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Siobhán Williams
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Name: Siobhán Williams (Pronounced Shivonne)
Age[appearance]:  22
Age [actual]:  24
Gender: Female
Species:  Witch/Mostly Human (ancestral Fae and angelic bloodline mixture)
Hair: Thick, chestnut brown,  spiralling curls that cascade down her back ending below her waist .
Eyes:  Dark amethyst.
Frame:  About 5’7, Slim yet well toned and curvaceous. Moves with a natural seductive grace of which she seems unaware.

Personality: Strong willed, confident, self reliant and stubborn but can come across as quiet and mayhap shy until you get to know her. Reticent about herself, her family and background. She is kind,  compassionate and very loyal.


The first witch to walk the earth was named Lilith and she had never been Adams wife. Lilith was made from the soil of the earth as Adam had been, and like Adam the Creator infused Lilith with divine power and put the spark of creation itself into her, and like Adam she had then been charged with the care and the guardianship of all the earth and everything it contained, of all things that flew above it and all things that crawled beneath it, or swam around it and lived and grew upon it, and She was Adams equal in everyway. She took her charge of care and guardianship seriously and so she went out and learned all that she could from the earth and all that it contained, she learnt the ways of air and sky and all of its creatures, she learnt the ways of water and sea and all of its creatures and she learnt the ways of earth and nature and all of the creatures that lived and grew upon it and beneath it .

So kind, compassionate and loving was she that even angels would come down to the earthly to converse with her. Of all the angels, she grew closest to and was fondest of one and his name was Lucifer the Light Bearer. He was the most powerful, the most intelligent and the most beautiful of all the Host of Heaven and he taught her what he knew, and so she learnt the ways of fire and all its secrets and of its creatures and he taught her of his plane and of all the other planes in existence and so she learnt the ways of the multi-verse and all its secretes and of all its creatures.

Adam however took his charge to mean he had Dominion and Lordship over the earth and all it contained, which in his eyes also meant Lilith, however he saw how All of Creation loved her and he grew fearful that her knowledge and their love of her would allow her to become more powerful then he and that she would supplant Him, and so he declared she must marry him and in this way he would have lordship and dominion over her as well. She refused so he struck her and tried to force her to his will and dominate her with his body but she was his equal in all things and so struck him back and fought him off, then she used her knowledge of all things and cast him to the ground where he laid at her feet, a weak and broken thing. Then she cast a blood curse upon him so that he could never again lay hands upon her.

She fled the garden with Lucifer and she chose to give herself and her body to him, for they were in love, and from this union she bore twins, a girl and a boy and together they taught them all that they knew.

When Lucifer was cast down and banished from this realm she took her children and wondered the earth, grieving and bereft for her lost Lover, bitterness took root within her heart. Eventually she came upon Adam and watching from afar, she smiled when she saw his get, for they were dull, and weak and devoid of Grace, whilst hers were strong and glowed with beauty and were filled with power and knowledge.

Adams children flourished however and spread their tyranny and dominion across the earth and Lilith despaired and grew angry with the creator for she saw Adam and his get as a betrayal and direct violation of her charge, yet they continued to flourish. So, she turned her back as well and joined her rebellious Lover in the home he had created. However, she left her children behind for she saw in them both a hope for the world she once cherished and a curse for the world Adam had created.

Lilith's power passed from daughter to daughter and from son to son with only the direct descendants of the line able to access the full power of their bloodline, these children were called a Son or Daughter of Lilith; sons born of the daughters and daughters born of the sons were considered blooded descendants but not Direct Descendants, they weren't Of the Blood.

Like Lilith and Lucifer  their decendants could decide to be a blessing or a curse upon the world. For when they were good, they were very very Good and the earth sang with the health, balance and harmony they brought, but, when they were bad, they were hell on earth.

The Blood curse between Adam and Lilith still stands and so her children are unable to conceive with Adam and Eve’s children which has kept her bloodline numbers small and to prevent serious inbreeding they had to look to other supernatural races to breed with.  If two Direct Descendants of the blood should mate, such a joining would generally only produce one child but that child had the potential to inherit all of Lilith's original power, they would be a veritable Witch Queen and or King and were referred to as a Child of the Blood.

Due to fear of that power and of their power in general and for their potential to do great harm, Lilith’s bloodline has been hunted to near extinction with many if not all who know of them believing they are but myths of a bygone era..


Siobhán grew up in a small, quiet country town where her parents taught her the witch's craft along with its religious and philosophical beliefs as passed down from generation to generation. At an early age, Shiobhan exhibited a strong bond with animals and plants alike and would often converse with them and small woodland fae, and at night or when she was feeling playful she would entertain her parents with her conjuration and illusion skills. She also had an amazing ability to heal with just a touch of her hand and she can turn a neglected/polluted/barren piece of land into a virtual Eden in a matter of weeks by the use of her earth magic and plant related gifts.

Her life so far has been very sheltered.  Though she has been brought up to have an open mind her life skills are very limited due to the remoteness of her town and the protective nature of her family. After her parents death her witch Aunts moved in with her, but she was never the same and turned her back on her woodland friends ignoring them to the extant she could neither see them nor talk to them nor see the larger magical world around her. She convinced herself that although the science of magic was real, the magical world of her childhood was not and had been naught but childish fantasy.

Tired of her Aunts continuous coddling and the stifling lifestyle of her family farm she decided to leave  her small home town with the blessings and good wishes (spells) of her Aunts . Siobhán has now been in the city for eighteen months and has just brought a cafe which she is in the process of renovating and setting up.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Knowledgeable of supernaturals, but doesn’t really believe in them, nor does she really believe in her family’s history.

Occupation/Job: Healer.  Proud new owner of Sanctuary Cafe


(This is not a complete list of her abilities. Her abilities will grow and change as or when she develops them)

Siobhán has extremely strong innate and latent magical abilities, most of her potential is locked away due to them being ignored, denied and unused. This magical neglect was by her own doing and occurred after her parents death when a child.

Siobhán is a strong empath and is able to feel and send emotions, both hers and others.

Siobhán is a natural Healer and can heal with the laying on of hands, although she prefers to use her healing talent through the medium of potions as a way to hide her innate talent.

Siobhán has a strong connection with nature and the elements and can manipulate them through the use of spells, incantations and by will alone. Any plant, crystal, stone or metal that she has prepared and charged with energy will add a huge power boost to any spell, charm, potion or item that uses them due to her innate connection. (Earth and Nature are currently her strongest elemental ability and will answer her call. The rest require study, practice and work)

Siobhán is a natural clairvoyant, though this is one of her most neglected talents and is therefore quite weak in it; she can however see through all types of glamour.

She has a natural gift for conjuring, glamourie, spells and enchantments but these too have been neglected over the years and therefore are currently rudimentary at best. However she is quite skilled at casting and using magical runes and sigils.

Siobhán also has latent telepathic, telekinetic, and shifter abilities which she is currently unaware of.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: She see's herself and her abilities as freakish. To hide her ability to heal with her hands she puts the healing energy into her potions, salves, lotions and so on. Due to her connection with animals they seem to be drawn to her (same effect on shifters, they sense something about her and are drawn to her and her to them)

Hobby/Hobbies: Making potions and working with animals
Likes: Animals, nature, cooking, enjoys wild places and feels drawn to them
Dislikes: Cruelty to animals, property developers and companies, lies and liars, bullies, closed mindedness
Strength: Has a very open mind, her compassion and empathy, her self confidence
Weakness/Flaw: Her naiveté;  she trusts too easily but is also unforgiving to those who callously  betray her trust. Her empathy (she can at times get overloaded with emotions, can express itself as panic attacks), She also suffers from a lack of patience.

Sexuality: Undecided but open to experimentation (or will be)


Silver on Silver ~ ~ Shiobhan stumbles across something completely unexpected one night on a full moon (In progress)