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Elves, Wood
« on: March 21, 2008, 06:57:20 AM »

The features of an elf are delicate and finely chiselled, with narrow faces and high cheekbones, slanted eyes and pointy ears.

Wood elves are generally the same height as High Elves (around 5\'5").

Wood elves have tan skin and any shade of red or brown hair, from the lightest brown or auburn, to a dark and rich chocolate brown or rich mahogany reddish-brown.

Eye colour comes in either green or hazel variants.

A wilder counterpart to many of the other elves, these are viewed as less civilised, perhaps because they choose not to mix with those who come from other places. They\'re not the exploring and socialising type, except with other wood elves.

Elves are in tune with nature, so whenever something is amiss, they notice it immediately.

They love to dance, sing, or play musical instruments and pursue other simple pleasures of the arts.

In tune with nature, the elven community will build their homes among the forest without disturbing any of the trees. The outskirts of an wood elven community will often be unnoticed by travellers until they are in the middle of an elven city.

Wood elves will never harm a tree, and their homes are built in the treetops, with bridges spanning them.  They won\'t carve into or cut trees down and believe that no elf truly in tune with nature would.

Elven names are always flowing and have a certain uniqueness of sound to them. The Elven names always mean something, in Elvish.

Using this Elven Name Table, which contains prefixes and suffixes of names and their meanings, you can make up a really nifty sounding name AND know the Elven meaning of it.

For example, using this table I could make up the name, Tathi Vonoro
Ta meaning Fox, Thi meaning Wing, Von meaning Ice and Oro meaning Flower, so I have a name which means Foxwing Iceflower.

Wood Elves live for several centuries (around 800 years) and are vigorous almost all the way to the end. There are no such things as immortal elves, though there is a constant mystery surrounding them due to their seemingly ageless lives. Their hair begins to silver in the last century of their lives.

The languages known are Elvish, Orcish, Common and understand the intentions of many woodland animals.

Elves have an almost innate natural ability with the bow and arrows and it doesn\'t take long for an elf to learn and master such a device, even when self-taught.

They can see further in the dark as their eye-sight is a great deal better than humankind. This is a natural ability of the Elven race.

Nimble and graceful, elves walk so lightly that they tend to surprise people by showing up near them.

Not physically strong in terms of being able to carry weight, their endurance is in the form of stamina not strength. The lightweights of the world, should someone deliver a physical blow to them, it would render them unconscious and vulnerable. An elf is better off not being in arm\'s reach.