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Felicia (Sacramentum)
« on: April 12, 2009, 10:48:19 PM »
Name: Felicia Juliana Victoria Octavius
Age [appearance]: 27
Age [actual]: 1426
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire

Hair: Chestnut brown, worn slightly longer than shoulder-length, with a slight curl.
Eyes: Hazel
Frame: 5’4”, 126 lbs. On the short side, with a typical slim frame; there  is small amount of weight in her hips and a slight roundness to her belly, as was fashionable at the time of her siring.

Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: None

Personality: Independent and stubborn to a fault, Felicia’s favorite sport is arguing. Her second favorite is gambling; she has very firm ideas about the world (and how it should be), and enjoys placing wagers on the outcomes of certain events or likelihoods which generally have nothing to do with cards, dogs, or horses (though she likes those, too), and whose rewards generally include things other than money. Beware when accepting such a wager, however: Felicia is a rather sore loser.

She has no issues with speaking her mind, and is quick-witted and often sarcastic. She has been described as a shrew, and a bitch, but not often to her face – Felicia’s is an ire one would do better not to invoke.

History: Born in wealth (but not aristocracy) in Rome, Felicia emigrated to Massilia, Gaul (modern-day Marseille) with her family when she was four years old. Her father – a merchant – was a frail man, and prone to illness. He died shortly after the move, and his estate fell to her mother – a competent, stern woman who adapted easily to the task of running a household and a business. Naturally, then, the task of raising her three children (Felicia and two brothers: Vibius (older) and Silanus (younger)) fell to a series of nannies, tutors, and surrogates, whose terms of employ became more and more short-lived as Felicia got older and more headstrong.

As she grew up, Felicia watched her neighbors and – later – friends get married off as soon as they were able to bear children (and often before) to men twice their age whom they had never met, only to become perpetually pregnant – and decided early on that she wanted none of it. She turned every suitor away with a persistent, unfeigned disinterest. Sheer stubbornness and force of will gradually forced her mother and the community at large to accept the fact that – despite her beauty, passion and vitality – the girl would never marry.

At 27, she was considered an old maid, but she held weight in the community, regardless. She helped run the house her brother inherited upon their mother’s death, while he kept their business running.

Felicia had never had much time for men – aside from her brothers, and them only sparingly – so when Valerius came into her life, she at first spurned him, as she had all the others. But he was persistent, and had the same spirit she possessed, and she found herself quickly ingratiated with him. Shortly after their first meeting, Valerius sought Charon’s permission to sire her, and – once granted (begrudgingly) – they staged her death (by drowning; a headpiece left by a nearby river’s edge and a hem torn from her dress caught on a rock were enough to convince the community), and fled.

She took well to Vampirism, and fit in with the ‘family’ as she hadn’t in her own. She respected her brethren enough to obey their rules.

She immediately distrusted her sire’s second fledgling, however (due in no small part to jealousy) but was as shocked as any when he in turn murdered Valerius. Her rage was matched only by that of Charon, who decapitated the offender in revenge.

 For a long time, however, she deeply resented Charon’s imposition of the 500-year rule when it came to creating fledglings, brought on by her insistent requests following Valerius’ death.

When she finally was able to sire someone, however, Felicia found Catherine Hall – a nanny to an aristocratic family. The Roman enjoyed the vitality, ever-present smile, and bubbly personality that made her so well suited to her profession. She sired the woman a few years after inviting her into the mortal ranks of the Sacramentum.  Outwardly, their relationship was ambiguous, but there was always the implication that there was more than simple friendship – or even blood-bonds – between the two of them.

Three hundred odd years later, Ari appealed to her to sire another fledgling; a companion for his choice, a young man named Royce. She complied both with this and Charon’s insistence that she choose a male – though the idea didn’t appeal to her. Her choice was a rather cursory one; a dedicated (though arrogant) member of their ranks.

Felicia was devastated by the loss of Catherine in 1924, when the fledge used herself as bait to lure a slayer away from the rest of the family. She finds the fact that Catherine died a hero little consolation, and dislikes discussing the incident. For a few years after the fire, she kept to herself, healing.

Her second fledgling, Hugh, was created mostly because Ari requested it, and then Charon demanded it. Felicia found him the least obnoxious of the Sacramentum's human male followers, but has not put much effort into her fledgling beyond making him and teaching him how to be what he is in the most basic sense.   

Awareness of Supernaturals: High. Vampires are old news, and she’s been around long enough to differentiate between most demon, fae, and jinn types by smell.

Occupation/Job: Sacramentum member

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Felicia surrounds herself with women. She has never had very much use for men as anything other than friends (and this is rare), or experiments (this is rarer still).

Hobby/Hobbies: Winning, needlepoint, horseback riding.

Likes: Getting her own way, dancing, the color purple, shoes.
Dislikes: Losing, being proved wrong, not having a comeback, negotiating.

Strength: Confident, with the will of a volcano, and the vampiric advantages that come naturally with advanced age.

Weakness/Flaw: Stubborn to a fault, sore loser, has a tendency towards jealousy.