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Author Topic: Names of Masters and Grand Masters  (Read 71993 times)

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Names of Masters and Grand Masters
« on: January 08, 2012, 04:51:54 PM »
As there are roleplays, there are going to have to be some names mentioned.  They are specifically going to be left as vague and open as possible due to the concept that members are going to want to play Masters or Grand Masters, and will wish to name their own character.

This is a list of mentioned Master names in RP, and what house they belong to.  Please note that there is only ONE Grand Master in charge of each house, but several Masters per house.

If you name a master in an RP, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS THREAD WITH THE NAME OF THAT MASTER so this post can be updated.
Also, please try your best to leave the Grand Masters unnamed.

Thank you

The House of Blood

Grand Master: (m) Graille Min Sayer

The House of  Magic

Grand Master: (as yet unnamed)

The House of Finesse

Grand Master: (as yet unnamed)

The House of Knowledge

Grand Master: (as yet unnamed)
(m) Jandah, Master of Herbal Remedies - NPC, controlled by Existentially Odd
(f) Roanne, Master of Liquid Toxins - NPC, controlled by anyone

The House of Silence

Grand Master: (as yet unnamed)

The House of Balance

(f) Grand Master: Illusen