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Half Elves
« on: March 21, 2008, 10:42:05 PM »

Half-elves tend to inherit their height from their human side, but often have the tell-tale pointy ears and slightly slanted eyes.  An attractive race with beneficial features from both races, their faces aren't as narrow and their colouring can vary depending on their human heritage.

They are sturdier than most elves and tend to still be as dextrous.  Nimble and graceful, half-elves can still walk so lightly that they tend to surprise people by showing up near them, though they have to be more conscious of it.

Half-elves, depending on which community they live in, will favour either human clothing or elvish clothing.

Perhaps the worst part of being a half-elf, they take a huge blow in their lifespan for their human heritage.  Instead of the normal 1000+ years, they only manage a measly 200 or so.  Long enough to outlive their human friends and family, but not enough to truly be accepted into elven society.

Half-elves can be found anywhere humans and elves interact, so closer to forestry based townships and cities.

Depending on where the half-elf was raised, they might view their social structure as an elf or as a human.

Depending on who named them, they might have a human name or an elven name.  If they are extremely lucky or supported by both parents, they will have both.

Elven names are always flowing and have a certain uniqueness of sound to them. The Elven names always mean something, in Elvish.

Using this Elven Name Table, which contains prefixes and suffixes of names and their meanings, you can make up a really nifty sounding name AND know the Elven meaning of it.

For example, using this table I could make up the name, Cythas Teasen'ddare
Cy meaning Onyx, Thas meaning Harp, Teasen meaning Trackers and Nddare meaning The Winds, so I have a name which means Onyx Harp Windtracker.

The languages known are Elvish, Orcish and Common

Half-Elves have an almost innate natural ability with the bow and arrows and it doesn't take long for an elf to learn and master such a device, even when self-taught.

They can see further in the dark as their eye-sight is a great deal better than humankind. This is a natural ability inherited from the Elven race.

Unable to properly blend in with either the elvish or human communities, half-elves often lead lonely lives.