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Information: Skills List
« on: March 14, 2008, 09:58:40 PM »
The following skills can be selected without limitations for your character sheet.  Please note that nobody can do everything and so you're expected to limit your character's skills.

The worth of an object can be valued extraordinarily well. 

The character has the ability to run across skinny ledges, nimbly stay upright on moving objects and perform other feats according to balance.

Your character can lie very well.

Your character can see and use footholds and handholds to climb many objects from trees to mountains to buildings.  This skill is linked with your character's fitness.

Your character has a very strong focus and is persistent in their tasks.

Many things come under the Craft skill, such as tailoring, leatherwork, woodwork, weapon smithing and more.  If your character has knowledge of a craft, it should be listed in the Skill list on the character sheet. 

Decipher Script
Your character can read different languages, or at the very least can tell what language the words are written in. 

Your character has tact and recognised status.

Disable Device
Your character can spy traps and disarm them.  Also, your character has a knack with many machined things, so this is a mechanical skill.

Your character can make themselves look like someone or something else. 

Escape Artist
Your character can get out of all sorts of confined and sticky situations.

Your character can make an artificial version of something original - it might be signatures, paintings or sculptures, or even money.

Gather Information
Your character has a knack for research, and can find out almost anything about anything.

Handle Animal
Your character has a way with animals, even wild beasts tend to trust your character.

Your character understands herbal remedies. 

Your character is excellent at slipping into the shadows and being undetected.

Your character has a knack for intimidation.

Your character has the uncanny ability to leap about and climb over things.  We normally recognise it as parkour.

Your character has studied, please list their knowledge.  It could be anything from Geography and History, to Math and Science.  Do not include Herbalism as that is implied with the Heal skill.  Knowledge of different languages would come under this header.

Your character has terrific hearing. 

Move Silently
Your character has excellent stealth and can sneak up on people without detection. 

Open Lock
Your character can pick almost any kind of lock.

These skills are about the arts.  Juggling, singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, these are all under the Perform skill.  Please list. 

Your character has studied one subject so intensely that they can make a living off it professionally or can teach it to others. 

Your character can ride a horse or other kind of beast. 

Excellent perception.  Your character is extraordinary at finding what or who they are looking for. 

Sleight of Hand
Your character’s hands can move quicker than the eye.  Excellent skill for assassins, magicians, pickpockets and card sharks. 

Your character can wield magic.

Your character has excellent vision and/or perception.

Your character can survive in the wilderness, desert or other remote locations on their own without help or without supplies.

Your character can swim. 

Your character can fall without hurting themselves. 

Use Magic Device
Your character understands the concept of magic when it is passed on to a material thing. 

Use Rope
Your character knows how to make knots and lasso things.