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Author Topic: To mend a broken heart  (Read 5295 times)

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To mend a broken heart
« on: September 16, 2007, 08:12:07 PM »
All was quiet in the halls surrounding the Infirmary, save for cries of agony from the Infirmary itself.
"Stop screaming, damnit, unless you want me to miss and do something you really don\'t want me to!" David yelled at the gibbering wreck before him. The level 4 student (Probably Cruori, he thought) had entered a brawl in the training grounds, and scored a large shaft of wood into his chest as a result. Rushed to David, he was now strapped to a rather mean-looking table, with his chest cut open.

A slice, more screams. The student was getting on David\'s nerves, but still, resolve must be held. He did have a duty, after all, despite his wishes. The straps weren\'t holding well, and soon the boy snapped one holding his arm, which he promptly used to try and get David\'s working hands away from the wound...

"Student died while undergoing treatment. Cause of death..." David paused. Was it the student\'s fault? The strap\'s? Whoever fastened it? Wasn\'t it possible that a different method could have been used, perhaps one that ruled out the possibility of death caused by something besides the wound? A shrug, and the scratching of his writing on the paper confirmed that the student had indeed forced the blade to slice his heart. Signing his name with a disappointed sigh, David slipped the document away in amongst the mess of papers on what was supposedly a desk and set to work on cleaning the body and table.

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Re: To mend a broken heart
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2007, 11:31:56 AM »
Ravi blew out a puff of air in a sigh. It had been a rather unpleasant day, overall. Faris had worked him hard today, and after they\'d just finished a mission too! It had also been hot, which was all bad in Ravi\'s book (especially because of the mandatory black garb). That was why the demon was making his way towards the infirmary. It was one of the few places in the Academy where you wouldn\'t really find anyone who wanted to make trouble, fight, yell or anything else Academy students as a whole were prone to doing.

Also, it tended to be rather empty. People went in and either got healed or died. That was it. Rarely was there a buildup, and at the moment Ravi could do with some quiet time. He\'d gone to the infirmary a lot, especially as a student. The healer there had always been kind to him, just giving him a cot to lay down on for as long as he liked. Never made conversation unless Ravi did, never yelled, never bothered the demon at all and always greeted him with a smile.

It had been a long time since Ravi had visited the infirmary just because he wanted to, but he felt the need to again tonight. Ravi pushed open the infirmary door, breathing in the fresh, clean smell of the place. Well, at least it was fresher and cleaner than most of the places here, though tonight it smelled especially... bloody.

Someone was probably in earlier, then, Ravi thought as he padded in. His footsteps were quiet, though not silent - he felt no need to be silent in the infirmary. Besides, it was a bit of courtesy, to let the old healer know he was here. Ravi looked through the main areas of the infirmary, then walked back to where he knew the operating tables were. "Hey old ma-" the demon began as he poked his head around the corner, though he stopped abruptly when he saw not the old healer he\'d been expecting but a new boy. Ravi blinked, surprised. "Um.... hi," he said, not quite sure what to say in this sort of a situation...