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Todor \'Peperuda\' Asparukh
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Full Name and Title: Todor Asparukh the Bard

Nickname: Peperuda.

Age:  Nineteen

Birthday:  10th day of Egg Moon

Occupation: Bard

Religion: He neither follows Talon or Adora, and if anyone cares to ask, he will simply reply that life, song and the road are his only beliefs. He follows no organised religion.

Hair: Peperuda’s hair is thick and curly, it reaches past his shoulders. Depending on the situation, he either wears it out or in a pony tail. Even though many mistake it for black, it is in fact a deep rich brown.

Eyes: Oval shaped hazel eyes.

Nose: Slightly short and curved.  

Lips:  Peperuda has cupid bow shaped lips. They are cherry coloured.

Skin Colour: As Peperuda spends most of his time out in the sun, he is entitled to dark olive skin.

Height: 5’6

Weight: 145 lbs. While not possessing a muscular build, it is beautifully formed. Slightly defined muscles and not once trace of fat.

Physical Attractiveness: From where Peperuda hails, he would be considered a handsome boy but in Oberon, he may be a bit too exotic for some.

Clothing:  For his every day wear, Peperuda will wear fitted tunics and trousers along with leather shoes. While venturing the wilderness, Peperuda will wear travelling cloaks and sturdy boots. He cannot afford to go by horse.

Mother: Mariya Asparukh

Father: Dobri Asparukh

Uncle: Georgi Asparukh

Siblings: Ivan and Zhivko. Both are younger.

Childhood: Peperuda was born in Bulgaria, a little village outside Sofia. As a child, he experienced little conflict, if at all. Even though his parents rarely gave out punishments, Peperuda was not spoilt. As the oldest child, he would often look after his younger brothers while his parents were busy. If requested, he would sing them folk songs and tales. He was generally liked by everyone both for his charm and looks. By the age of twelve, he began to travel with his uncle around Bulgaria. They strove to find new songs and inspiration to create new ones themselves.

As Peperuda entered his mid teens, he began to travel Europe and the Middle East. Along with his uncle, they travelled south to Turkey. They stayed for a month before making their way to Macedonia. Macedonia was and still is Peperuda\'s favourite country. He fell in love with the people and their music. He was reluctant to leave... however, with little persuasion he gave in to his uncle\'s pleas.

They left the mysterious east and traveled north, to Europe. Even though they visited many countries, they did not appeal to Peperuda like Macedonia had done. He never expressed this opinion aloud however, for he did not want to disappoint Georgi. Upon his eighteenth birthday, Peperuda arrived in Oberon. Tired and weary, the two decided it was time to settle... at least for now. Perhaps in a few years, they would travel back to Bulgaria.

Education: Peperuda’s only form of education was the good old trial and error. He never received any formal education.

Natural Talents: Peperuda has a silver tongue. His charm can make most fall to their knees, regardless of gender.

Hobbies: Making up songs, playing the oud and telling stories.

Personality: Peperuda prefers to settle conflict with words rather than swords. Even though he does not approve of violence, he does know how to protect himself. While confident, the young bard prefers to spend his time alone. He loves to work under a tree and compose little songs. Peperuda is also very submissive. He cannot stand hurting people so he keeps such opinions quiet. Overall, Peperuda is kind, gentle and poetic. The classic bard.