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5 Albion Street
« on: September 17, 2012, 04:17:22 AM »
Sebastian's home is a large house with gardens surrounding it. The front garden is kept tidy with a few flower beds, some large trees to hide the house a little and a gravel driveway which leads to a garage (not shown in the picture). Whilst he was sleeping his house sitter Lucy hired a gardening company to send someone every few weeks and Sebastian saw no reason to stop them coming once he woke up.

The house is large, three stories, although the top floor is not very spacious, and goes back quite a long way. It’s well taken care of, with a fresh coat of paint on the porch and the windows look large and as though they would let in a lot of light – although there are automatic barriers on them which shut and keep out all light when daytime comes.

Walking up the front path there are steps which lead up to the porch, which is covered to stop any visitors from getting wet whilst waiting for the door. Whilst the décor outside is mostly simple, there are a few eye catching details, carved wood around the upper windows, and lattice work and below over the porch. Seb would have been comfortable in a more modern design, an expensive apartment in a high class area, but the charm of this place had drawn him in when he had first been looking around the city and he feels at home here now.

Once inside there is an area which leads into the main living room, where there is a coat stand and a shoe rack which holds a pair of Wellington boots and slippers clearly too small for the vampire, along with a few other pairs of shoes Seb does use.

The entrance room leads into the living room through an open doorway to the left. When he had first awoken the house had looked like a show home for an estate agent, but Seb has gradually filled it with his own bits and pieces. The living room is large, with a huge, comfortable looking sofa, complete with a matching two-seater and armchair arranged around a coffee table. There are a few magazines on the lower rack of the coffee table and if you looked carefully you would find a few instruction manuals for things like Seb’s phone, the TV and computer. In the corner of the the living room there is a large staircase, leading upstairs in a curved design and to the right of the staircase there is an airy corridor which lead through into the kitchen.

Lucy keeps the cupboards stocked with a few things for herself to eat for the days when she spends longer here taking care of things and a few utensils and items remained, making the kitchen look more used than most vampire kitchens. The kitchen has a back door which leads onto the garden out back, which has several different areas which gave the garden all the features it needs, including a fish pond. Off the kitchen there is another room which has been turned into a library, the walls covered in shelves and there is a sofa covered in cushions.

Upstairs, there are a few large bedrooms, all beautifully decorated and completely light proof when the window guards are down - one of these is set aside for Lucy's sole use. Seb’s is the biggest and is decorated simply, with dark red cotton sheets on the bed, a built in wardrobe full of up-to-date fashions (the older ones clothes he’d left when he’d slept had now been moved into one of the spare rooms). The built in wardrobes have mirrored doors covering most of the wall facing the bed. Each room has an en-suite are good sizes and contain simple décor again.

If you venture upstairs again there is a room which had previously been a study, but Seb had converted it into a small chapel of his own, a place of peace where he can pray without being disturbed by the distractions of the world around him.