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Siobhán Williams
« on: February 13, 2012, 04:08:33 PM »
Name: Siobhán Williams (Pronounced Shivonne)
Age [appearance]:  22
Age [actual]:  24
Gender: Female
Species:  Witch/Mostly Human (ancestral Fae and angelic bloodline mixture)
Hair: Thick, chestnut brown,  spiralling curls that cascade down her back ending below her waist .
Eyes:  Dark brown; creating the impression of a deep, clear pool of water draped in cool shadows by surrounding trees.
Frame:  About 5’7, Slim yet well toned and curvaceous. Moves with a natural seductive grace of which she seems unaware.

Personality: Strong willed, confident, self reliant and stubborn but can come across as quiet and mayhap shy until you get to know her. Reticent about herself, her family and background. She is kind,  compassionate and very loyal.

History: Siobhán is one of the few remaining descendants of a long line of powerful witches stretching  back to Lilith, Adams first wife. A woman who was taught celestial secrets and magic by Angels. She gave birth to twins, a boy and girl who were sired by Lucifer ( Or so the family legend goes); before he fell and before she turned her back on humanity and joined her rebellious lover and becoming the Mother of Demons. Those magical secrets have been passed down through the ages; the family bloodline has also mixed with various other supernatural bloodlines, mainly with the Fae but with a few other species as well (Shidhe, Dryad, Nymph, Shifters and Angels), which has resulted in a strong magical human bloodline, one that can have its descendants given to exhibiting unexpected and surprising abilities.

Siobhán grew up in a small, quiet country town where her parents taught her the witch's craft along with its religious and philosophical beliefs as passed down from generation to generation . At an early age, exhibiting a strong bond with animals and plants alike, she showed an amazing ability to heal them with just a touch of her hand. She can turn a neglected/polluted/barren piece of land into a virtual Eden in a matter of weeks.

Her life so far has been very sheltered.  Though she has been brought up to have an open mind her life skills are very limited due to the remoteness of her town and the protective nature of her family. After her parents death her witch Aunts moved in with her, but tired of their continuous coddling and the stifling lifestyle of her family farm she decided to leave  her small home town with the blessings and good wishes (spells) of her Aunts . Siobhán has now been in the city for eighteen months and has just brought a cafe which she is in the process of renovating and setting up.

Awareness of Supernaturals: Knowledgeable of supernaturals, but doesn’t really believe in them, nor does she really believe in her family’s history.

Occupation/Job: Healer. (eventualy) Proud new owner of Sanctuary cafe

Abilities: Able to feel and to send emotions, hers and others (Strong empath), Can heal with the laying on of hands, can grow anything anywhere, has a strong connection with nature and the elements and can manipulate them through the use of spells and incantations. She can see through all types of glamour; when she isn't decieving herself that the world around her and the peole in it are normal. Also she has latent psychic and shifter abilities which she is unaware of and would only manifest under very stressful and dire circumstances.

Interesting Facts / Quirks: Doesn’t believe in supernatural races (as of yet) sees herself and her abilities as freakish (till she gets a little more worldly experience...and her eyes get opened for her). To hide her ability to heal with her hands she puts the healing energy into her potions, salves, lotions and so on. Due to her connection with animals they seem to be drawn to her (same effect on shifters, they sense something about her and are drawn to her and her to them)

Hobby/Hobbies: Making potions and working with animals
Likes: Animals, nature, cooking, enjoys wild places and feels drawn to them
Dislikes: Cruelty to animals, property developers and companies, lies and liars, bullies, closed mindedness
Strength: Has a very open mind, her compassion and empathy, her self confidence
Weakness/Flaw: Her naiveté;  she trusts too easily but is also unforgiving to those who callously  betray her trust. Her empathy (she can at times get overloaded with emotions, can express itself as panic attacks), She also suffers from a lack of patience.

Sexuality: Undecided but open to experimentation (or will be)