as a symbol, and sometimes anything crescent shaped can represent him, though a bird\'s talon leaves no argument. His colours are ash grey, black, and a deep rich purple. Red wine tends to be present for those who participate in his communion.

If two falcons are seen, this is considered a portent that someone in the viewer\'s family or circle of friends will die very soon.

Most of his worshippers are nobles or people of higher education. Talon is a being they believe is of the highest power, and that mercy shown by Talon is something they wish for over mercy by Adora.